The Garment & Clothes Steamers in 2022


If you’re tired of having wrinkly clothes, but don’t have time or enjoy pulling out your iron, you may want to consider getting a clothes steamer. It creates steam that quickly releases wrinkles from clothing and other fabrics. Since many garment steamers are much more compact and lightweight than an iron, they are also easy to pack in your suitcase.

We’ve reviewed six of the best clothes steamers on the market this year. Some of these are bigger devices and great at home while others are portable and perfect on the go, so you always look dapper!

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Beautural Fabric Steamer

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PurSteam Professional Garment Steamer

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Giantex 3-Layer Stainless Steel Steamer Pot

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Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker & Steamer

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Bella Food Steamer with Stackable Baskets

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Rosewill 3-Tier Electric Steamer

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1. Beautural Handheld Fabric Steamer

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes with Pump Steam Technology, Portable Handheld Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover, 30-Second Fast Heat-up, Auto-Off, Large Detachable Water Tank

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We manage to steam a pair of pants in under 3 minutes using the Beautural steamer. It may just become your new go-to accessory when getting ready in the morning. This product offers five different steam settings to allow you to remove wrinkles and refresh all sorts of fabrics, including delicate items such as silk.

It features Beautural’s turbo extreme technology and a heated, dual-slotted ceramic sole plate, which allows it to deliver 50% more steam than other similar products. The steam produced is also 50% hotter than other models. These two features work together to allow you to complete the task of steaming your clothes up to 67% faster.

This item has 1200 watts of power and takes just 30 seconds to heat up and be ready to use. It provides up to 15 minutes of consecutive steam time.

If you enjoy have a fresh pleat in your pants or a crisp fold in your sheets, you’ll enjoy the built-in creaser on this model. A panel flips up from the top, allowing the steamer to put those fresh creases into fabrics.

In addition to using this product on clothing items, it can be used for a variety of other tasks around the home. It comes with a lint brush to remove lint from garments, a soft brush to clean visible dust from inside the fabric, and creaser for ideal pleats and folds.

The steamer is shaped to stand freely, allowing it to be used without fear of it tipping over or leaking. This design feature also makes storage a breeze. The water reservoir is designed to be easily accessible for quick fill-ups, and the steamer has a nine-foot cord to prevent you from needing to work right next to an outlet.


  • Long 8 ft cord and leak protection
  • This steamer only takes 30 seconds to get hot and ready to use.
  • It has a creaser for folds and pleats.
  • This model is compact, making it easy to pack along the next time you travel.


  • We have encountered no issues.

2. PurSteam Professional Garment Steamer

PurSteam -2020 Official Partner of Fashion-Full Size Steamer for Clothes, Garments, Fabric-Professional Heavy Duty - 4 Steam Levels, Perfect Continuous Steam, Perfect for sterilizing & disinfecting

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The PurSteam garment steamer is designed to be user-friendly and very effective at remove wrinkles from clothing and fabric items. This model offers four different steam levels. With these four settings, you’ll be able to release wrinkles from both thick and heavy fabrics as well as much more delicate items.

This product comes with a variety of accessories to make the task of steaming simpler and more efficient, while also allowing you to steam other items in your home beyond just your clothes. The accessories that come with the steamer include a steam nozzle, a telescoping pole, and a hanger with clips.

When compared with many other steamers, this model is able to create as much as 30% more steam flow. It also includes a safety cap that prevents the water tank from being opened when the water is hot enough to cause a burn.

PurSteam offers a money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, contact them for a refund of help addressing your concern.


  • The telescoping pole can help you steam curtains and other larger items.
  • There are four steam settings designed to allow a variety of fabric types to be steamed.
  • The water tank has a burn protection safety cap to protect against accidental burns.


  • This is a full-size steamer, so you would not be able to pack it for travel.

3. J-2000 Jiffy Clothing Steamer

J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head, 120 Volt

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The Jiffy steamer may not be the prettiest color imaginable but very good in quality. This is a powerful model that is designed to help you meet a variety of steaming needs around your home. It has a five-foot flexible host to help you reach larger fabrics or fabrics that are up high.

The steamer has a 1300-watter brass heating element. The powerful heater allows it to get hot and ready to use after just two minutes. Once warmed up, it can produce steam for 1.5 hours on a single tank of water, allowing you to power through your to-steam list.

To help move the steamer around, the base has wheels. The steamer also has a high-impact outer housing designed to last a long time.


  • The 3/4 -gallon tank allows this product to produce steam for 1.5 hours before needing to be refilled with water.
  • It has a flexible, five-foot hose.
  • The wheels make it easy to push this item around your house for steaming or return it to storage.


  • Priciest item on our list.

4. Black+Decker HGS200 Portable Steamer

BLACK+DECKER Advanced Handheld Garment / Fabric Steamer with 3 Attachments, Gray/Blue, HGS200

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A portable option you may want to look at is the Black+Decker steamer. This model offers a continuous steam option. You can lock the trigger in place, allowing the steamer to continuously release steam to help you tackle stubborn wrinkles with ease.

Another great feature of this product is the option to create a strong burst of steam. If you’re faced with a wrinkle that just won’t seem to go away, you can press the steam trigger to create a more powerful burst to help release the wrinkle.

This model comes with three different attachments designed to help you complete a variety of steaming tasks. You’ll receive an upholstery fabric frame, a lint frame, and a delicate fabric frame.

Black+Decker included other features that you’re sure to love. The steamer has a 15-foot cord, making it easy to reach a variety of items and letting you work where you’re comfortable without worrying about where an outlet is located. It also has a 15-minute auto shutoff safety feature. If the steamer isn’t used for a period of 15 minutes, it automatically turns itself off.


  • This product has a long, 15-foot cord.
  • Three attachments are included for steaming different materials.
  • You can lock the trigger in place to create a continuous flow of steam.


  • Completely emptying the water tank is a little difficult.

5. Conair Complete Steam for Garments

Conair Complete Steam Full Size Garment Steamer - Kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria

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In addition to working as a garment steamer, the Conair Complete Steam can also help sanitize your clothes and fabrics. It is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs, bed bugs, and dust mites.

This product has 1,500-watts of power and takes only 45 seconds to get hot and ready to use. It can produce up to 70 minutes of continuous steam and has a large steam head to help you quickly steam all of your fabrics.

The full-size steamer features an adjustable telescopic pole that can help you steam larger items or things hanging on the wall. It also includes a 360-degree rotating hanger to simplify the task of steaming your clothing items.


  • This model also kills germs, bacteria, bed bugs, and dust mites that may be on your clothing items.
  • It only needs 45 seconds to get hot and ready to use.
  • The 360-degree rotating hanger can help you move and adjust your clothing items when steaming for optimal results.


  • It only has a six-foot power cord, so you’ll need to stay pretty close to an outlet.

6. Hilife Hand Steamer for Clothes

Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer, Handheld Garment Steamer Clothing, Mini Travel Steamer Fabric Steam Iron 240ml Big Capacity [Upgraded Version]

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As a final option, you should also look at the Hilife Steamer. This 700-watt product has a 240-millileter tank capacity. It can provide you with up to 15 minutes of continuous steam to power through the wrinkles in your clothing and fabrics.

If you travel frequently, this is a good option for you to consider. The steamer features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to pack in your suitcase.

In addition to using this on your clothing, it can also be used to release wrinkles from a variety of other fabrics items. With a nine-foot power cord, you won’t need to feel tied down to where the outlets in the room are.


  • The steamer is compact and lightweight for travel.
  • It has a nine-foot power cord.
  • This model is very reasonably priced.


  • This model only produces 15 minutes of continuous steam, so you may need to refill the water tank more frequently while you are using it.

Verdict & Review

Beautural Fabric Steamer


Ease of use











  • Long 8 ft cord and leak protection
  • 30 seconds heat-up time
  • built-in creaser for folds and pleats
  • Compact, easy for traveling


  • We have encountered no issues

We really like the Beautural steamer, and we think you will be very satisfied with this product as well. This is a powerful and compact model, making it an excellent option to use both at home or when you travel. It has five different steam settings, allowing you to use it on a variety of fabrics.

This product is designed to work more quickly and produce more steam than other similar items. It only needs 30 seconds to heat up and be ready for use, and provides enough steam to be used for 15 minutes.

This is also a great model to consider if you’re looking to steam curtains, bed skirts, or other fabric items around your house. It comes with three different attachments and has a eight-foot cord to help you easily access all the items you want to steam.

Buyer’s Guide

A garment steamer can certainly make the task of freshening up your clothes and removing wrinkles easier and more efficient than pulling out your iron or steam press board. However, all steamers are not the same and have different features and functions you’ll want to compare before making a purchase. Read through our brief buying guide below to help you select the best steamer to meet your needs.

Steam Modes/Settings

One of the first things you should look at are the different steam modes or settings offered by each model. Look for whether the steamer can be used on a variety of fabrics ranging from very delicate materials, like silk, to thicker materials, like canvas fabrics.

Tank Capacity/Steam Time

The tank capacity is another important item to look for. The tank’s capacity plays an important role in determining how long the steamer can be used before it needs to be refilled with water. So, in many cases, you may want to select a product that has a larger tank capacity since it won’t need to be refilled as frequently.


Some steamers are designed to also be used for travel, while others are full-size models that stay in your home. If you think you’ll want to pack your steamer when you travel, you’ll want to look for a more compact and portable model. Consider the overall size and weight of each unit to help you select an option that can be tucked away in your suitcase for your next trip.

If you won’t be bringing your steamer with you when you travel, you should think about how often you’ll be using your steamer and how easy you want pulling it out and setting it up to be. You may decide that a compact, hand-held model is best for you, or you may decide that you’ll want to purchase a full-size model. If you choose to purchase a full-size model, choosing one with sturdy wheels can make it much easier to push around your house.

Hose Length

If you’re looking at purchasing a full-size steamer, you should also take note of how long the hose is. This can affect how easily you’ll be able to use the steamer to steam items like curtains. If you’re looking for a more portable steamer, keep in mind that it won’t have a hose attachment, which may make it more challenging to steam larger items.

Accessories and Attachments

Finally, consider any accessories or attachments that are included with each steamer. Think about what you’ll likely use the steamer for, and look for attachments that will make this easier. Some attachments you may want to look for include fabric brushes, lint brushes, fabric spacers, creasers, and hangers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do clothes steamers work?

Steamers turn water into steam by heating it up. When the steam is applied to your clothing through the steamer’s head, it releases the wrinkles in the fabric. The fabric you are working with will impact how long the steamer takes to work. Wrinkles get released from lightweight fabrics much more quickly than they do from heavier materials.

Is a garment steamer better than an iron?

Irons and steamers each have their own pros and cons. Steamers are typically easier and quicker to use than irons. They also come in portable and lightweight options, making them a good product to purchase for travel. With a steamer, you don’t need as much space to work as you would with an iron and ironing board.

However, irons can be more effective at giving fabrics a very crisp look. They are more effective at producing creases since you press an iron directly onto the fabrics you are working with.

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