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Steam Clean Oven vs Self-clean? Which is Best?

By Angela / April 19, 2018

Conventional ovens can get really messy, to the point where residues repeatedly burn and smoke while in use. But why rely on wasteful self-cleaning functions or tedious scrubbing, when steam clean oven vs self-clean options is there to help ease this chore? In the market for modern appliances, traditional pyrolytic, as well as newer steam-cleaning ovens, […]

How to Steam Clean a Couch – 8 Tips you Must Know

By Angela / April 16, 2018

Steaming helps to eliminate stains and grime that can make well-used furniture appear dull and unappealing. I discuss how to steam clean a couch in a safe and effective manner. Keep reading for 8 useful tips to guarantee success. A steamer is an easy and eco-friendly means for removing fabric stains that many homeowners rely on. […]

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in the Bathroom

By Angela / December 3, 2017

Quick NavigationSteaming with benefitsGet rid of nasty bath scumStep-by-step steam cleaningDirty exhaust fan vent. Window blinds and glass. Mirrors and light fixtures. Shower curtains. Sinks and counter tops. Fiberglass shower stalls and bath tubs. Tiled showers and floors. Inside and outside toilets. Vinyl or linoleum floors. What to look forTypes of Steam CleanersFinal wordsAfter you hear about how nicely a steam cleaner can tidy […]

What is the Best Steam Cleaner Solution for Dog Urine?

By Angela / September 21, 2017

Aside from being capable of removing dog urine completely alongside its odor, there are several other components or functionality one must look for when searching for the best steam cleaner solution for dog urine.  One of such considerations is the ability of the steam cleaner to target specific stains which is dog urine. Secondly, the ideal […]