The 8 Best Wet Dry Shop Vacs in 2022

Wet Dry Shop Vacs

A wet and dry shop vac is a very versatile and powerful tool to have on your arsenal to help you clean up both wet and dry messes as. There are many reputable brands, types, functions, and sizes available that allow you to tailor your product to suit your needs.

We’ve picked out eight of the best wet and dry shop vacuums available on the market this year. Let’s check them out!

Our Top Wet Dry Shop Vacs List







DeWalt Pro Poly 9-Gallon Wet & Dry Vacuum

No products found.



Bissell Crosswave 2306A Wet & Dry Vac

No products found.



Craftsman CMXEVBE17590

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Vacmaster Professional VJH1612PF0201

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Stanley 6 Gallon 3 in 1 Shop Vac Blower

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DeWalt 16 gallon Wet and Dry Vac Cleaner

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Vacmaster Professional VFB511B0201 Beast Series

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Rigid 4000RV Portable Wet Dry Vacuum

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1. DeWalt Pro Poly 9-Gallon Wet and Dry Vacuum

DeWALT DXV09P 9 gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac, Yellow

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This is a nine-gallon wet and dry shop vac that works well for larger messes and applications, and you get a five-peak horsepower motor that gives you enough suction to meet any project needs. The rubberized casters on this vacuum give you a smooth swiveling capability that increases your maneuverability and ease of movement around your workshop, and you get a 10-foot power cord with an on-board cord wrap to keep everything neat.

There is a built-in blower port that adds versatility to this product because it’s very easy to turn it into a blower to get rid of debris and sawdust from your workshop or garage, and you get an on-board accessory storage bag that will keep all of your attachments within easy reach. The large tank makes it quick and easy to drain any liquids you pick up.

DeWalt Pro Poly 9-Gallon Takeaways

  • Brand – DeWalt
  • Cord Length – 10-feet
  • Size – Nine gallons


  • Can pick up wet and dry messes
  • Cord wrap
  • Very stable design
  • Accessory storage bag included


  • Can be a bit noisy

2. Bissell Crosswave 2306A Wet & Dry Vac

BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, 2306A

No products found.

Bissell’s vacuum comes with the ability to wash and and vacuum your floor at the same time with a swivel head that makes it easy to reach small spaces or tight corners, and you get a multi-surface pet brush roll with a hair strainer that makes it easy to clean without clogging the vacuum. There is a specialized solution to stop pet odors, and the 25-foot cord makes it easy to move through your home or office without having to stop halfway through.

The water tank is 28-ounces while the dirt tank is 14.5-ounces, and this gives you more than enough room to clean multiple rooms without having to empty and clean it. It will clean 12-inches of flooring at a time, and it uses a nylon and microfiber brush to get a deep clean with your carpets. It’s easy to snap the tanks in and out without them leaking, and it has a 4.4-ampere power rating to give you a thorough clean without leaving any dirt or residue behind.

Bissell Crosswave 2306A Takeaways

  • Brand – Bissell
  • Cord Length – 25-feet
  • Size – 28 and 14.5-ounces


  • Vacuums and washes at once
  • Dual tanks
  • Swivel head with a long cord


  • Can leave water behind

3. Craftsman CMXEVBE17590 Wet & Dry Vacuum

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17590 9 Gallon 4.25 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vac, Portable Shop Vacuum with Attachments

No products found.

This vacuum is powerful enough to take on medium-sized jobs around your home, workshop, or garage without clogging or failing to pick up your messes, and it has a rear exhaust port that you can use to blow debris out the door. There is an oversized drain on this vacuum that lets you empty any liquids you suck up without a mess, and you can easily pick up wet or dry debris without it clogging or losing suction power. There is a very stable design that prevents it from falling over when you use it and spilling.

This vacuum comes with a Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System that lets you make wet or dry vacuum filter changes without a hassle, and you get a host of accessories when you purchase this product like a Pos-I-Lock hose, utility nozzle, two locking extension wands, Qwik Lock Filter, wet nozzle, car nozzle, and a dust collection bag. There is a carrying handle for excellent portability, and it doubles as a cord wrap station to keep everything together.

3. Craftsman CMXEVBE17590 Takeaways

  • Brand – Craftsman
  • Cord Length – 10-feet
  • Size – Nine gallons


  • Solid caster wheels
  • Accessory storage on-board
  • Bright red coloring


  • Suction isn’t extremely powerful

4. Vacmaster Professional VJH1612PF0201

Vacmaster Professional - Professional Wet/Dry Vac, 16 Gallon, Beast Series, 6.5 HP 2-1/2" Hose (VJH1612PF0201), Black

No products found.

The air flow and suction power ensure that this shop vac flies through tough projects around your home and shop, and you get integrated power cord, accessory, and hose organization to help you save space while keeping all of the pieces together. You get a seven-foot hose, crevice tool, utility nozzle, two extension wands, fine dust cartridge filter, floor nozzle with a brush and squeegee, noise and air diffuser, and a foam filter when you order this product.

This vacuum lends you over 27 feet of reach to ensure you can get into all of the small crevices and spaces in your shop, and the sizeable 16-gallon tank allows you to clean a lot of space before you have to empty it. There is also an extra-large liquid drain tank, and the vacuum will easily convert to a blower to make the entire cleanup process easier. It has larger wheels with a more broad design that makes this product very stable, and the hose has an anti-kink design to it to help it last longer.

Vacmaster Professional VJH1612PF0201 Takeaways

  • Brand – Vacmaster
  • Cord Length – 20-feet
  • Size – 16-gallons


  • 27-feet of reach
  • Two lockable extension wands
  • Kink-resistant hose


  • Can lack suction

5. Stanley 6 Gallon 3 in 1 Shop Vac Blower

Stanley 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum , 4 Peak HP Poly 3 in 1 Shop Vac Blower with Powerful Suction, Multifunctional Shop Vacuum W/ 4 Horsepower Motor for Job Site,Garage,Basement,Van,Workshop,Vehicle

No products found.

Stanley’s shop vac comes in nine different sizes and six different styles that allows you to easily customize your choice to suit your needs, you get a 4.0-horsepower motor that is strong enough to pick up larger debris without clogging or losing air flow. The vacuum weighs just 13.8-pounds, and this makes it a highly portable option that is easy to move around from point A to point B. It has 16-feet of cleaning reach with a 10-foot cord and a six-foot hose to allow you to move further without unplugging it, and it can work over 300 hours.

The extra-large drain port on this shop vac makes it easy to get rid of wet messes without spilling, and there is a larger transfer switch that makes it easy to set your preferred mode. You get the vacuum, a super flexible hose, one extension wand, three nozzles, a foam filter, a reusable dry filter, and a dust bag. The vacuum also comes with a full year warranty from the date of purchase to protect you from damage or defects.

Stanley 6 Gallon 3 in 1 Takeaways

  • Brand – Stanley
  • Cord Length – 10-feet
  • Size – Six-gallons


  • Larger transfer switch
  • Year warranty
  • Runs for over 300 hours


  • Hose connection port clogs easily

6. DeWalt 16 gallon Wet and Dry Vac Cleaner

DeWALT 16 gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac/Acc,Yellow,20.87x20.08x29.72

No products found.

This is a bigger 16-gallon wet and dry vacuum that comes equipped with three disposable filter bags, a hose adaptor, a silencing muffler to reduce the noise levels, and a car nozzle to reach difficult areas, and this makes it ideal for larger messes or pick-up applications. There are durable rubberized casters on this product on the front and back to make it easy to maneuver without it tipping over, and it’s easy to move around your shop, home, or office.

There is a 6.5-peak horsepower motor that ensures you have the amount of suction power you need to complete your task without it clogging or reducing the airflow, and there is an extra-long 20-foot power cord with a cord wrap to give you a lot of space to maneuver. The built-in blower port adds versatility to this product, and there is also a built-in accessory storage bag that attaches directly to the vacuum to keep all of your items together and organized.

DeWalt 16 gallon Takeaways

  • Brand – DeWalt
  • Cord Length – 20-feet
  • Size – 16-gallons


  • Large drain port built in
  • Has a handle to move it around
  • Large, durable wheels


  • Accessory bag gets in the way

7. Vacmaster Professional VFB511B0201 Beast Series

Vacmaster Professional - Professional Wet/Dry Vac, 5 Gallon, Beast Series, 5.5 HP 1-7/8" Hose Jobsite Vac (VFB511B0201), Black

No products found.

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller wet and dry vacuum, this one comes with a five-gallon polypropylene tank that works well for small cleaning projects around your home, car detailing, or shop, and the polypropylene construction is very durable while still being lightweight. This product packs in a 5.5-peak horsepower motor despite the small size, and this is a high-efficiency motor won’t burn out or make the vacuum work too hard when you use it. The integrated hose storage function on this product ensures it doesn’t take up too much storage space.

The 18-foot cord on this vacuum gives you excellent freedom of movement without having to go and unplug it, move it to a new socket, and plug it back in, and you can easily convert this vacuum into a blower to get rid of bigger debris from your space. There are three styles available that you can choose from, and it has a flat bottom that won’t tip over when you move it around. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to transport, and there is a large dust-sealed on and off switch.

Vacmaster Professional VFB511B0201 Beast Takeaways

  • Brand – Vacmaster
  • Cord Length – 18-feet
  • Size – Five-gallons


  • Dust-sealed switch
  • 82-inches of water lift
  • Three styles available


  • No wheels

8. Rigid 4000RV Portable Wet Dry Vacuum

RIDGID 50313 4000RV Portable Wet Dry Vacuum, 4-Gallon Small Wet Dry Vac with 5.0 Peak HP Motor, Pro Hose, Ergonomic Handle, Cord Wrap, Blower Port

No products found.

You’ll get a 5.0-peak horsepower motor with this portable wet and dry vacuum that makes it acceptable for contractors who need a compact vacuum with a high performance level. You get an ultra-flexible hose that will lock into place while being four times more durable than a standard hose, and the 20-foot cord gives you excellent ease of movement to clean up your messes without getting tangled or falling short. The cord will wrap around the handle when you finish with it for easy storage.

The Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System makes it quick and easy to swap out the filters, clean them, or remove them without it getting stuck. The blower capacity of this vacuum gives you versatile use that allows you to either vacuum or makes the switch to blowing leaves and debris out of your garage or driveway. There is a flat bottom on this vacuum, gives it a very solid base when you use it, and there are large locked handles that ensure it doesn’t come apart when you transport or move it.

Rigid 4000RV Portable Takeaways

  • Brand – Ridgid Stone
  • Cord Length – 20-feet
  • Size – Four-gallons


  • Ultra-flexible hose
  • Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System
  • Blower capacity


  • No attachment wands

Verdict & Review

Dewalt Wet-Dry Vacuum for Cars


Ease of use











  • Can pick up wet and dry messes
  • Cord wrap
  • Very stable design
  • Accessory storage bag included


  • Can be noisy

Our pick for the best wet and dry vacuum goes to DeWalt Pro Poly 9-Gallon Wet and Dry Vacuum because it’s a versatile choice that allows you to tackle large and small messes without a problem, and it comes outfitted with a built-in blower port that adds a layer of versatility to this product. There is an on-board accessory storage bag, and this vacuum is easy to maneuver around your shop, garage, home, or office to leave it clean and neat.

Buyer’s Guide

When you start comparing products, it’s helpful to know exactly what you should consider when you shop. This will help ensure that you get the best product for your needs, and you’ll be able to use it for a broad range of projects.

Tank Size

Many companies measure tank size on their vacuums in gallons, and you want to base your choice on what type of mess sizes you typically have. Smaller shop vacs can have a gallon tank, but the tank size can easily go up to 14 or 16-gallons. It’s always a good idea to get one that is slightly larger than you need so you don’t fall short and have to empty it in the middle of cleaning.


Horsepower will tell you how strong your vacuum’s engine is, and it can range from one horsepower up to five or six. Ideally, your vacuum will have between four and six for a horsepower rating because this ensures that you get enough airflow and strength to pick up larger debris as well as smaller ones. This way, there will be no residue left behind when you finish cleaning.

Filter System

Shop vacs have different filter systems than you’d find on a traditional vacuum, and it usually has a foam component that allows it to soak up leftover fluid or dust without clogging or tearing. If you’re worried about allergens, see if your vacuum comes with a HEPA filter because this is much more dense so it can trap and lock away more dirt, dust, and pet dander than a traditional filter. Check the price of a replacement filter, and look to see if your vacuum has reusable ones to help save you a little money.

Blower Port

A detachable blower pot is a nice function to have on your shop vac because it lets you blow debris out of your garage or home before you flip a switch to vacuum. Not all of the vacuums on the list come with this blower port, so double-check that it has it if this is a feature that could be very useful to you.

Drain Valve or Hose

When you pick up wet messes, the water will have to sit in the tank until you can drain it, and a drain hose or valve is a mess-free way to empty out your vacuum. You want to check the size of the drain valve and how you operate it before you buy it to ensure that it’s something that’ll work for your needs, but most are ideally situated at the bottom of the vacuum so most of the water will drain by itself with no input from you.

Hose Length and Width

You want to get a slightly wider hose that is at least 2.5-inches in diameter, so liquids and debris don’t clog when you use it. Your hose should also be longer to help extend your reach while allowing you to get into small cracks and crevices around your shop, car, or home. The hose should flex and have an anti-kinking design to help extend the longevity of it too.


Some shop vacs have wheels while others don’t, but the wheels can play a huge role in how maneuverable it is. If your shop vac has wheels, make sure they have a rubberized design that is very durable and resistant to wear, and the wheels should also create a broad base that makes it challenging to tip the shop vac over when you use it.


These types of vacuums come with a host of accessories, and the accessories can vary from vacuum to vacuum. They can have a crevice tool, dual extension wands, roller brushes, and more to help give you a more thorough clean. If you have a lot of smaller areas to clean, make sure your vacuum pick has all of the extensions you need to clean up every part of your mess.


You want to purchase your shop vac from a reputable brand because these types of brands are more likely to use high-quality products that won’t wear out quickly or break down, and they’re more responsive to questions or concerns. This means you can get the help you need if you need it much quicker to get your issues resolved and get your vacuum in good working order.


Even if this isn’t an expensive purchase, you want your shop vac to have a warranty attached to it that starts as soon as you buy it. If the product comes with a warranty, make sure you understand if it’s limited or full and how long it lasts for. Ideally, your warranty will last for at least a few months or a year to cover you from defects or damage.

Wet Dry Shop Vacs FAQ

What’s different about a shop vac than a regular one?

The main difference between a shop vac and a traditional vacuum is the scope of projects they can tackle and the filter system. Traditional vacuums don’t have the filter systems to tackle the messes that shop vacs do without getting clogged, and many shop vacs can also pick up liquids without a problem. Traditional vacuums can’t do that.

Can wet dry shop vacs clean carpets?

Yes, your wet and dry shop vac is able to clean carpets. You do want to wash it down before you bring it inside if you already used it outside, so it doesn’t leave debris or marks on your carpet. However, it should be powerful enough to get deep down into your carpet and get a thorough clean.

Can you use a shop vac for water without a filter?

Yes, you should not have a filter in your shop vac when you pick up water because it can cause clogs, or the filter can mold if you don’t take it out to dry it. To be safe, you should double-check when the particular model you choose, but most of them recommend that you remove the filter before you suck up any liquids.

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