ProduTrend Miracle Electric Steam Cleaner Review

ProduTrend Portable Handheld Steamer - 9 Attachments and Accessories – Pressurized, No Chemicals, Garment, Fabric and Surface Steam Cleaner – 12 Ounces – Miracle Steam

Cleaning tools are often seen as a hassle to many users because they are often very big and hard to work with. No matter if they are beneficial for their health, people would always prefer cleaning tools which they can carry without a problem.

Luckily for those looking to buy a steam cleaner, there is a product that will solve your worries: the Miracle Steam by ProduTrend. Steam cleaning is an amazing, effective way to rid your home of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites, and other pests. All of this is that it’s 100% chemical free!

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  • This steam cleaner can clean stains, bacteria, and dirt from almost any surface, thanks to its numerous add-ons and accessories on your kitchen floor, your couch, or your fixtures.
  • To use this steam cleaner, users need only fill 175 ml of clean water in its tank and wait a few minutes to use. You can also attach the available cleaning accessories included with the system depending on what type of stain or surface you are cleaning, and then simply press a button to start cleaning.
  • This steam cleaner can save you time and money, as it would no longer require you to use soaps and chemicals to clean surfaces.
  • This machine is also lightweight and portable, allowing users to bring it wherever they want.


ProduTrend Portable Handheld Steamer - 9 Attachments and Accessories - Pressurized, No Chemicals, Garment, Fabric and Surface Steam Cleaner - 12 Ounces - Miracle Steam

For many, this little machine has delivered its promise in helping them clean the messes and stains they want to remove without chemicals and the like. Users reported that they love the fact this machine heats up faster than their steam mops or garment steamer, letting them clean clothes and other surfaces with ease.

There were also no leaks in the machine, ensuring that users would not be scalded by hot water while cleaning. Users also reported that it also helps in cleaning spots and stains on flooring, ensuring that nothing is left behind as you pass along.

Some even said they did not have to keep refilling the tank because the water tank uses water so efficiently, reducing the necessity of refilling often. Users also said that they did not have to worry about carrying a very heavy looking machine to clean stains, since they only have to carry the little machine around, plug it to the nearest socket close to the area where cleaning is needed, and start cleaning.

Users also raved about the available tools and add-ons with this steam cleaner, which helps them in cleaning a variety of areas.


For a little machine it packs a punch, but can it deliver the KO you need against dirt, stains, and bacteria? There are several complaints about this mini handheld steam cleaner that many users cited in their reviews.

Users said that it is unable to clean tile grout and other tough stains, despite its promise that it can clean almost anything. Another reported that it took a while to clean the oven and there have been instances the steam cleaner ran out of water as they were cleaning.

Some reported that the buttons of this machine are very hard to use, disabling them from using the steam continuously and causing them to develop thumb cramps since they had to put their thumb on the button for several minutes to enable the machine to keep releasing steam. There were also a few who reported that the steaming time of this machine is too long and boiling water is often released, causing it to be a cleaning hazard.

There were also users who commented that they did not even get any instructions on how they should use the attachments included in the system and where they can be used. Others reported they found it awkward to use the hose extension since they have to hold the extension in one hand and the steam button with the other.

Some of these users have also returned their handheld steam cleaners due to the disappointment they had.

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Bottom Line

Although this little steam cleaner is new on the market, one must not immediately judge it as it may have something up its sleeves. This little product from ProduTrend promises to help you clean without having to use chemicals, and to clean as efficiently as possible without breaking a sweat.

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