Light ‘N’ Easy Multi Functional Steamer Review

Damp areas like the tiled flooring of baths will show dark stains that appear over the years, while discolorations can also appear on laminate flooring. Steam cleaning can be great for eliminating such stains without the use of toxic detergents.

Today we take a look at the Light N Easy Multi functional steam mop. The steamer’s various features and operation offer a useful blend of performance and portability. With its easy-to-grip handle and lightweight, ergonomic design, you can apply the cleansing effects of steam wherever required.

Most hard surfaces around your household can be reached with this upright model and safely treated with steam. Parents like to steam clean regularly, as the hot vapors can tidy up and sanitize bath and kitchen counters without risking the wellbeing of children in the household.

Five-in-one flexibility

LIGHT 'N' EASY All-In-One Steam Mop

Durable, lightweight, and readily stored, this Steam Mop can work as 5 different tools: steam mop, counter cleaner, carpet cleaner, garment steamer, and glass cleaner. With the proper configuration set, you will be able to naturally clean bath flooring, kitchen counters, drapes, and more.

The adjustable output offers 3 flow levels while providing for a broader path for the stream, which helps to lessen hot spots as you focus the jets. This flexibility will let you tailor the flow to better tackle the kinds of surfaces being worked on, as well as the amount of staining and grime present.

With this chemical-free system, you can safely clean and tidy up just about all hard, moisture-resistant surfaces. You will only need to direct the stream to the offending area at the highest setting, as you mop for a few seconds.

Handles most types of hard flooring

The porous grout lines of tile flooring can become slick with stains and hardened scum as time goes by. This gunk can be challenging to clean, even with vigorous scouring using bristle-wire brushes. Modern homeowners have come to rely on steamers to clean and refresh hard flooring as a result.

Steaming provides a natural way to handle the dust and discoloring that can develop on laminate floors as well. The reduced moisture left by the microfiber mops will not readily damage laminates, unlike the plentiful flows produced by specialized carpet steamers and regular wet.

Infrequent spills can always be dealt with, but too much moisture seeping into the inner layers will ultimately cause damage. If you decide to purchase a larger steamer, do note that the high-pressure streams generated by industrial carpet steam machines can penetrate into multiple laminate layers.

Steam mops are less risky alternatives for cleaning such flooring. Steaming should be safe and effective with this model, as the vapors it produces are not forceful enough to get past joints readily while condensing.

Microfiber mop head dries treated surfaces

LIGHT 'N' EASY All-In-One Steam Mop with User-friendly Detachable Handheld Unit, All-purpose Laminate/Hardwood/Tile/Grout/Carpet Pet & Child Friendly Floor Steamer, S3601

The plastic mop head features a broad end with a fabric pad slipped on. The mix of hot temperatures and misty jets is what produces the cleansing effects that the multi-layered microfiber pad evenly dispenses.

Hot vapors stream down and through the cloth to dissolve surface dust and grime, which are then picked up by the pad’s moist microfibers. As only tiny quantities of water remain, any lingering moisture is quickly absorbed, with the majority of floors drying up in a minute or less.

Dry fabric mops that lift dust and polish surfaces without water can supplement steam cleaning. Regular use of these on wood and laminate floorboards can be equally effective and pose less of a long-term risk in heavy use.


  • Steaming action readily softens and disperses stains and gunk
  • Cloth pad lets hard floors dry up a few seconds after treatment
  • Easy-to-use handle collapses for flexible use and storage
  • Water volume of 11.5 ounces provides for 10-25 minutes of cleaning
  • Energy-efficient heating element generates steam fast
  • Lightweight body is under 4 pounds in weight

Positive Points

LIGHT 'N' EASY All-In-One Steam Mop with User-friendly Detachable Handheld Unit, All-purpose Laminate/Hardwood/Tile/Grout/Carpet Pet & Child Friendly Floor Steamer, S3601

This upright steamer may be mainly built of plastic, but it is sturdy for a lightweight design. As it weighs only around four pounds or so, the whole can be easily stowed in a tall closet.

The operation is basic but effective, for a user only needs to fill the reservoir to near full and then switch on the power to generate continuous steam. The 20-foot-long power cord has sufficient length to reach all corners in larger rooms.

The package includes these items:

  • Collapsible handle
  • Mop head and hose
  • Glide accessory for carpet cleaning
  • Fabric pad
  • Filling cup
  • User instructions

This steamer is compact but has the capacity to produce vapors with temperatures of up to 175F for 20-25 minutes. Steam starts exiting in 30 seconds or less after the boiler has been turned on. After the vapors have dispersed off a surface, it will usually dry in around 20-30 seconds.

The broad nozzle can readily cover areas where a narrower end would have to make more passes for equal effect. We liked that steam is quickly generated, which further speeds up coverage of problematic stains as well as eliminates 99% of all microbes after a few seconds.

We noted that the fabric pad does install tightly, although a washcloth slipped over the mop head with a rubber band can do the trick. Industrial-grade steamers are still more economical at tackling many larger jobs, but users found the pricing and performance to be reasonable for the convenience offered.

Negative Points

Water capacity is only sufficient for around 10 minutes of steaming action at the maximum setting. Many users also did not like that they had to wait for the unit to cool off before replenishing the reservoir, then wait once more for the unit to output a new load of steam.

The unit tends to lean to the side when it is pulled with the power cord, which means you will need to move and store it with some care. Based on the amount of steaming that must be performed, some users found that they still had to scour the very worst spots by hand, which is to be expected.

One good thing is that although the water capacity is small in comparison to that of bigger steamers, the compact unit is easier to move to different places.


The Light N Easy Multifunctional Steamer is a compact multi-purpose unit that is easy to use and has sufficient capacity to handle most trouble spots around the home.

Its water volume should be fine for tinier households, but for larger households, the tiny reservoir can pose a hindrance. Most users felt that a larger capacity would have permitted longer, more convenient steaming sessions. The design does trade steam volume and operating span in return for powerful effect and portable convenience.

With only a year’s warranty from the manufacturer, it may pay to buy from sellers who provide extended warranties, for boilers can have uneven assembly quality. Still, for simple but efficient chemical-free cleaning, Light N Easy’s inexpensive steam mop is rather handy for short jobs.

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