Top 8 Best Vacuums for Car Detailing in 2022

Vacuums for Auto Detailing

Cleaning out a car is a hassle if you don’t have the best tools at your disposal. This is especially true for auto dealerships, where you have to take care of many vehicles.

Using a professional car vacuum for detailing can make a world of difference not just in terms of how clean the car will be but also in how much time and effort it takes to properly detail an entire car.

On this page, we have reviewed dozens of best-selling automotive vacuums and found the best vacuum for car detailing. Let’s check out some of the options and help you decide on which vacuum type and brand is best for you.

1. THISWORX TWC-01 Car Detailing Vacuum

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner: High Power Corded Handheld Vacuum w/ 16 foot cable - 12V - Best Car & Auto Accessories Kit for Detailing and Cleaning Car Interior

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The THISWORX vacuum gets you a professional-level clean for your vehicle by picking up both wet and dry messes, pet hair, crumbs, larger debris, ashes, and much more without clogging or bogging down.

This small handheld vacuum for car detailing weighs in at just 2.4-pounds, and this makes it easy enough to store right in your car or carry with you form project to project, and you get a 16-foot power cord that improves your maneuverability. This vacuum plugs straight into your car’s 12-volt lighter port, and this allows you to take advantage of the cord length for larger vehicles.

There is an ergonomic design on this vacuum that ensures you’re able to easily get into all of the crannies and nooks of your vehicles without contorting your body, and there is a transparent dirt and debris container that makes it easy to see while keeping the trash sealed in at all times.

There are three all-purpose nozzles, a special filter cleaning brush, a carrying bag, and a spare HEPA filter with each purchase. The HEPA filter will trap away 97.99% of allergens, and this can make your car cleaner and healthier for you overall.

THISWORX TWC-01 Takeaways

  • Cord Length – 16-feet
  • HEPA Filter – Yes, and a spare
  • Power Source – Corded


  • Plugs into the cigarette lighter port
  • Weighs in at 2.4-pounds
  • Ergonomic design
  • Two HEPA filters included


  • Challenging to switch the filter out

2. Vapamore MR-50 Steamer Vacuum Combo

Vapamore MR-50 Steamer Vacuum Combo. The Only Hand Held Steam/Vac on The Market, Multipurpose Stain Remover, Chemical Free, 2 Steam Modes with Powerful Vacuum Mode

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The Vapamore MR-50 is the first and only portable wet / dry vacuum and steam cleaner hybrid of its kind on the market today. This machine has dual modes built into one for a more convenient and effective product.

The steam is 100% chemical free and heats up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Spills, pet stains, spots, and odors are easier to remove from carpeting, upholstery and furniture with two operating modes. It was designed with pet owners in mind, to help combat pet accidents and prevent stains and odor from setting in. 

This multi-purpose steamer includes a dust collection filter, carpet and upholstery brush, smooth surface squeegee, steam outlet cleaning tool, and a measuring/filling cup. It has two separate steam modes and one vacuum mode, and a 1300 watt water heater. It will saturate, sanitize, and help remove the stains from the surfaces in your home. Overall, this is a cost effective option with the convenience of providing two products in one.

Vapamore MR-50 Takeaways

  • Cord Length – 16-feet
  • Dust Collection Filter – Yes
  • Power Source – Corded


  • Steamer / Vacuum Combo
  • Weighs in at 6-pounds
  • Dust collection filter included


  • Best in horizontal position

3. Metrovac Vac N Blo VNB94BD

Metrovac Vac N' Blo 4.0 Peak HP Automotive Car Detailing Vacuum / Blower , Model VNB94BD

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This vacuum gives you a 4.0 horsepower motor, 11.25 amps, and 1,30 watts to ensure you get enough power and airflow to tackle the toughest cleaning and detailing projects with your car, and you get 95-inches of water lift each time you flip it on and use it to help you clean up large and small messes.

Along with detailing your car, you can use this vacuum to clean up your yard, workshop, garage, or yard without it failing. It comes with a six-foot flexible hose and two 20-inch extensions that ensure you can use it without having to bend or strain your body.

There is a convenient air blasting feature on this vacuum that allows you to turn it into a compact leaf blower, or you can use it to inflate your rafts or mattresses quickly and easily.

You get a host of accessories when you order this product to increase its versatility, and the accessories include a dusting brush, crevice tool, Pik-All nozzle, inflation adapter, blower nozzle, and a four-piece micro cleaning tool kit. The vacuum sits securely on a wheeled dolly, and this dolly makes it easy to move from point A to point B.

Metrovac Vac N Blo Takeaways

  • Cord Length – 12 feet
  • HEPA Filter – No
  • Power Source – Corded


  • Dolly makes it easy to move
  • Several accessories include
  • Doubles as a blower tool


  • A little pricey

4. Armor All AA255 Vacuum for Car Detailing

Armor All, AA255 , 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum

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This small vacuum comes with a 2.5-gallon tank that is made out of a durable polypropylene tank, and the tank has a sleek black and orange color scheme that stands out and makes it easy to see in your shop or garage.

The two peak horsepower motor allows you to suck up most of the debris littering your car without missing anything or clogging up, and the attachment has a thinner design that allows you to slide it into all of the crevices in your car. When you’re ready to store all of your accessories, you’ll find that there is an on-board accessory storage spot.

The 10-foot cord on this vacuum gives you plenty of room to maneuver around without having to stop halfway through your project, and there is a convenient cord wrap that makes it easy to store it out of the way. The blower function allows for an easy conversion to add versatility to the product, and there is an ergonomic handle on the top of the vacuum that makes it easy to move around.

Armor All AA255 Takeaways

  • Cord Length – 10-foot
  • HEPA Filter – No
  • Power Source – Corded


  • Thinner attachment design
  • On-board accessory and cord storage
  • Has a blower function


  • Cord can fray easily

5. Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Lite, Blue

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This is a powerful upright vacuum cleaner that has a brushroll with a dynamic motor that can lift heavy or stubborn debris without a problem, and there is a large 12.6-inch wide nozzle that won’t clog when you use it. There are five height adjustments that ensure this vacuum works well on shag, carpeting, seats, floor mats, and more. There is also an extra-large dust cup that holds more dirt while requiring you to empty it fewer times.

You’ll get multiple accessories when you order this product, including a dusting brush, a seven-inch crevice tool, and an upholstery tool that can help you pull dirt and pet hair out of your car while freshening it up.

All of the accessories store right on the vacuum between uses, and there is an ergonomic handle to make carrying it around easy. This is a 10-pound vacuum that is lightweight enough to take with you, and it comes in two different color choices that allow you to tailor your pick to your preferences.

Eureka PowerSpeed Takeaways

  • Cord Length – 18-feet
  • HEPA Filter – No
  • Power Source – Corded


  • Long crevice tool
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Larger dust cup and nozzle opening


  • Can get very loud

6. Ridgid 50313 Car Detailing Vacuum

RIDGID 50313 4000RV Portable Wet Dry Vacuum, 4-Gallon Small Wet Dry Vac with 5.0 Peak HP Motor, Pro Hose, Ergonomic Handle, Cord Wrap, Blower Port

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You’ll get a powerful five-amp motor with this portable shop vacuum that is excellent for picking up larger debris without clogging or leaving a mess behind, and you get an ultra-flexible hose that is eight feet long and locks into place to allow you to reach any area in your vehicle.

There is also an convenient 20-foot power cord on this vacuum that gives you excellent easy of movement and maneuverability, and this is useful if you have a bigger vehicle.

There is a patented Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System on this product that lets you quickly and easily install, remove, or replace the filter system to keep your vacuum working at 100% capacity. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to pick up this vacuum and carry it around your vehicle to reposition it, and you can turn this vacuum into a blower with the flip of a switch to blow any dirt or debris out of your garage. You can rinse out the filter between uses and let it air-dry to keep up its suction power.

Ridgid 50313 Takeaways

  • Cord Length – 20 feet
  • HEPA Filter – No
  • Power Source – Corded


  • Longer power cord
  • Very portable and easy to transport
  • Outfitted with the Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System
  • Ergonomic handle


  • The hose could be a bit tougher

7. Dewalt Wet-Dry Vacuum for Auto Detailing

DEWALT DCV581H 18/20-Volt MAX Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum with 20V Max Premium XR Li-Ion Battery Pack

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This vacuum offers a high level of versatility because you can plug it into a standard AC outlet or use it cordless with a 19 or 20-volt Max battery system. The HEPA filter on this vacuum will trap dust and allergens while giving you 99.97% efficiency, and this can make your home more comfortable by alleviating your allergies.

This product comes equipped with an XR Lithium Ion pack that gives you up to 33% more capacity than you’d get if you used a traditional battery pack and can run for 20 minutes straight. There is a triple LED fuel gauge system on this product that allows you to monitor the charge on the unit while giving you immediate feedback. There is no self-discharge or memory to drain the battery, and this can help improve the battery life.

Another great feature of this professional-grade portable vacuum is its ability to do both dry and wet vacuuming. Anyone who has children knows that sometimes the only thing capable of handling particularly sticky backseat messes is a dedicated wet vacuum because they can more easily remove stubborn stains with water as opposed to traditional dry vacs.

Dewalt Takeaways

  • Cord Length – 10 Feet
  • HEPA Filter – Yes
  • Power Source – Corded and Battery
  • Battery Life: 20 min


  • Has a cord but also runs on batteries
  • HEPA filter is washable and reusable
  • Cleans wet and dry dirt and grime
  • Very solid design with a flat bottom


  • We had no issue with this model.

8. Black + Decker BDH1200FVA Car Detailing Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER Flex Car Vacuum, 12V Corded (BDH1200FVAV), Iron/Red

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This corded vacuum with easily clear out debris, dirt, and dust from your vehicle, and it allows you to reach under your seats and into the crevices that are challenging to ensure you don’t accidentally miss something.

It has a 12-volt adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket so you can use every inch of the cord, and the capacity of the dust canister is 19-ounces. It has a clear design that allows you to see when it’s time to empty it, and you get a very compact and lightweight design.

There is a motor in the filter design that packs all of the necessary features in the middle of the vacuum, so nothing sticks out, and this vacuum uses cyclonic technology that will spin any dirt, hair, or debris away from the filter to keep the suction power at high levels. You get a 2-in-1 flip-up brush, four feet flexible hose, a long crevice tool, and a wide nozzle tool in each order. When it’s time to clean out the vacuum, the dust bowl snaps off and empties easily into the garbage to prevent messes.

Black + Decker BDH1200FVA Takeaways

  • Cord Length – 16-feet
  • HEPA Filter – No
  • Power Source – Corded


  • Easy to store
  • Longer cord and extension hose
  • Side door empty system
  • Spins dust away from the filter


  • Only plugs into a cigarette lighter port

Verdict & Review

THISWORX TWC-01 Car Vacuum


Ease of use











  • Has a cord but also runs on batteries
  • HEPA filter is washable and reusable
  • Cleans wet & dry dirt and pet hair
  • Lightweight and good design
  • 16 feet cord length


  • Switching the filter is a bit challenging

Our pick for the best vacuum for car cleaning and auto detailing is the Vapamore MR-50 vacuum because this is a portable device that is perfect for everyone except professional dealerships. This handy vacuum easily cleans wet and dry dirt and pet hairs. You can use it cordless or corded depending on your preferences. The Vapamore MR-50 is the first and only portable wet / dry vacuum and steam cleaner hybrid of its kind on the market today.

We like that it comes with a transparent design, so you can see how full the debris container is. The compact size makes it easy to store in your car between uses, so it’s always on-hand when you need it.

Car Detailing Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

When you start shopping for vacuums specifically to use when you detail your car, there are many things that you want to look for to ensure you make a good choice. We’ve rounded up the biggest buying considerations below.

1. Cord Length

The cord length is very important because this will impact how much of your car you can detail without having to stop, unplug it, plug it into another outlet, and resume the process. The cord length can vary from a few feet up to 20 feet or more, so check and see how long you need. Also, take a look and see what it plugs into because some cords use a standard outlet while others use a cigarette lighter port.

2. Motor Strength

The motor strength will dictate what size debris your vacuum can pick up out of your car, and this is important because there are a lot of ground-in items that can be difficult to get out. It should pick up wet messes, dry messes, dirt, dust, pet hair, and anything else to get your seats and carpets looking like new each time you use it.

3. Portability

Your vacuum should be very portable to help you easily move around your vehicle, and this factor includes the vacuum’s weight, size, and shape. It should be compact and easy to carry, and it should have a solid build that won’t break in different environments. The handle should be very ergonomic and comfortable to help prevent user fatigue with extended detailing sessions. Some canister vacuums work very well for this.

4. HEPA Filter

You can take a look at the filtration system that your potential vacuum has, and you want to see one that has a HEPA filter. This type of filter is extremely dense, and this helps it trap and lock in pet dander, dust, and even mold spores that could be floating around your car. HEPA filters are more expensive, but they are well worth it if you have allergies or a respiratory condition.

5. Corded or Cordless

Some detailing vacuums run on traditional cords that plug into your outlets or cigarette ports, but other vacuums run on battery packs. Corded models will run much longer than cordless ones, but the cord can hinder your movement and maneuverability. If you have a smaller car, a cordless design may be easier to handle because you won’t have to worry about it running for hours at a time.

6. Warranty

The warranty on your vacuum is important for protecting you against defects or damage, and the warranty period can range from a few months to a few years. Look for a long warranty, and you want a full warranty over a limited warranty. A full one will cover you from more issues than part failure, and they’re usually less strict than limited ones.

7. Capacity

You’ll have to have a place to store your dust and debris as you collect them, and the dust bin should have a larger capacity. If it doesn’t, you could find yourself stopping several times during the detailing process to empty it before starting cleaning again. However, a bigger dust collection bin will also make the vacuum larger, so you have to decide which is more important to you. Do you want a more compact vacuum, or do you want to go longer between emptying it?

8. Wet & Dry Versatility

Make sure to note whether or not the vacuum you are considering is a strictly dry vacuum that utilizes agitation and suction only or if it is a wet vacuum that uses water or cleaner solutions in combination with agitation and suction to more thoroughly clean particularly messy vehicles.

Many professional car detailers will have multiple vacuums for various levels of detailing. Wet-dry vacuums for example make cleaning cloth upholstery, floor mats and carpet surfaces much easier than just dry-vacuums alone, which are better for sucking up loose debris, dust and dirt particles.

9. Brand

You should choose a brand that is very well-known because they usually put more time and effort into their vacuums, and these brands also use higher-quality materials that won’t fail or break down as quickly. Also, it’s usually easier to get in touch with their customer support if something happens, and they typically offer more comprehensive warranties.


Can you vacuum your car with a regular vacuum?

You can use a regular vacuum to clean out your car, but it won’t give you as deep of a clean as you’d get with a detailing-specific vacuum. Detailing vacuums are also less likely to clog with the debris in your car, and many of these vacuums come with car-specific attachments, like longer crevice tools.

How do you vacuum a car carpet?

To properly vacuum your car, start by going through and removing any large garbage pieces of debris, remove the floor mats, and use compressed air to blow out the seat tracks and in the seams to loosen the debris. Sand down any burrs on the attachment mouth to prevent it from snagging the carpet, push the seat back, lay the seat back, and start vacuuming in a counterclockwise direction. Brush the carpet fibers to loosen the dirt before vacuuming it, and vacuum the floor mats before you return them to the car.

How often should you vacuum a car?

For the best results, you want to vacuum your car at least once a month. The process shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes, especially when you get the hang of it. You could vacuum more often if you have kids that drop a lot of snacks or if you’re active and leave a lot of dirt in your car from your adventures.

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