Homegear X100 Portable Steam Cleaner Review

As there are now several hazards to one’s health and fitness, there is a necessity that one’s surroundings should support good health for all, especially in the home. While there are several cleaning methods and mediums available promising to clean any stain imaginable, steam cleaners are now becoming very popular. Steam cleaning is an effective way to rid the home of harmful bacteria, mold, pest and more.

Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner Review

If you are looking for a good steam cleaner that can match professional cleaning, why not look at Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner?

Features of the Homegear X100

Want a steam cleaner that can rival the professionals and can be used by you at your very own home? The Homegear X100 Pro is the steam cleaner to check out. The company promises to deliver results, and give you a cleaning machine that is unparalleled. Here are the specifications of the Homegear X100 Pro that you should look at:

  • Users only need 7 to 8 minutes to set up this steam cleaner.
  • The machine has a 1,500-watt motor to ensure that it can create steam for 37.5 minutes every full tank.
  • It also comes with a 59-inch hose so you can reach those hard to reach places without having to strain yourself to reach these areas.
  • The water tank can hold 0.3 gallons’ worth of water, and you can also add in your favorite cleaning solution or scents in a separate tank that can hold in 0.26 gallons.
  • You also get 14 accessories that you can add on to your steam cleaner: a funnel, a measuring jug, an accessory adapter, a jet nozzle attachment, a big nylon brush, a small nylon brush, a 2-in-1 attachment with detail nozzle (window attachment), a cotton cover, a 2-in-1 attachment (window attachment), a floor nozzle, a large cleaning cloth, two extension tubes, a steam cleaner with steam hose, a steam gun, and a power plug and connection cable.


Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner

Many users have seen the pluses of this steam cleaner and stress that it has done its job efficiently when they started it up. The steam cleaner, they said, is made very well and the attachments all work well with the steam cleaner’s functions. The entire body is also very sturdy, ensuring that there are no leaks and that it handles the weight of the water tanks very well.

Users also love the fact they were able to clean their homes with ease with this steam cleaner, thanks to its portability and ease of use. It was also able to clean grout and other areas with stains and dirt in them without the use of chemicals.

They also said that they saw a visible improvement when it comes to sanitizing their homes when they used this machine. Users have also expressed that this steam cleaner’s price is also quite cheap, despite the features it has included in the system.


From the description to the features, the Homegear X100 sounds like it has everything one would need in a steam cleaner. However, check the reviews of users who have the Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner and see how well the steam cleaner worked for them:

Some users have commented that this is not a steam cleaner you should consider in your home due to the many flaws they discovered in this machine. One reported that when they received their steam cleaners, they saw grease in the adapter parts and even scuff marks. Some parts also do not snap well together and some of the screws were also very loose.

One user also said that the accessories did not even fit the machine when they tried using it. Users said that this device does not produce steam and only hot water, creating additional soiled spots in their carpets and tiles.

There were also users who said that they got burns and blisters because of this machine, as the handle itself gets very hot as it tries to make steam. Some users have also complained that the tank doesn’t actually hold enough water, as they spent the entire full tank within 15 minutes instead of the promised 50 minutes.

The amount of steam it produces was also called useless because it was very light, making cleaning with this amount of steam practically impossible. Users have also complained about the fact they could not get easy replacements with this machine, especially for broken parts.

There are no stores that offer the replacement parts for this machine according to users.

See what customers are saying! Read verified reviews here.

Bottom Line

If you want to remove stains and messes without causing health problems to develop, you have to get yourself a steam cleaner. The Homegear X100 will help you clean the most irritating stains and dirt, stop the onset of sickness in the home and make your home shine as if you had professional cleaners do the work themselves.

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