How to Use an Ozone Generator in Your Home

How to Use an Ozone Generator in Your Home

When you think of “ozone”, you probably think of the thin layer of gas that protects our planet from UV radiation. Although this is true, there is a way to generate ozone gas without having to leave the ground. We present – the ozone generator – an effective sanitation and purification device for your home. Read on to learn more about the science behind ozone generators, their main uses, and how you can safely use one in your home. 

What is ozone? Let’s start with the basics:

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA), ozone, or O₃,  is a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen. That third oxygen atom is considered unstable, meaning it can detach and re-attach to other molecules and completely alter their structure. Because of this, ozone is able to dissolve organic compounds including pollutants and bacteria from air, water, produce, and countless household surfaces. 

What does an ozone generator do? 

As the name suggests, ozone generators produce this unstable O₃ gas that breaks down organic compounds commonly found in your home. Some ozone generators such as the OG-25-Blu by Home Sanitizer Solutions are designed to emit massive amounts of ozone. For smaller spaces and more frequent use, products like Perfecore ozone generator are an excellent sterilization option.

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6 Ways to use a ozone generator in your home 

Now that you’re more familiar with ozone generators and their purpose, let’s take a deeper dive into the ways you can incorporate ozone sanitization into your regular cleaning routine. 

Ozone water treatment

According to Fresh Water Systems, “ozone water treatment works by dissolving ozone into water…ensuing the oxidation of bacteria and other waterborne pathogens.” In other words, the ozone emitted from your Perfecore ozone generator breaks down viruses and other impurities in water that could be harmful. 

Purify and deodorize air 

According to an in-depth study on ozone in indoor environments, ozone is especially effective at eliminating lingering odors caused from cooking oils, air fresheners, and cleaning agents. In addition, this highly-reactive molecule is able to break down pungent, long-lasting odors caused by smoke, cooking, and pets.

Deep clean your fruits and vegetables  

It might be unpleasant to think about, but imagine how many germs, pesticides, dirt, and other unwanted particles lurk on your “fresh” fruit and veggies. Fear not, for you now have a natural, food-safe solution. Below are some reliable steps that you can take to properly cleanse your produce: 

  1. Submerge your produce in one to two gallons of water in a glass container. 
  2. Attach your Perfecore ozone generator to the connection tube. 
  3. Place the generator into the water and plug into an electric socket.
  4. Set the digital timer for 10 to 15 minutes – the optimal time for fruits and veggies. 
  5. Turn on and let your generator do the rest! 

Why turn to ozone over other methods?

  • Works fast: Ozone neutralizes bacteria and viruses at a high level and in a matter of seconds compared to other sterilization tactics. The ozonation process is 3,000 times faster than common disinfection methods like chlorination. 
  • Removes remaining residue: Because the ozonation process decomposes impurities so quickly, microorganisms have a very difficult time growing. 
  • Pathogens stay dead: Once ozonation is complete and all harmful microorganisms removed, only healthy particles are able to thrive.

Sanitizing household items 

In addition to fruits and veggies, ozone generations are very effective in cleaning common household items. Check out the list below to see some of the products you can regularly disinfect: 

  • Toothbrushes 
  • Toys for children and pets   
  • Kitchen utensils and cutting boards 
  • Door knobs and light switches
  • Furniture and appliances 

Ozone Generator Baby Items

Disinfecting surfaces 

According to Solution Ozone, ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent that quickly kills bacteria right on contact. It also is a pro at breaking down biofilms, or layers of microorganisms that form tightly together on a surface. Although regular cleaning products are sufficient for killing surface germs, it is incredibly hard to remove biofilm from cracks and crevices. Because ozone is a gas, it is able to sneak into all the nooks and crannies for extra-precise sanitation. Furthermore, ozone is known for breaking down organic material and eliminating it completely, making it near impossible for bacterial regrowth. 

Ozonated water therapy 

Now that you’ve deep cleaned your home, it’s finally time for you to relax. Well, don’t put your ozone generator away yet because you can actually use it for a relaxing, rejuvenating bath. See below for a list of some benefits an ozonated bath can provide:

  • Cleans and softens skin: Ozone purifies the water in your bath which reduces the size of the particles. The smaller size of the particles allows them to fully surround your body and give your skin a deep, revitalizing clean. 
  • Strengthens immune system: As you know by now, ozone is a pro at killing bacteria and fungi from surfaces. These surfaces also include the skin! By submerging in a bath of purified water, you’ll reduce the amount of fungi or bacteria lingering on your body. Bye bye B.O.! 
  • Improves circulation: According to the US National Library of Medicine, ozone has hemodynamic and anti-inflammatory properties that help improve blood flow in the body. As always, we recommend speaking with a trusted healthcare professional to learn more about the medical benefits of ozone.

When used properly, ozone generators are a fantastic sanitization solution. They combat germs and other common household bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors, unclean water, and germ-ridden surfaces. Investing in an ozone generator is a great first step to improving your way of life and feeling great about your living space.

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