How to Empty Dyson Vacuum

Understanding how to empty a Dyson vacuum is an essential skill to have. Besides boosting your health and overall wellbeing, emptying the machine the right way will considerably extend its lifespan as it’ll serve you well for years on end.

Additionally, bagless vacuum cleaners are notorious for their tedious emptying process. That’s because you’re likely to leave a mess of dirt, dust particles, debris and everything in between on your floor, which evokes frustration.

Therefore, understanding how to empty your Dyson vacuum the right way will prevent you from making a mess on your floor. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the straightforward step-by-step process.

How to Empty a Dyson Vacuum

The brand has a wealth of models in its portfolio. Each has a unique design whereby the location of the dust cup and buttons varies. Nonetheless, although the design is different, the emptying process of each Dyson vacuum cleaner is closely similar.

Items Required

To get the ball rolling, you’ll require the following:

  • A dry towel
  • Dyson’s combination tool (if possible)
  • A small toothbrush

How to Empty a Dyson Ball Vacuum

This brand’s Ball series vacuum cleaners come with a removable dust cup.

  • To detach the cup from the unit, press the button at the top, after which it’ll pop out.
  • Grab the handle right above the cup and pull it towards the trash can.
  • As you do so, ensure the bottom of the cup hovers over the can.
  • To avoid spilling the dirt and dust particles, position the bottom of the cup as low as you can into the trash.
  • Press the release button at the top of the handle to open up the dust canister and release its contents. If there is any kind of blockage, you want to clear it out.
  • Once most of the debris, dust particles and dirt are out, gently shake the dust canister to remove any remaining filth.
  • Shut the bottom door of the Dyson canister, after which you should hear a click if it’s properly closed.
  • Put the canister back into the vacuum and position it in place. The cup shouldn’t loosen or budge upon shaking it or pulling on it.

How to Empty a Dyson V-Series

While you may not realize it, the brand mainly revolves around the V-series stick machines. There’s a high likelihood that if you’re using a Dyson vacuum, it’s a V-series. It’s worth noting that there was a considerable change in the design of the V8 and later models.

The dust cup design transitioned from L-shaped to inline. Therefore, you’ll notice a significant difference in the appearance of a Dyson V10 and V8. It’s a no-brainer that the emptying technique differs with the change in design.

How to Empty the Dyson V6, V7 and V8 Vacuum Cleaners

These models include an L-shaped dust cup which is the design that most people are familiar with. However, if you’re new to Dyson machines, we’ll walk you through what to do when the cup becomes filled with dirt, dust, and debris.

  • For starters, ensure the vacuum is entirely switched off. The power switch should be set to ‘off’ with the cord disconnected from the power outlet.
  • Behind the dust bin, right next to the unit’s handle, you’ll notice a red button. Once you press it, the bottom of the cup will fling open. However, remember to hold the vacuum above a trash can before pressing the button.
  • To take out the dust cup completely for cleaning, press the red button again for the cup to detach once the door is open.
  • You can wipe or wash the cup as you deem fit. Place the vacuum back in position and snap the bottom door shut.

How to Empty the Dyson V10, V11 and V15 Vacuum Cleaners

These are the models with the new inline dust cup design. Given that it’s attached to the motor and the wand, emptying this Dyson vacuum cleaner takes practice to get the hang of it. To get started:

  • Remove the front suction wand once you switch off the vacuum and disconnect it from the power outlet.
  • To do so, press the wand release button and pull it away from the unit. You’ll find it on the wand itself. Once the wand is off, you will notice the cup’s release door.
  • Hold the vacuum by the handle and position the cup facing the trash can. You have the option to hold the vacuum upside down. As you do so, ensure the front part of the portion points downwards at the trash can. You’ll deter the amount of dirt kicked up.
  • Below the dust cup is a red latch. Press the latch, and the cup’s door will fling open, releasing its contents. Compared to the previous L-shaped design, there’s no denying that the inline shape is more sanitary as you won’t need to be in direct contact with the filth.
  • If you want to take out the cup to clean it, you’ll find a smaller button at the front with a small, white arrow. Once you press it, the cup will detach from the unit, and you can get it spick and span.
  • When it comes to reinstallation, reverse the emptying process.

What Is the Difference between an Inline and L-Shaped Dust Cup?

You might be curious about how an L-shaped dust cup varies from the inline counterpart besides its appearance and the emptying process. While the L-shaped dust cup is excellent, it has one significant limitation: airflow.

When air flows into the vacuum from the cleaning head and gets to the dust cup, it must first move downwards. It’s then redirected upwards from the bottom of the cup. The air would keep flowing to the cyclone shroud, shifting direction for the 3rd time at the top of the cyclone and making its way to the exhaust vent.

After the third time, the airflow will have significantly diminished in pressure. Here’s where the modern inline dust cup comes into play. Since the exhaust, cleaning head, motor, and dust cup are on an uninterrupted straight line, the air flow remains consistent throughout the process.

It’s not surprising that the newer V-series Dyson vacuum cleaners have unmatched efficiency compared to their older counterparts. Nonetheless, these units offer more than just superior efficiency.

Despite a more intricate emptying process, the V10, V11 and V15 vacuum cleaners are more sanitary. Therefore, they are best suited to those susceptible to allergies or underlying respiratory conditions such as lung disease.

Before you release the dirt, debris, dust, and pet dander, you can lower the dust cup to the bottom of the trash can. Doing so significantly limits the amount of filth.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to empty a Dyson vacuum, it’s not a difficult process. Once you get used to emptying your unit after a few attempts, it’ll become second nature and will take you five to ten minutes. After all, practice makes perfect! By taking care of your Dyson vacuum, it’ll reward you with excellent service for years down the road.

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