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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Bissell Carpet Cleaners

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It is difficult to imagine any house or apartment without a small carpet. Sometimes they cover the whole floor. Carpets make rooms more comfortable, especially when you like to walk bare feet. Moreover, during cold seasons they help to preserve the warmth. Therefore, plenty of people have carpets.
However, together with such an amazing purchase comes the cleaning side. It is necessary to vacuum and clean carpets from time to time. Still, it may be not enough if you have spilled wine or something fat and sticky. To wash such problematic stains you need special detergents.
Everyone tries to deal with complicated cases in a manual way. However, rubbing and using water may not have the desired effect. Moreover, carpets remain wet for a long time what is not good for the floor. In such cases, you should consider carpet cleaners. They are professional tools that make carpet washing simpler. They provide users with the following benefits:

  • Efficient cleaning;
  • Adjustable temperature;
  • Fewer moisture after washing;
  • Time-saving.

Bissell Company

On the market, you can find plenty of various brands offering carpet cleaners. If you prefer companies with a lot of experience, then you should consider Bissell. This manufacturer has more than 140 years in the development of floor care products. The most popular among them are vacuum and carpet cleaners.

As a reliable seller, buyers of Bissell’s tools receive warranties for products with the possibility to get in touch with customer support easily. You can learn much more about this manufacturer on the official website. By getting one of the carpet cleaners mentioned in this article, you also support homeless pets.

Bissell 3624– Cheapest Option

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet CleanerIf you need not expensive, carpet cleaner, you can begin with Bissell 3624. At first glance, you may mistake it for an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but in fact, it is a powerful tool. It has 20 feet long cord, which you simply plug into the outlet and start using, but do not forget to fill the tank with water.

Bissell 3624 is suitable for carpets and upholstery of sofa or car seats. The small brush helps to reach places from different angles. The overall small design makes it easily portable.

thumbs up regular


  • It does not require a lot of space;
  • Simple to start right after the purchase;
  • Quite light to carry;
  • Powerful Suction;
  • Two brushes of different sizes.
thumbs down regular


  • Small water tank capacity;
  • The hose is very short;
  • Small brushes require more time to clean large areas;
  • You cannot lock the water tank on the unit;
  • For a small device, it is loud.

Bissell 1400– Best Design Unit

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery CleanerLight carpet cleaner to deal with stains on various surfaces. Bissell 1400 aims to provide convenience in the cleaning process. You can easily hold it in hand while dealing with upright carpets, furniture, or car seats. Speaking about the size, Bissell 1400 is like an average microwave oven with a bit round top.

The green color easily fits various interiors.
After using this device, you will not have difficulties in washing it properly. Each detail inside is easy to detach at clean. It is recommended to empty the dirt tank and wash the foam filter after using the cleaner. Cold and mild detergent is enough.

thumbs up regular


  • Easily reach various areas;
  • Simple to remove parts of the unit to wash;
  • It is suitable for cleaning different surfaces;
thumbs down regular


  • It has low suction;
  • Very small water tank capacity;
  • It does not have wheel and you need to carry it;

Bissell 1986– Fastest Dry Mode

BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet CleanerIn case you need to cope with large carpets and have them dry fast, then you should pay attention to Bissell 1986. It has various cleaning modes, to deal with various types of stains. The water tank has a high capacity, which means that you do not need to stop the process in order to refill unit it with water.

The brush roll is another part of Bissell that helps to refresh the carpet.
If you need to clean and dry carpets fast, you have an express mode. It uses an increased suction to reduce the amount of water left. Thus, to completely dry it may take around an hour.

thumbs up regular


  • The power cord is long enough;
  • Large capacity water tank;
  • The brush is wide enough to clean large areas fast;
thumbs down regular


  • After a long cleaning session it overheats;
  • It has difficulties dealing with thick carpets;

Bissell 86T3– Most Professional Cleaner

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner MachineThere are different types of carpets and stains can be very different. If you need to clean very large areas, Bissell 86T3 is ready to help. The very first thing that you notice is a very large water tank. It allows you not to stop for refilling.

Another part of the design is size. This is not a device that you will be carrying in your hands. It has a wheel that allows you simply to ride over carpet cleaning it. In case you need to wash stairs and other places, it has a six-inch hose.

thumbs up regular


  • Tanks have flow indicators;
  • Powerful suctions to deals with tough stains;
  • The power cord is long enough;
thumbs down regular


  • It is not very mobile
  • The unit is not very cheap;

Bissell 14259– Best Portable Unit

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery CleanerA small and convenient carpet cleaner that you can carry everywhere. That is what you receive with Bissell 14259. The simple design allows consumers to start using the unit right after getting from the box. As it does not require a lot of space, it easily fits house design.

Crevice and Tough Stain tools are efficient to clean with spray and suction. Moreover, Bissell 14259 has a heated cleaning mode. It helps to deal with various types of stains.

thumbs up regular


  • Powerful suction;
  • Simple water refilling;
  • It allows you to clean difficult to reach places.
thumbs down regular


  • The brushes are very small;
  • It takes a lot of time to clean large carpets;
  • Small tank capacity.

Buyer’s Guide


Most customers consider powerful carpet cleaners as large and noisy machines. With technological progress, such tools have become more efficient and smaller. In addition, they easily cope with various surfaces. While selecting such a device, customers should know for what purposes they are going to use carpet cleaners. Depending on the models, they can deal with:

  • Carpets;
  • Car interior;
  • Patio,
  • Rugs;
  • Sofas.

Another part of the functionality is the type of cleaning. A carpet cleaner can use steam, foam, or just hot water. Depending on the type of stains and contaminations, users select a suitable model.

  • Foam. To clean very stained areas on the carpet, strong detergents are needed. It includes oily spots, red wine, fish, etc. Such cleaning allows making carpets white again.
  • Steam. Steam cleaning has high temperatures. It allows sanitizing the carpet from tiny ticks and solid dirt. This method is efficient when you have pets that go outside from time to time;
  • Water. Simple use of hot or cold water helps to deal with minor stains and dust. It allows you to simply wash out the dirt from carpets.


Every carpet cleaner comes with a certain set of accessories. They greatly improve the convenience and efficiency of the cleaning. Extra nozzles and brushes of various shapes help to reach complicated places. In case you have carpeted stairs, you may like to have a brush to clean upright surfaces.

Water Tank Capacity

While selecting carpet cleaners the capacity of water tanks is what influences the time you need to cover large areas. It is true that the large it is, the longer cleaner is able to run without refilling. However, it also influences the mobility of the unit. That is why you need to select them according to the specifics of your home.

If you have several not very large carpets in different parts of the house, a smaller model is easier to carry around. While having large carpets in bordering rooms, it is easier to use large models.

Heat & Pressure

Heat is an important part of the cleaning process. Hot water easier to deal with old and severe stains. Moreover, in such a way carpets dry faster. While cleaning with steam, the pressure is important. It has to penetrate stains to wash them out properly. Every model generates different pressure what is an important specification to check.


Carpet cleaning with special tools has to be convenient. Most cleaners do not require a lot of space. They are of various shapes, which allows consumers to get one that fits in the wardrobe or in the corner of the room. Another part of ergonomics is whether you can use it as a handles tool. Possibility to carry around the carpet cleaner without stopping it saves your time.

Tips On Using Carpet Cleaners

  • Avoid dry runs. Most carpet cleaners use water. As they also have vacuum function, to reduce the moisture after cleaning. Sometimes customers think of it as a regular vacuum cleaner. However, these devices are not suitable for such tasks and dry runs may damage them.
  • Vacuum carpet before. To use carpets cleaners it is recommended to vacuum them before. It helps to remove dirt, small sharp pieces, dust, mud, etc. Otherwise, sharp things may damage the vacuum cleaner, and you will need to change the water sooner.
  • Wet carpets after cleaning. As cleaners use water, obviously carpets need time to dry. Depending on the model, machines leave more or less moisture. Old models with weak vacuuming also can have this problem. To avoid getting your socks wet, it is better to have a spare pair of clean flip-flops. It is important for them to be from materials that do not soak water.
  • Preventing making too much foam. Foam cleaning is very efficient, but you can receive too much of it. Such an issue may happen due to various proportions of water and detergents. Therefore, it is better to clean the water tank with a defoamer before using the device. Alternatively, you can add it in the cleaning process, to reduce the amount of foam.

Video Tutorial: Bissell Proheat 2x Pet Deep Cleaner Manual


There are plenty of Bissell carpet cleaners on the market. Which one is better, depends on your personal need. Thus, by evaluating the specifications of models you can get the device that you actually need.

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