5 Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner Solutions

A carpet cleaner solution really makes a difference. If you wish to keep the carpets in your house clean, looking new, feeling soft, and smelling fresh, you obviously have to try Bissell solutions. There is a wide range available for various needs and purposes from targeted cleaning to deep washing of the whole surface. All the shampoos are 100% eco-friendly and safe for your darling kids and pets.

Look at these important features before making the choice:

  • recommended for: cleaning the whole carpet or targeted spots
  • formulated for: full-size upright, portable machines, manual use or even as a pretreater
  • pet messes treatment: effective fight against any pet stains and smells
  • protection of the fibers: a special guarding technology protects the carpet pile and prevents it from future contamination allowing the piece look brand new  
  • additional effects: instant cleanup in 30 secs, boosting effect provided by oxygen

Continue reading for more extended analysis of the 5 Best Carpet Cleaner Solutions, formulated by Bissell, completed with helpful tips and tricks in the comparison table, detailed product descriptions, the Buyer’s Guide, and FAQs section. The selection of solutions was performed on the basis of recommendations from both public and professionals to assist you to meet all your needs and expectations.

BISSELL 4X Deep Clean Pro Carpet Shampoo – the best formula for deep powerful cleaning

Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro 4X Deep Cleaning Concentrated Carpet ShampooThis Bissell deep cleaning shampoo copes easily with the hardest tasks and removes the most stubborn and old stains and dirt.

With your upright carpet cleaning machine you can cover large areas fast and efficiently with this solution leaving your carpets, rugs and upholstery clean, soft and protected. The liquid is eco-friendly and safe for pets and kids, so there is no need to worry when working near them.

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  • The strongest formula for hard stains and dirt
  • Effective with harsh smells
  • A high level of safety for all: carpets, people and pets
  • Great for the most stubborn spots and deep dirt and odors
  • Formulated for upright cleaning machines
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Lacks any dyes, phosphates or heavy metals
  • Concentrated liquid
  • Special protection against further contamination
  • Value for money
  • The carpets feel soft and new after application
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  • Not suitable for people who are extra sensitive to odors as it smells strongly at the beginning but in 3 hours the smell dilutes

To cope with some really stubborn stains pour some liquid exactly on the stain, wait for a few minutes to soak and then clean it with the machine. With hot water it will be more effective, and if needed, go over the area several times to receive the best results .

BISSELL Pet Formula against Stains & Odors for portable machines – the best for fast and efficient spot cleaning of pet messes

2 BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine FormulaThis pet formula copes with all kinds of stains after pets including urine, blood, vomit and other messes.

Removing effectively all visible traces, it eliminates the disgusting odors as well. Even if you have a full house of cats and dogs it’s not a problem anymore.

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  • Formulated for powerful spot cleaning of stains and messes after pets
  • Removes harsh pet odors
  • Suitable for all carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • Gets rid of pet’s urine, blood, vomit and other unpleasant surprises
  • Designed for portable machines
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable without any dyes, phosphates, or heavy metals
  • Safe for people and pets
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  • Doesn’t always remove old set in stains completely

For old set in stains it’s better to use a combination of this pet formula and the oxygen boosting formula.

BISSELL 2X Pet Formula against Stains & Odors for full-size machines – the best formula for pet lovers for regular deep clean

Bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Full Size Machine FormulaThis double pet formula will make your regular deep clean just a pleasant experience with powerful odor and stain removal.

It was designed for full-size upright carpet cleaners so you can deal effectively with spot pet messes and the whole carpet or upholstery. Neutralization of pet odors helps you keep your house clean and fresh.

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  • Effective both for pet accidents and disgusting odors
  • Suitable for upholstery and carpets
  • Easily copes with urine, blood, vomit stains and set in dirt
  • Formulated for full-size upright carpet cleaning machines
  • Eco-friendly without phosphates and heavy metals
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • Not harmful to use near pets and kids
  • Protection against future stains
  • Can be used for the whole carpet cleaning as well
thumbs down regular


  • Foams up in the dirty water chamber
  • The smell is quite strong in the unventilated space

The shampoo can be undoubtedly used on upholstery for cleaning the whole piece of your furniture. You can process the love seat of your pet with it as well.

BISSELL Woolite Pet InstaClean Formula for full-size machines – the best for instant pet stain cleaning

Bissell Woolite InstaClean Pet Full Size Machine FormulaEverybody knows that time is precious. The sooner you deal with the stain, the better.

However, the instaclean formula works effectively even on old stains instantly and permanently. It can be used to pretreat the target if it doesn’t go away from the first time or is really scary.

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  • Immediate removal of stains forever
  • Half a minute action time
  • Copes with the hardest tasks: urine, blood, vomit, set in dirt, beverage and greasy stains
  • Neutralizes pet odors and discourages the animals to repeat their accidents
  • Double concentration for more powerful effect with less volume
  • Can be used as a pretreater to deal with the toughest stains
  • Great for targeted cleaning
  • Suitable for full-size upright deep cleaners
  • Safe and friendly to kids and pets
thumbs down regular


  • Can bleach the spots

In order not to risk bleaching your carpet, test a small amount of a remover on a hidden area, especially, if the color is dark.

BISSELL Oxygen Boost Formula, double pack – the best for boosted removal of any spots on carpets and fabrics

Bissell Oxygen Boost Formula 2-PackThis oxygen formula boosts the performance of a spot remover and allows to destroy any kinds of stains. The solution can be used in several ways.

It was formulated for the Spotbot machine, as a manual spot remover, or for pretreating the toughest stains and areas with the heaviest traffic. It’s great even for washing color-safe fabrics.

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  • Suitable for the Spotbot by Bissell
  • Recommended for pretreating the stains before carpet cleaning or laundry
  • A powerful spot remover, can be used manually and applied directly to the stain
  • Gets rid of red wine, juice or cola stains forever
  • Oxygen enhances cleaning results
  • Penetrates deeply into the pile
  • Great for color-safe laundry fabrics
  • Eco-friendly EPA design
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  • Almost no scent

Remember that you need to mix it with water. Pour a cap of liquid to the tank and fill the rest of the volume with water.

The Buyer’s Guide

Pay attention to the indications and recommendations for use of the formulas to find the one which suits your needs perfectly

General vs targeted clean 

Solutions are mostly divided into 2 groups: for general deep cleaning of carpets, rugs and furniture upholstery, or separate spots, often left by pets or kids. Choose the shampoo according to your plans and needs to ensure the desired result. Each formula was designed for a definite type of machine, otherwise it may not work properly or even harm the device.

Pet formulas

Pet formulas are created to facilitate the life of pet owners and help them take care of all pet accidents, messes and odors effortlessly and quickly, whether the stains are old deep-seated or fresh. All Bissell pet carpet cleaner liquids are safe to use near your beloved family, cats and dogs, if applied as indicated. 

Protection against future contamination

A special guarding technology in the formulas penetrates deep into the fibers of the pile and minimises the appearance of future tough stains and facilitates their removal during the next cleaning. Commonly general deep clean formulas can boast of this useful feature.

Instant or boosting effects

Instant and boosting effects are typical for targeted spot cleaning solutions. In 30 secs time the problem disappears forever. Oxygen containing formulas boost the performance of the remover to destroy even the most stubborn stains on the carpet, upholstery or even fabric.  They can also be applied manually on the spot, or for pretreatment before machine cleaning.


Can it be used as a pretreater directly on the spot?

Yes, some formulas work well as a previous treatment before cleaning with a vacuum. Just pour a little liquid directly on the stain and let it soak and act for a couple of minutes, but always check the directions on the package.

Will this bleach my carpet?

No. Bissell solutions are not supposed to bleach the items, though if your carpet or upholstery are dark color, do a test on a tiny hidden piece to be sure you won’t spoil the whole carpet or couch. 

Can it be used for cleaning the whole couch?

Yes, definitely. However, check with the manufacturer recommendations first and don’t forget about testing to avoid the bleaching issue. 

Video Tutorial: Bissell Quicksteamer Pro Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner

Final words 

All 5 picked Bissell carpet cleaner solutions are highly-effective and entirely safe for your family members and pets.  If you want to feel the difference and enjoy your renewed, clean and fresh carpets, choose the one, best suited to your cleaning needs and  technical requirements. Having tried it once, you will love the ease of use and the astonishing results forever. 

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