5 Best Shark Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

If you are not satisfied with your old vacuum cleaner or just want to replace it with something more high-tech and user-friendly, have a look at the Shark product range. Shark is an American manufacturer of household cleaning devices that has managed to combine high quality, efficiency, modern technologies with attractive prices. It offers a wide range of affordable models for effective and versatile cleanup with many helpful accessories.Almost all Shark branded products are great for hardwood floors as well as for cleaning the entire living space, including the stairs, corners, furniture, upholstery, etc. To pick up the right model for you, pay attention to the size of the cleaning area, the surfaces you need to vacuum, think if you want an item for a regular thorough cleaning or just something more portable and compact for quick cleanup. For happy owners of pets who have to deal with pet hair daily, hygienic, antiallergic properties, and filtration of a vacuum must also be a priority.

In the Сomparison Table below you can find 5 Best Shark Vacuums for Hardwood Floors with their main features and further important details and tips in the Buyer’s Guide. The choice of products was based on the opinions of ordinary users and experts.

SHARK Professional Lift-Away Navigator– the best for non-stop large areas cleaning

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356EIf you regularly have to deal with large areas with various surfaces and are irritated by stopping and emptying your dust cup, this professional navigator will solve your problem.

A huge volume of a dust cup allows you to cover the whole house, it can be enough even for 2-3 cleanings. The antiallergic component defends the health and hygiene of your family especially if you own pets.

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  • A huge dust cup for non-stop cleaning
  • Bagless
  • Lift-away option for above the floor places
  • Convenient steering and handling for perfect maneuverability
  • Antiallergic protection
  • Heavy suction
  • Deep clean on versatile surfaces
  • A special pet brush
  • Quiet suction and comfy to use
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  • Doesn’t suck large particle debris on the carpets
  • Not the user-friendly design of the Lift-away handle

If your home is mostly hardwood floors then a dust away attachment of this model will become your best friend. The microfiber pads do a great job removing all the dust, pet hair, and small debris.

SHARK Lift-Away Upright Navigator – the best value for money

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard FloorThe proper mix of quality, the efficiency of work, design, and versatility makes this lavender Navigator real value for money.

The suction is very powerful and works great on hardwood floors and carpets. This compact and maneuverable unit provides easy cleanup of pet hair with additional antiallergic protection.

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  • The removable pod to reach all uncomfortable corners and the objects above your head
  • TImpressive performance on carpets, hardwood floors, and furniture
  • TEasy and comfy steering
  • TCrevice tool has 2 lengths for different purposes
  • THealth protection with antiallergic technology and filtration system
  • TTakes away pet hair and dust from furniture and upholstery
  • TA great bargain
  • TLightweight and maneuverable
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  • The power cord is not long enough and often tangles with your feet
  • The awkwardly located power button

The filters of this model are reusable. Wash them carefully with dish detergent but never do machine wash. The main point here is to insert them back only when they are completely dried.

SHARK DuoClean Rocket– the best for polished-looking floors

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light CordedIf you are a fan of perfectly clean hardwood surfaces, this Rocket model will do all the job for you quickly. Duocleaning technology ensures terrific results thanks to the system of double brushrolls.

Powerful and intense cleanup of your hardwood floor makes it look absolutely clean, smooth, and polished, absorbing even big particles of dust and debris.

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  • Polished looking effect on the hardwood floors with a delicate soft brushroll without scratches
  • Dual mechanism of brushrolls for versatile cleaning
  • Additional garage for a brushroll
  • Special tool for pet hair removal from various surfaces
  • LED lights on the nozzle and hand vacuum to better spot the dirt
  • Bristle brushroll deeply cleans the carpet fibers
  • Absorbs debris particles of any sizes
  • Very lightweight and maneuverable
  • Easily convertible into a hand vacuum
  • Suitable for total floor to ceiling cleanup
  • Quiet and easy to clean
thumbs down regular


  • Pet or human hair gets stuck into the roller made of foam
  • PThe suction goes down when the canister is full

This Rocket model has two settings of speed on the handle, so for hardwood floors switch to the appropriate mode. The bristol brush and the soft roller begin spinning slowly for delicate cleaning and polishing the surface, picking up everything off the hardwood floor.

SHARK DuoClean APEX– the best for advanced technologies

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean for Carpet and HardFloor CleaningA set of advanced technologies make this APEX vacuum the leader for those who like the technological approach in cleaning. Takes care of your health with antiallergic protection and reduces noise to have the most comfortable experience.

It glides smoothly on the hard floors and can easily reach the most uncomfortable corners with its lift-away option.

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  • 2 types of brushing rolls ensure deep carpet clean and polished look of hardwood floors
  • Self-clean of hair and dirt on brushrolls
  • Antiallergic protection
  • Reduces noise
  • Heavy suction
  • Maneuverable and gliding smoothly on hardwood floors and carpets
  • Works well on upholstery
  • Fights pet hair with a special brush
  • Sucks debris particles of any sizes
thumbs down regular


  • Often breaks down
  • Pet hair gets stuck in the brushroll
  • Not effective hair removal

APEX can also remove human hair. It’s great for families with pets and children for regular cleaning. It captures all hair but sometimes it gets stuck. The self-cleaning function is good but from time to time you need to clean the brushroll manually.

SHARK DuoClean with Powered Lift-Away– the best for all surface cleaning

Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away, StandardIt takes a second to switch the button on the handle, which is very comfortable, from one mode to another and continue vacuuming different surfaces with the same attachment.

Adjusting the power of suction and the brushrolls to your target guarantees perfect cleaning results in every single zone.

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  • Easy steering and handling
  • Convertible to hand vacuum
  • Versatile in use
  • Useful and easy to change attachments
  • Absorbs particles of the debris of any sizes
  • Polishes hardwood floors
  • Works well on different heights of carpet piles
  • Brushroll garage and the special haircutting tool
  • User-friendly design of the item and accessories
  • Modes switching buttons are on the handle
  • Heavy suction
  • LED lights for better visibility
thumbs down regular


  • Rather heavy
  • Lacks antiallergic properties

If there is a lot of tangled hair on the roller you can clean it with a special tool stored in the head. You can find a groove on the roller, apply the tool, and run it through that groove to cut off the hair. The whole process is quick and easy.

The Buyer’s Guide

Types of vacuums

The shark product range features 4 major types of vacuum devices.

  • Upright vacuums are suitable for many cleaning purposes, which means you can easily clean the whole house with different surfaces, upholstery, furniture, stairs, corners, etc. They are usually corded to provide heavy suction and substantial cleanup of bare floors and carpets. They come with several useful accessories to fill your experience with comfort and joy. Most upright vacuums easily cope with pet hair.
  • Stick vacuums are obviously smaller than upright ones, feature similar characteristics, though they are much more lightweight, compact, and portable. However, they are recommended for small apartments rather than big houses with large areas to vacuum, as the power of suction is usually lower and the head of the unit is narrower.
  • Handheld vacuums are usually used as a supplement to the main heavy-duty vacuum and are great for cars, stairs, upholstery, mattresses, furniture, and other uncomfortable areas. Some upright models are convertible to hand vacuums.
  • Robots have lower vacuuming power but they are autonomous. These high-tech gadgets save you time doing most of your daily cleaning job. They are perfect for small apartments and houses.

Priorities for choosing the right model of Shark cleaning devices

The volume of cleaning work

Before choosing a vacuum consider the volume of cleaning you will have to do. For small apartments and houses small upright Shark vacuums, or stick, hand vacuums will be effective. To cover bigger areas you will need a larger upright model with heavy suction, multi cleaning characteristics, and additional accessories.

Surface types

  • Hard floors such as tile, hardwood, or linoleum can be easily managed by upright vacs, stick units, and robotic devices because heavy suction is not needed on bare floors. What is important here is special soft brushrolls or microfiber pads for delicate cleaning and an amazing polished effect.
  • Carpets require powerful suction to absorb all the debris and dust from the fibers of the pile of different lengths. Upright and stick versions work best with a possibility to adjust appropriate settings. 

Power types

There are both corded and cordless Shark products, but corded models are more powerful and better for thorough cleanups. The cord is long enough – 15-30 feet.

Filtration and hygiene

The Shark manufacturer uses different kinds of filters. For those, who are allergic to pet hair, dust, or other allergens, antiallergic protection with a complete seal technology is a must-have. Neglecting this fact can lead to asthma and other respiratory diseases. Hygiene and health are a priority for families with children and pets. Filters with HEPA indication remove almost all dust particles – 99.97% from the air.


The typical noise level of most vacuums is about 70 decibels. Several Shark models have a special reduction of noise. Upright vacuums seem more powerful and noisier compared to other types.

Video Tutorial: Shark Rocket Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaning Demonstration


Hardwood floors don’t require much suction power from your vacuum, but the material of the brushroll is important not to scratch the surfaces. DuoClean and Navigator versions of Shark vacuums produce gentle cleaning and polishing of hardwood floors with the special soft brushrolls or microfiber pads. All selected models work great on different surfaces and cope with the whole house clean up.

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