5 Best Carpet Cleaning Wands

A carpet-cleaning wand is a heavy piece of equipment that connects to a carpet extractor and extracts hot/cold water. A suction head and detergent jets are included in the wand. The “shoe” refers to the wand’s head.

Do you want to find the finest carpet wand for your specific upholstery cleaning requirements? There are many innovatively built models on the market, but picking the correct one for each cleanup demand isn’t always straightforward. It gets much more challenging if you are unfamiliar with these types of gear and equipment.

The following in-depth review offers the product reviews and comparison table of the best carpet-cleaning wands on the market. The buying guide also gives tips if you are searching for a sturdy wand. 

GlideMaster Stainless Dual Jet S-Bend Wand – the best for the overall length!

1 3This stainless steel GlideMaster wand with a twin jet and S-Bend design produces 1200 PSI and strong heat. This tool is meant to last a lifetime and is corrosion and rust-resistant.

It is brutal in its power to tough stains. The high-pressure brass valve, for example, contributes to its power and ability. The cleaning wand has a “shoe” that is 60 inches long and 12 inches wide for even greater performance. It gives you ample flexibility and coverage to clean more effectively.

The cleaning wand also includes a splash guard to keep overspray to a minimum. It’s impossible to predict how much an overspray may affect the cleaning process. As a result, you should be ready by utilizing a cleaning wand with this functionality. It will let you apply fewer sprays and even avoid nasty cleaning situations.

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  • The wide wand shoe;
  • High-pressure brass valve;
  • Sturdy;
  • Portable;
  • Good coverage;
  • Splash Guard;
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  • Heavy;
  • Simple design;
  • The jet can’t be unscrewed;

This is also one of the most cost-effective variants. It allows for gentle and waste-free cleaning by ensuring that fewer resources are used to accomplish greater cleaning outcomes. The wand is mostly constructed of stainless steel, making it long-lasting and capable of completing even the most difficult cleaning chores.

American Extractors Carpet Cleaning/ SUV Upholstery Wand – the best for upright cleaning!

2 3The elegant design of this American Extractors wand is more recognized than its superior function. It has a good appearance and would be a useful piece of equipment to have on hand for regular carpet cleaning.

You may enjoy cleaning with this stick because of the large coverage it provides, which is aided by the twin jet quality. It’s ideal for cleaning stairwells and small spots around the home.

This wand will not let you down when you require it to offer excellence since it is designed to tackle all sorts of stairs. This model is a strong piece of invention that can handle even the hardest stains as long as you know how to use it and are in a position to control it depending on the outcomes you need it to provide.

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  • Designed for upright cleaning, tight spaces, stairs;
  • Polished stainless steel;
  • Splash Guard;
  • Lightweight;
  • No overspray;
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  • May clog;
  • Short;
  • Its rubber tube is flimsy;

The valve on this cleaning wand is rated at 1200 PSI. This enhances its already impressive performance. Because it is less difficult to use and makes cleaning simpler than it typically is, you may enjoy the cleaning process.

Cecame Cleaning Tools Wand – the best for the pressure!

3 3This low-profile twin-jet wand includes a 12-inch broad head, a 3000 PSI line hose, and a 1/4-inch male fast disconnect as standard. It works with truckmounts as well as portable extractors. This wand is made of high-quality materials and is designed to endure and get the job done.

It’s a high-powered wand with unique properties and traits. It has a lot of revolutionary features that make it better than ordinary carpet cleaning wands. In addition, the wand has a double stainless steel structure that is durable and trustworthy in a variety of carpet cleaning circumstances. It may be used to maintain your carpets pristine all of the time.

Its structure adds to its excellent endurance since it is made up of a blend of high-quality components. Furthermore, it demands very little effort from you while cleaning various kinds of carpets effectively. With its high-performance 8300 dual S-bend quality, this wand sets a new standard.

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  • Can maintain the pressure up to 3000 PSI;
  • The wide wand shoe;
  • 2 jets for the great spray coverage;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Easy to use and clean;
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  • Slow performance;
  • The build quality is average;
  • Only for home use;

The wand is durable enough to resist the wear and tear that occurs with regular or frequent usage. It is much simpler to use and more efficient in performance since it is lightweight.

American Extractors 12″ Carpet Wand Teflon Glide – the best for the build quality!

4 3It is a basic teflon wand glide, rather than a full-fledged wand. It is simple to install and fits most 12-inch carpet wands. By sliding over the carpet, this glide is intended to alleviate fatigue.

This product may also be used on the wand to pick up moisture on hard surfaces (e.g. kitchen). Keep in mind that a carpet wand is not included!

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  • Compatible with most carpet-cleaning wands;
  • Good for hard surfaces;
  • The slotted glide;
  • 12-inch wand shoe;
  • Reduced hand fatigue;
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  • Not a full-fledged wand;
  • Hard to install;

The floor is protected from the wand’s edge by the special attachment. This component makes it extremely easy to slide without causing any harm.

Cecame Cleaning Tools 2-Jet S-Bend Wand – the best for portable extractors!

5The glide on this low-profile, dual-jet wand effortlessly snaps on and off. The glide reduces friction on a variety of carpet types and is a useful tool for the average carpet cleaner.

Both the wand and the glide may be used with truckmounts and mobile extractors. Using a plumber’s goop, the glide may be simply sealed.

[tds_info]Tips for users: snap the slide onto the wand and use a plumber’s goop to seal the edges and corners. Let the plumber’s goop dry completely before using the wand.[/tds_info]
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  • The wide head;
  • Up to 3000 PSI;
  • Long-lasting glide;
  • Reduced friction on most carpets;
  • Compatible with most Truckmount and portable extractors;
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  • The handle clamp is too small;
  • The glide may flip around;

This wand is small and light, so you won’t have to push it too hard. Because the jets are closest to the rug than most, the water is hotter and has a higher PSI by the time it reaches the carpet.

The Buyer’s Guide

Common types of carpet-cleaning wands

Professional carpet cleaners may select from a variety of wands. The dual bend “S-Bend” wand (with 2 jets) made of stainless steel is, nonetheless, the most popular wand.

There are, of course, different kinds of carpet wands. The number of jets is another common aspect. The norm is two jets once again. Larger wands (e.g. 14-inch) may include 4 jets. There are also “low-profile” wands. The term “low-profile” refers to the wand’s head being at a slight angle and having less height. As a result, the technician will be able to reach beneath the furniture more easily.

Glide patterns:

1) Slots. It is by far the most common design since it is superior at sucking up litter. The bracing on most of my Slot glides are slightly higher, so there are no lines in the rug until it has aged for roughly 6 months;

2) Holes. These wands glide the best, dry quickly, and last the most. However, the slots do not pick up rubbish as effectively as they glide;

3) Hybrid. This design has both slots and holes.  It was created since the conventional Greenglide’s holes are tiny, and the men needed some slots to assist in picking up trash. The hybrid is a popular pattern, however, the alternating slot-dot design causes some vacuum inconsistency over the length of the glide;

Other features to look for in carpet cleaning wands: 

  • Stainless steel build;
  • 12-inch wide (at least)
  • S-bend design;
  • The valve for adjusting pressure and heat;
  • The filters to avoid blockages;
  • Low weight;

How to use a carpet-cleaning wand properly: tips

  • Begin in the far corner of the room and make your way to the exit by moving from left to right. Due to room constraints, the direction may change;
  • Press the wand’s trigger once on the carpet to enable water (solution) to pour onto the rug. Then, with the wand in front of you, move it forward;
  • To remove moisture from the carpet, release the trigger and push the wand backward;
  • Return to the beginning, repeat the process, and continue moving the wand to the left, covering the cleaned area;
  • Repeat the procedure until all of the areas have been cleaned;

During the extraction process, it is normal for streaks to form. This is usually due to the wand leaving too much moisture on the rug, which can be treated by running over these areas again.

Furthermore, earlier wands are more likely to create streaking, while more sophisticated wands drain and remove moisture from rug fibers more completely, reducing this issue.

Recently my vacuum cleaner lost its wand – a long pipe attached to the hose. There is a funny story about how I lost it, but the point is I had to look for an attachment that will do by size and functionality to my device. The choice wasn’t that easy as one may think. That is why I decided to create a review of the best carpet cleaning wands – to make sure my audience will save money, time and nerves and won’t repeat my mistakes. So, at first, let’s clarify the major types of these wands.

Major types of carpet cleaning wands

A vacuum cleaner wand can be assembled in two parts or has a telescopic design with a certain length adjustment. The latter option is easier to use, so I would recommend buying the telescoping wands. To make sure a vacuum cleaner is shunting during cleaning, choose aluminum wand – it’s lighter than a metal one. Also, you may want to opt for a vertical design because such wands are easier to fit in a small garage or storage room.

How to choose a telescoping carpet-cleaning wand?

Aluminum and steel attachments have proven reliability and convenience of use. Even the lower price of plastic attachments makes it impossible to ignore such a point as the durability of metallic wands. Look for the wands that have 1.5” or 3.2-3.5 cm in tubing diameter, being round. This is a standard size that fits practically old and new models of vacuum cleaners.

Top 3 carpet cleaning wands I recommend to buy:

  1. American Extractors offers an attachment that is 60” long and 12” wide, it has a splash guard option and will fit any vacuum cleaners with 1.5” diameter tubing;
  2. American Extractors is another attachment with the same tubing parameter, though it is much shorter. It has a 1200 PSI rated brass valve;
  3. Cecame Cleaning Tools offers a wand for portable extractors, with splash guard option and the standard tubing – 1.5” diameter;

If the above-mentioned criteria were not enough to make the final choice of a carpet cleaning wand, please check my video. It is really worth your attention. Do you have any problems with picking carpet cleaning wands? Share your thoughts, I’d love to give advice on this matter.

Video Tutorial: Comparison of Carpet Cleaning Wands

Final thoughts 

You may always get the greatest results with any of the mentioned carpet-cleaning wands. You can choose the ideal cleaning wand for your home based on its size and layout. There is a variety of great models designed to address specific cleaning complications or issues. Once you’ve decided on your best option, devote some time to learning how to operate it and how to properly maintain it.

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