Why Is My Dyson Vacuum Not Charging? What You Should Know


why is my dyson vacuum not charging

Many vacuum cleaners are cordless so that they can be easily used in areas with no outlets, and you can avoid the inconvenience of long, heavy cords. Dyson vacuum products are among the most technologically advanced.

They offer an excellent line of options for your home, whether you’re shopping for a robot vacuum, a handheld vacuum, a stick vacuum, or one of many cordless vacuums.

Preventing Common Problems with Your Dyson Vacuum Battery Charger

When you initially purchase your Dyson vacuum, it’s essential to check all the parts, including the charger, charging cable, and other essential items. Check the instruction guide to ensure your Dyson vacuum battery and everything you need to charge it entirely is available.

If you find any missing parts, contact the Dyson helpline to request further assistance, including requesting the missing items.

Common Reasons Why the Dyson Vacuum Charger Isn’t Working

Some of the most common reasons your Dyson vacuum cleaner charger isn’t working are simple to fix, so you won’t have to worry about a repair or battery replacement. Initially, a failed charge is frustrating, though there are some simple reasons why your cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner may not be working, including:

  • The charging cable must be charged with the cord in the proper position. If there is even a slight variance, your Dyson vacuum may not charge properly with everything else working correctly
  • Check the outlet to make sure it’s not damaged. In some buildings, electrical wiring requires that a light switch is in the “on” position before the corresponding outlets in the same circuit, and the same room will function
  • If a socket outlet isn’t working, try several others to ensure it isn’t your vacuum

Once you determine that there are no electrical reasons for your Dyson vacuum cleaner charger to malfunction, check several critical parts of your cordless Dyson so that you can take the necessary steps with your Dyson expert.

Key Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Parts that may Impact Charging

If your Dyson vacuum isn’t charging after you’ve ruled out a faulty outlet, and there are no contributing factors, you’ll need to assess the common parts of your Dyson to determine what steps to take next.

Dyson Battery

The battery is often the culprit, and while it lasts for up to three years, it can become damaged and will need to be replaced sooner. The battery may still charge in some situations, though it depletes quickly and doesn’t last as long. Fortunately, it’s easy to purchase a replacement battery by contacting your Dyson helpline experts. A separate battery is available for Dyson V6, V7, and V8 models.

When you receive the new battery, your instruction manual will provide the step-by-step process to remove the old battery and install the new one. It’s easy to follow, and you’ll be able to use your Dyson immediately after you charge the new battery. Newer Dyson models, such as V10 and V11, include batteries that last up to 15 years.

If you purchase a handheld cordless Dyson, the battery included in the device may not work at all. This situation occurs when specific Dyson products are in the stock room for a long time. During this time, even a new battery can become fully depleted and require replacement. Once a new battery is replaced, your Dyson will perform well for many years.

Check the Dyson Battery Pack

Batteries on the Dyson cordless vacuums are usually located on the handle, and specific models, including the V6 and V7, contain a removable battery pack. If you can remove the battery pack, you can check to ensure there’s no damage to the casing, as this may permanently impact the battery, resulting in a total replacement.

Since the battery life in a V10 and V11 Dyson models is significantly longer, it’s essential to check the casing to ensure it’s intact and undamaged. Any cracks or breaks in the casing signify that your battery is likely damaged and should be replaced right away. Your Dyson supplier can assist you with this order to receive a replacement quickly.

Try Mounting the Charging Station

Some Dyson vacuum models offer a wall-mounted charger, which gives you the option of mounting the device to a wall so that you can avoid over-stretching the cord, which may cause premature wear and tear. Since some docking stations don’t always reach the vacuum properly, resulting in damaged cords, mounting your charging station is a great option.

Clean the Vacuum and its Components

If you haven’t cleaned your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner for a while, there may be a lot of debris and dirt impacting its ability to charge appropriately. The instruction manual will provide a helpful guide on safely removing each part, so you can gently clean each section.

If your Dyson model requires warm water and mild soap to clear debris, dirt, or blockage in the hose, attachments, and other parts, make sure they are completely dried before reattaching to your vacuum.

Check for Blockage in the Airway

Sometimes a sock or small item creating a blockage in your vacuum cleaner can lead to complete loss of power because it gets suctioned into the airway. If your air filters are not regularly cleaned, this may lead to a build-up of debris and small particles that shut your machine after a while.

If you suspect that the filters may be the root cause of the power failure, remove and wash them with warm water, vinegar, baking soda, or a mild soap.

Fuse Issues

Every Dyson vacuum charger contains a fuse that may blow if the current is excessive, in the way that this can happen with any electronically powered appliance. When this happens, it’s relatively easy to replace the fuse, which is located in the small panel of the machine, in the plug.

You can dislodge the old fuse using a flathead screwdriver, then replace it with a new one. It’s essential to read the amp level on the old fuse to ensure that you’re replacing it with a compatible fuse.

Bottom Line

When you shop for your new Dyson vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to get familiar with all your cordless vacuum’s parts, how it works, and what you can do to keep it in top shape. You’ll find that most issues with the charging station are easy to resolve, whether you find the solution on your own or with the assistance of a Dyson expert.

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