Where to Store Vacuum Cleaner and Accessories In Your Home

If you recently bought a new vacuum cleaner or moved to a new house or apartment, you’ll need new storage space options for your cleaning equipment. Vacuum cleaners are awkward-fitting, yet essential appliances that everyone needs in their home.

Still, they don’t always fit into a storage space, spare closet, laundry room, or utility closet, depending on the size and the shape of where you live. Before you decide which spot is best to store your vacuum cleaner, there are a few critical factors to consider:

  • Do you own a standard, medium to a large-sized Canister vacuum, an upright vacuum cleaner, a stick vacuum, or one of the commercial vacuums used in office and retail spaces?
  • Is your handheld vacuum small enough to store on a shelf, or do you own a robot vacuum device like an iRobot vacuum or similar product?
  • A cordless vacuum or Dyson vacuum products are available in various sizes, some of which fit more readily into a small storage space than others
  • Do you live in a small apartment with limited storage space options, such as a narrow linen closet or hall closet without much space?
  • If you often vacuum at least twice a week, you’ll likely want to store your vacuum cleaner conveniently close so that you can access it without much difficultly.
  • Carpets, special rugs, bare floor, and a unique varnish, flooring finishes may require further maintenance and equipment, in addition to vacuum cleanings, such as a steam mop, steam cleaner, floor wax, and other cleaning materials that you’ll want to store with your vacuum cleaner.

When you decide which items to store with your vacuum cleaner, you’ll need to accommodate your cleaning equipment. There are some creative and practical ways to find a convenient space for your vacuum cleaning and household maintenance equipment.

Convenient Options to Store the Vacuum Cleaner for Easy Access

There are some convenient options for storing vacuum cleaners in your home, where you can easily retrieve them to clean your house or apartment.

Hallway Closet

A hallway closet is one of the best storage options in a home, whether you live in a large house, townhouse, or small apartment. While some hallway or linen closet spaces may not accommodate all types of canister or upright vacuum cleaners, you’ll find lots of space for a cordless stick vacuum, a Dyson vacuum, or a robot vacuum, which can easily fit on a shelf.

In the Kitchen

Some kitchens have small, narrow closets that accommodate specific upright vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum models or similar modern cleaners that don’t require a lot of space. Robot vacuums are equipped with charging ports and don’t require extra storage for cords and handles, unlike traditional vacuums.

Laundry Room

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You’ll find that one of the best places in your home to store a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies is in your laundry room. Not only is this space convenient to retrieve your vacuum for regular cleaning, but it also keeps this appliance out of sight so that you can utilize the rest of your living space without clutter.

Some laundry rooms include a utility or broom closet, which is ideal for storing all your household cleaners, dusters, brooms, and other products for your home.

Attached to a Wall

Some vacuums are equipped to hang or attach to a wall so that they are easy to use, without taking any space in your kitchen, bedroom, hallway, or living room. A small, portable robot vacuum is one of the most convenient items to store on a shelf with other cleaning products, either in full view or hidden in a storage closet.

Spare Closets and Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is one of the most misused areas in many homes. You’ll find a lot of great household items ideal for this space, or a spare closet, which may go unused for a while. Vacuum cleaners of all sizes tend to fit easily in these spaces.

If you plan on storing multiple items under the steps or in your spare hallway, lobby, or basement closet, keep the vacuum cleaner near the front so that it’s easy to access for regular cleaning.

Storing Your Vacuum for the Long-term

If you have more than one vacuum, you likely use a small, cordless vacuum or handheld device to handle most of the dust and dirt in your home. A large, commercial-sized vacuum that typically takes up a lot of space is usually reserved for occasional maintenance or use in a retail or commercial space. You can find a long-term storage space for large, less-frequently used vacuum in a few critical areas of your home:

Basement Storage

If your home has a basement, you’ll find ample room to store your canister vacuum or commercial-sized cleaner. Ideally, you can set a section of the basement aside to store all your cleaning equipment, and you can store all your vacuum attachments, air filters, dust bags, and cleaning supplies.


The garage is a great vacuum storage option if you don’t have enough room in your home. It’s essential to designated space to keep your cordless vacuum or upright model so that it doesn’t become difficult to reach between other items, such as tools, car equipment, and yard items.

A Designated Storage Space

Some apartment buildings and condominiums offer separate storage units for infrequently used items, including heavy-duty items, such as a commercial vacuum cleaner. Some store owners or cleaning professionals use commercial cleaners due to the powerful suction for clearing debris and cleaning that can handle rugged surface areas.

While these products may be used frequently in large offices, malls, retail, and industrial spaces, they don’t require much use in a residential home. For this reason, they can be kept out of sight and used just once or twice a month.

Bottom Line

Whether you live in a small apartment, a large house, or a home with a unique layout, there are many creative places to store your vacuum cleaner. You’ll find some of the least expected spots, unused spaces, and corners make the best and most convenient choice to store your carpet cleaner, bagless vacuum, or Dyson handheld cleaner.

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