The 6 Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners in 2022

commercial carpet cleaner machines

Carpets can get dirty fast, and vacuum cleaners just don’t do the trick when you have pets, kids and dinner party guests to clean up after. Eventually, all of those stains that you tried your best to scrub out by hand start adding up, and it’s time to get a carpet cleaning machine.

Today, professional carpet cleaning machines are within the reach of the average homeowner or renter. When you own your own machine, you can relax knowing that any spills that might happen can easily be taken care of. This is much cheaper in the long run than paying for a carpet cleaning service!

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Top 6 List






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Bissell Big Green 86T3 Professional Carpet Cleaner

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Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

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Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning Machine

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JaniLink Premium Carpet Cleaning Machine

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Hoover FH52000 Smartwash

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EDIC Galaxy 2000 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

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1. Bissell Big Green 86T3 Professional Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3

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Bissell is a trusted brand in vacuum cleaners, so it’s no surprise they also make outstanding carpet cleaners. The Big Green 86T3 is a professional grade model that can give you better results than a rental. While it is a powerful professional cleaner, the Big Green has a simple, foolproof design that is easy for anyone to use.

One of the things I like most about this machine is how big and sturdy it is. There is absolutely no risk of this thing tipping over, and I don’t feel like I could possibly break anything on it because the parts are so solid. The powerful motors and suction can pull out deep stains in your carpet, and the large tank stores enough cleaning solution and water to deep clean an entire large living room.

When it comes to commercial carpet shampooers this is one of the best options in this list because of it’s all-in-one design and brand reputation within the carpet cleaning trade.

One of the best aspects of this carpet cleaner is the detachable upholstery tool. A 9-foot hose on the tool allows for easy cleaning of carpeted stairs, and you can even give your couches and arm chairs a good cleaning as well. When you order the Big Green, you also get a trial size bottle of the Bissel professional formula cleaner to try on your first cleaning.


  • Heavy-duty scrubbing and powerful suction.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Cleans forward and backward.
  • Comes with detachable upholstery tool.
  • Long 25-foot power chord.


  • Not as lightweight as we’d like.

2. Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

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The Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is built to pack a powerful punch. It features an electronic solenoid valve that keeps the lines for steam flow dry to maximize its steam strength. Equipped with 25 accessories and attachments, it can take on almost any project big or small, whether it’s for a residential or commercial space. 

For getting down to the dirty details, the included scraper, bedbug fabric tool, steam gun, detail jet tool, and different-sized brushes all come in handy. You can also choose between nylon, brass, horsehair, and stainless steel brushes — switch it up for the most effective scrub while you remove grout, clean your outdoor grill, or steam your HVAC vents. 

Considering all of the accessories it comes with, I like that this commercial-grade steam cleaner has a storage basket attached to the top. It helps to keep the tools all in one centralized spot, and it’s easy to transport around your home or business to tackle all of the different types of cleaning needs you’ll come across.

If you’re looking specifically for steam vapor cleaners we recommend you check out our steam vapor cleaner guide where we focus in specifically on this sub-set of industrial-grade steam cleaners.

Its compact size helps for both moving around various areas and conveniently storing when not in use. Set up is especially easy with the video manual Vapamore has provided, too.


  • Powerful and compact
  • 25 accessories for various cleaning projects
  • 4 liter / 1 gallon steel boiler
  • Up to 3 hours work on one fill
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Weighs 20 lbs
  • On the more expensive side

3. Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning 2 Motor Extractor Machine

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If you like Bissell’s more moderately priced 86T3, then you’ll love the BG10. It has everything that the cheaper model has, but it has two motors for a lot more power. Somehow, Bissell has also managed to make the more powerful version of its Big Green carpet cleaner a little lighter than the cheaper version. I’m not sure how they did that, but I’ll take it.

The BG10 also has a convenient handle that folds down and adjusts to different heights. You’ll enjoy the large tank capacity and the monitors that let you know when water or cleaning solution levels are getting low for maximum efficiency when shampooing your carpets.

Unfortunately, this version of the Big Green does not come with the attached upholstery hose, and you’ll need to buy that part separately. The Bissel professional formula cleaner is also not included with this model. Purchasing both of those things along with your carpet cleaner will add to your total cost, so that’s something to consider.


  • Two motors for extra power.
  • Lighter than similar models.
  • Carpet dries fast.
  • Powerful suction does a professional-grade cleaning.
  • Adjustable and foldable handle.


  • Upholstery hose must be purchased separately.

4. JaniLink Premium Carpet Cleaning Machine

JaniLink Premium 500 PSI Portable Carpet Extractor Machine with 3 Vac Motors 6 Stages, 2 Heats, Hose, Wand and Essential Tools Included

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If you operate a hotel or other business that needs frequent carpet cleaning for a large area, this model by JaniLink has all the power you could possibly need. With three two-stage vacuum motors, this robust cleaning machine is pretty much the Mercedes-Benz of carpet cleaners.

The JaniLink cleaner is different from other brands in that it cleans entirely with a hand-held hose rather than suctions on the bottom of the machine. That means that you’ll be able to get into really tough corners easily without the need to move a lot of furniture around.

Now let’s talk about the suction power. The JaniLink’s motors have 228 inches of water lift, which is more than double the power of its competitors. There aren’t many stains this machine won’t be able to get out on its first run, but if you find something really tough, the extra bonnet blaster tools can handle it. There is also a detail tool for tight corners and furniture.


  • More power than other brands.
  • Made in the US.
  • 500-PSI pump.


  • High cost.
  • Not very easy for home use.

5. Hoover FH52000 Smartwash

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000, Turquoise

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The Hoover Smartwash commercial carpet cleaner looks and feels like a vacuum and is also priced like one. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly commercial carpet cleaning model, this is a great option. At just 18 pounds, this machine is way lighter and easier to deal with than rental carpet cleaners.

You won’t need to measure anything while using the Smartwash as the machine seamlessly mixes the cleaning solution with water as you push it forward. After you clean a spot, just pull the Smartwash back and it will automatically dry the area. The low-profile foot also allows you to clean carpeted areas underneath tables and other furniture, making it one of the most versatile commercial shampooers on this list.

What I like about this carpet cleaner is that it can be used for quick spot-cleaning around the house. You can also use the attached tool to clean furniture or stairs when the mood strikes you. A removable nozzle on the front of the machine allows you to easily clean the brushes.


  • Feels like a vacuum.
  • Dries on the back pull.
  • Mixes cleaning solution automatically.
  • Comes with attached furniture tool.


  • Takes multiple runs to clean heavily soiled areas.
  • Small tank will need frequent refills.

6. EDIC Galaxy 2000 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

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If you are looking for a heavy-duty carpet cleaner that is a little less costly than the JaniLink, the EDIC Galaxy is a great alternative. The Galaxy has two vacuum motors and a 100-PSI pump, which should create enough suction power for almost anyone’s needs. The machine is also equipped with a 12-gallon solution tank and an 11-gallon recovery tank.

With such a large tank capacity, the Galaxy was built to clean through many carpets without needing a refill. I really like that the buttons are placed on the push handle and the tanks can be easily filled from the top. The ergonomic design is much easier to use during a long cleaning job than a carpet cleaner that requires a lot of bending.

Another thing I appreciate about this design is that the hose has a place to sit on the back of the machine when it’s not in use. This makes pushing this rather large industrial carpet machine through rooms a lot easier. Unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase the wand attachment separately.


  • Easy to use.
  • Great for large buildings.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Very powerful.


  • Wand attachment must be purchased separately.

Verdict & Review

Bissell Big Green 86T3


Ease of use











  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty scrubbing
  • Fast drying time
  • Upholstery tool included
  • 25-foot power cord


  • Not as lightweight as we'd like

If I had to recommend just one carpet cleaner on this list it would be the Bissell Big Green 86T3. This carpet cleaner has everything you need to keep your home carpets clean even if you have messy kids and pets. Plus, this carpet cleaner is reasonably priced and does a better job than most rentals. If you’re already paying to rent carpet cleaners every month or so, this machine will pay for itself in no time.

While the more expensive carpet cleaners require you to use an attached hose for all cleaning jobs, the Big Green cleans by simply rolling forward and backward. I like the simplicity, and I also like that the Big Green comes with an upholstery tool attachment that can get into little corners or clean furniture.

Industrial Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

Why is it that almost everyone has a vacuum but far fewer people own a carpet cleaner? People just haven’t caught up with the times! Carpet cleaners used to be big, bulky and expensive machines that were far out of reach for the average consumer. Even if you could afford to purchase one, they were clunky and difficult to use.

Today, there are many models on the market that are both user-friendly and reasonably priced. In fact, you can find devices that operate in much the same way as a vacuum and are available for a comparable price, both at home and for commercial purposes. We even have a top list of portable handheld carpet cleaners right here.

Why buy a commercial carpet cleaner?

Every time I move I tell myself I’m going to be strict about my shoes-off policy. Then life happens, and shoes inevitably end up being worn on the carpet. Over the course of months, dirt from shoes, paw prints and spills can add up. If you have pets that have a hard time finding the litter box or toddlers that have discovered how fun it is to throw food, carpets can get dirty fast.

Owning your own carpet cleaning machine can actually save you money in the long run because you won’t need to pay rental costs. With your own cleaner, you can clean your carpet any time you want, whether it’s the entire house or just a spot. Keeping your carpets fresh and clean also cuts down on germs in your home.

If you are a business owner maintaining clean carpets can actually have a real impact on your bottom line as the one industry survey by Whittaker found that 83% of respondents said that “well-maintained carpets improves their confidence in a facilities cleanliness”.

Thus investing one-time in an industrial carpet cleaning machine for your business seems like a no-brainer decision that will pay back dividends years after the original investment is made.

Does a professional grade carpet cleaner need to be expensive?

One thing you’ll realize when you start shopping for carpet cleaners is that prices run the gamut. You can find cheaper models for a couple hundred dollars as well as machines that are priced in the thousands. Don’t let the prices confuse you. What you’re really paying for is tank capacity and cleaning power.

If you’re getting a cleaner for your home, you don’t need to get an expensive industrial model. While these machines are impressive, most people don’t need a 12-gallon tank and a 500-PSI pump. A simple, easy-to-use model that can clean a large living room without needing to be refilled is just fine for the average home. If you own a store, a home device may also do the trick since the cleaning space is small.

If, on the other hand, you operate a hotel or office building with many carpeted rooms, look into one of the more expensive models. A good model can go from room to room and quickly clean and dry any stain. This makes for a great investment, especially if you’re paying a service company for doing this work.

Commercial Carpet Shampooer Buying Guide

Below are some tips we’ve gleamed from carpet care professionals as well as spending dozens of hours scouring commercial carpet cleaning communities online to find out some of the most critical aspects that need to be taken into consideration when investing in an professional-grade carpet cleaner.

Maximum Water Tank Capacity

Modern cleaners typically have two tanks: one for water and one for cleaning solution. The machine will automatically mix the solution with water, clean your carpet and then dry it.

When a cleaner has a large tank capacity, let’s just say 12 gallons, you can use it for a really long time before it needs to be refilled. Large tanks are great for big houses or offices, but they inevitably come attached to big and heavy models. Some people don’t mind using a lightweight models that needs to be refilled about every room or so.

Agitation and Brush Motors

The motor is responsible for its suction power and brush movement, so a more powerful motor creates a faster and deeper clean. At the same time, too much power can damage delicate materials and shorten the life of your carpets. That’s why it’s a good idea to reserve high power cleaning for really dirty spots.

Luckily, models that have really powerful motors usually have multiple settings. Some of the best commercial carpet cleaners have two or three motors, but you can choose when to power them all up at the same time.

Water Heating Unit

Nobody wants to deal with a wet carpet, no matter how clean it is. The kind of machine that is worth buying dries a carpet just as effectively as it cleans it. If you see reviews that say a model leaves a wet carpet behind, then that is a bad sign. Carpets need an injection of cleaning solution and water, but they also need to be rinsed and dried just like clothes.

Extra Tools & Cleaning Accessories

With extra upholstery tools, good cleaners can also keep your couch smelling and looking fresh. Small hand tools are also great for cleaning little areas of carpet behind furniture or hard-to-reach corners. Many models come with extra hand tools designed to give an extra scrub to tough stains.

Ease of Use & Maintenance 

Depending on your needs, you may prefer a machine that operates by pushing or one that requires the use of a hand-held hose. You may also want to consider how heavy the cleaner is, how easy it is to push and the location of the buttons and tanks.

Manufacturer Warranty Duration

Last but not least, you should consider the warranty. Even if you choose one of the less expensive models, a carpet cleaner is an investment. Products with warranties and solid customer service are always preferable.

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