The 5 Must-Have House Cleaners Everyone Needs

Most women enjoy keeping a clean home. And the easier it is to achieve, the better! Let's check out 5 must-have house cleaners every woman will love!

Keeping a clean home is not a chore. It's a necessity. In fact, a 2016 study suggested that people with clean homes were healthier and more energetic than people with messy homes. So get your house cleaners and start working!

Just think about it. Don't you always feel better when your home is clean and tidy? But, among all the questions that come with cleaning, one is, for sure, the most difficult to answer:

What House Cleaners Should I Use?

When there are so many choices on the table, picking the right ones seems almost impossible. So, think of this post as a House Cleaners 101 story with the top five ones you should use.

But let's start, shall we?

1. Baking Soda

Let's start with the obvious. Practically, a cleaning toolkit without baking soda is never going to be 100 percent equipped. Sure, baking soda is an ingredient that you usually cook with, but its cleaning abilities will just amaze you.

As a matter of fact, baking soda can help you with a number of housework tasks such as degreasing a filthy kitchen, extinguishing salts, cleaning persistent stains on carpets and clothes as well as rubbing surfaces covered in grime.

Yes, we are talking about the number one entry in our house cleaners list here!

2. Disinfectant

You home must not only look clean. It has to be absolutely 100 percent clean, and disinfectants are kings when it comes to house cleaners.

Disinfectants, such as bleach or chlorine, have a very important role: get rid of all the substances and microorganisms your house doesn't need. However, be very careful when using them. You want to protect your health and avoid mixing unsafe substances.

It's true. A home without disinfectants – or another cleaner that contains them– can never be completely clean!

3. Glass Cleaner

Every home has some items made of glass. Just pause for a minute and take a look around you. Either it is a coffee table, a window, or even a vase we are talking about, keeping your glasses clean creates an amazing effect.

When the sun comes through a clean window, the place is instantly lit with this warm, delightful light that makes everything look shinier and more "positive."

Moreover, when this positive sunlight reflects on other clean, glass materials, it just multiplies itself. Exactly, keeping your glasses clean makes your whole place like an Instagram-filtered photo with thousands of likes.

4. Special Cleaners

Having just one cleaner for all your surfaces will never work. Some of your furniture needs special treatment while other items need some more powerful products.

Having some special cleaners for your special furniture will not only protect it from harmful substances but will also be more effective. There are special cleaners for surfaces made of certain materials like wood, steel etc., so it will not be a problem to find the ones which feel right for you.

5. Cleaning Tools

Sure, having the right cleaning products is great but they mean nothing without the right accessories. 

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner, a high-quality steam cleaner, and a mop with microfibers. Also, get wipes and sponges that will work as dust magnets and not just pieces of fabric that will just spread dirt all over the place. Last but not least, change your sponges regularly! A recent study suggested that they have more germs even than your toilet.

So, let us know in the comments section below about your Top 5 list of your favorite cleaning products and we might include them in a future post!


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