Steamfast SF-375 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner Review

Like many homeowners, we wondered if there was a way to refresh our bath floors and kitchen counters without resorting to toxic chemicals.

We had read about steam cleaning as a ‘natural’ way to clean wet areas and hard floors and other trouble spots and were convinced to try it out. These tools are designed to generate hot steam that can be good for tidying up stained and dirty areas throughout the home.

It can be challenging to remove stains on tiled floors with hand brushing, but it turns out that these are readily cleared with highly-pressurized steam. Other hard-surfaced floors are safely cleansed by steaming action, which is also quite effective at eradicating bed bugs and common household germs.

The No products found. is a compact canister-style model that can be moved about to tackle a variety of tasks. There is something of a learning curve in working these steamers, but it pays off as the use does get easier over time.

Quick Overview:

  • 10 ft long hose & 17 ft long power cord for extended reach
  • 48 oz reservoir
  • Mop attachment included

Steam Uses

A number of cleaning tasks are easier to do using steam, such as clearing grease from counter tops and grime off cabinets and appliances. Gentler steaming also works well on light-colored walls and similar surfaces. Parents like the technique, thanks to its facility at cleaning spaces in a naturally child-safe manner.

Here’s some ideas on what you can clean with your steam cleaner.

Steaming mold growing off walls takes less time than it normally would with a scouring brush. However, the method cannot handle thicker sludge or mineral buildups. It cannot tidy up ovens and stoves on its own either but can help finish the task begun by their cleaning functions.

Robust and easy-to-use features

Steamfast SF-375 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

This steam machine can deal with a range of chores, due to its nice design, ample tank capacity, solid construction, and clever attachments. The base is compact enough to be wheeled to other areas. The low-profile base weighs about 10.7 lbs. and features sizable rear wheels and a swivel wheel to the front.

The base can be pulled much like canister-style vacuum cleaners, so you won’t need to carry or lug it around like portable or upright designs. The long 17-foot power cable saves you from having to detach and plug-in often and along with the 10-foot hose, makes most areas easier to reach.

Adjustable flow control allows you to vary streams using the on-demand and continuous lockdown switches. An indicator logo signals when the 48-ounce boiler is heating water and turns off once it is ready for operation, but there is no refill indicator.

Among the nicer features are the large set of 18 attachments, which includes angled and jet nozzles, 2 hose extensions, 1 brass and 2 nylon utility brushes, 2 scrub pads, and a rounded brush. Also in the package are a large mop head and microfiber pads, bristle brush attachment, squeegee, scraper, fill cup and funnel, and a storage bag.

Brushes and other smaller parts can be stored in the unit’s top drawer, while the hose and power cables can be stowed via the handle and cord organizers. The standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is middling but can be extended at a minimal cost.

Flexible and adaptable design

Steamfast SF-375 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

The machine needs less than 10 minutes to generate a forceful stream, faster than bigger steam machines. Steaming for up to 90 minutes is possible with the flow adjusted to lightest setting.

Once the base has been moved to an area in need of steaming, the accessories provide all you will need to start a job. Of the 18 attachments, it turns out that some are duplicates while others comprise several parts that form into a single assembly, i.e. the funnel and matching refill cup are counted as dual parts.

It’s good that the supplied hose is quite long as you won’t have to wheel the base about too often. The rounded scrubbing brush was rather stiff in use and proved useful for clearing grout stains. Other included brushes were helpful for scouring gunk in-between sessions.

Steam is triggered and adjusted with grip controls, which let you select between a continuous flow of a stream or else a string of quick gusts. The amount can be varied as needed with an easy twist of the dial and there is a trigger lockdown button for added safety.

Steaming is something you’ll want to do whenever it gets cool enough to open windows, for tends to output produce lots of steam. Also, you must let the body cool first before opening the reservoir for a refill, then you will have to wait again for it to generate more steam.

It’s best to begin low and slow before increasing the flow to suit conditions. The Mop works well on sealed hard surfaces and is fine if you’re just looking after floors, however, it isn’t great for cleaning other spots.

Features and Specifications

  • The 1500-Watt boiler generates steam at temperatures beyond 200˚F.
  • Compact wheeled base weighs around 10.7 pounds.
  • Decent reservoir volume of 48 ounces enables more time for steaming.
  • Helpful on-demand and variable-flow controls are integrated into the handle.
  • Adjustable and continuous-steaming modes allow for greater flexibility.
  • Useful accessories allow you to configure the steamer for various tasks.
  • Mop add-on is included for wiping down floors.
  • The extra-long 10-foot hose can reach distant corners and gaps.
  • Convenient handle/hose organizer.
  • Lengthy 17-foot power cord helps you to get to most outlets in bigger rooms.
  • Handy cord stowage around the base.
  • On-board accessory drawer to hold parts.

What users are saying

Steamfast SF-375 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

Owners made comments like “5 stars, highly recommended!” on the performance and flexibility of this unit. Many liked that once the boiler is turned on, steam will start flowing in less than ten minutes.

Some noted that the way the mop section swivels let them easily circle around corners and furniture. Others were pleased that they could control the flow and that it outputs steam consistently without bursting or with water spitting out the ends.

The Steamfast SF-375 scored numerous favorable reviews attesting to its good qualities as a steam cleaner. It might not be biggest and the most capable available, but it is efficient for most tasks and has many conveniences.

A few owners did find a slight issue in that the brush’s bristles tended to flatten and wear down quickly on first use. That said, the other supplied brushes were found to be good for finishing jobs and more and better ones can always be bought, anyway.

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The Steamfast SF-375 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner is a flexible and easy-to-use steam cleaner that performs well and offers a lot of control and convenience for the price. We can recommend this sturdy model to homeowners who like to keep things healthy and spotlessly clean.


Steamfast’s SF-375 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner is an adaptable and efficient model that offers ease and convenience in abundance and can be configured to handle all steam cleaning tasks.

Its steam-on-demand and continuous-flow modes are easy to learn and will let you adapt steam flow as needed. If you’ve decided to get a household steam cleaner, this capable model comes with a variety of useful accessories that will enable you to do any steaming job well.

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