SteamFast SF-370WH Steam Cleaner Review

Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Heavy-duty steam cleaners can be very expensive for families who want to experience the cleaning power of steam. However, companies have been developing ways of offering steam cleaners which are powerful, affordable, and heavy-duty.

If you are looking for a powerful and heavy-duty steam cleaner which is cheaper and practical, the SteamFast SF-370 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner is one to look at.

Features of the SteamFast SF-370WH

  • This steam cleaner can clean any sealed flooring surfaces from wood to tile or laminate, as well as other surfaces that need cleaning.
  • A 1500-watt motor is in this cleaner, ensuring that it will clean any stain and bacteria with ease.
  • It also has a large 45-ounce water tank that helps users clean for 45 minutes with continuous steam.
  • Users also enjoy the steam-on-demand trigger with continuous steam locking switch.
  • Included in the package are the following attachments: extension wands, a mop head, microfiber pads, a jet nozzle, a squeegee, a scrub tool, a corner tool, nylon utility brushes, and brass utility brushes.

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Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Users have raved about the power of this machine and the various aspects that make it great. Users have said that this steam cleaner is actually very good as it is made from high quality and it is very solid despite the fact it is made from plastic. The hose is also very sturdy and the attachments are well-fit in the machine.

The performance of this steam cleaner is also excellent because users were able to get the pressure they needed to clean the toughest messes easily. Some even said that they were able to clean areas which they were unable to clean before, like their oven doors, sinks, and even BBQ grills.

One even said they were able to clean 10 years’ worth of dirt on their flooring easily with this steam cleaner.

steamfast sf 370

The heating time is also very decent, and the tank in this steamer is generous. Users have also raved about the lock-on button, which allows them to use the machine continuously without having to depress the steam button manually.

The customer service for this company is also commendable because some of those who have complained or requested for a replacement said that they were assisted in finding replacements or being given refunds. Users have also commended that this machine is very affordably priced, despite the features that it offers and the attachments included.


Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

For those looking for powerful, cheap and heavy-duty steam cleaners, the Steamfast SF-370WH is the brand to buy. However, it is still a question if the performance of this machine meets the same levels its manufacturers claim.

Some users have cited several problems with this machine that dissuaded them from using it further or affected their perception regarding their abilities.

Users reported that the machine is not very sturdy, as some reported broken parts almost immediately after use and that the components were not really assembled well. One reported that the buttons and the springs had actually popped out after their first use.

A user even said they were unable to use the machine as the buttons and the attachments were breaking apart. Another reported leaks in the magic wand of this item and another even reported steam leaks in the back of the machine.

Some users even said they could not stop the steam from pouring out constantly, citing problems with the steam button. Even the attachments were not very good, as when the users tried to use these extras, stains remained in the affected area.

Users have also commented that there are no possible repairs that can be done to the machine if there is a part that is broken for any reason. Replacement parts are also very difficult to find, even in local hardware stores. Some users have also complained about the customer service of SteamFast because they did not reply to their emails when they needed assistance or replacement.

Bottom Line

Looking for a heavy-duty steam cleaner for the home can be tedious, and given the prices of heavy-duty steamers, many would settle for something less. With the SteamFast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner, you can clean with the pressure you need for any type of stain without spending too much money!

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