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Steam Cleaning Guides

Not sure how, or what to clean with your steam cleaner? We have you covered with various guides to help you use your steam cleaner more effectively.


How to Steam Clean a Mattress?

How to Steam Clean a Mattress?

If not cleaned properly, your mattress can attract bed bugs. These are small insects that not only harm you but also other occupants of your house.

Cleaning a mattress can be a tedious task. But, with a good quality steam cleaner, cleaning your mattress can be fairly easy.

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What is the Best Steam Cleaner for Grout and Tile

What is the Best Steam Cleaner for Grout and Tile?

With all the options on the market today, what is the best steam cleaner for grout and tile?

By themselves, tiles can form striking floors that are durable and easily cleaned. But because the grout is porous and typically light-colored, over time it becomes slick with slime from soap, foods, and worse.

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Do Steam Cleaners Kill Bed Bugs

Do Steam Cleaners Kill Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are small wingless insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

Your first instinct upon spotting these pests might well be to call an exterminator.

The chemicals they use are toxic and can be ineffective at targeting the eggs, though

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Featured How to Guide

One of the best places to utilize a steam cleaner is the bathroom. There's many different types of hard surfaces found here, we'll walk you through how to clean the bathroom from top to bottom.