Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaner Review

Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System

These days, many people are mopping up their places with loads of steam. The technique helps to refresh floors, walls, and other hard-surfaced areas in a quick and natural manner.

Hot and forceful steam easily deals with many messes found on kitchen counters, glass tops, windows, and other hard surfaces. Carpets and draperies can also be refreshed in steaming mode.

We review the Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System, a portable upright steam mop that can be brought to wherever things need to be cleared and sterilized. Its unique mix of pulsing vibration and variable steam actions works to loosen dirt and grime while adapting to conditions.

Homeowners find steamers especially good for cleaning floors and this lightweight model can be configured with attachments to handle a variety of tasks. Parents appreciate its wholesome benefits as it allows them to cleanse trouble spots throughout the home in a child-safe manner.

Steaming a home into a clean shape

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop | Multi Purpose Handheld Steamer | Hardwood Floor | Tile Cleaner, 1500 Watts, 212 Degrees F, Purple

Dark spots that can be tough to remove with hard brushing are readily cleared with steam. Even the hardiest muck and greasiest slime cannot withstand hot and wet blasts for long.

Grubby old tiles can require a bit more steaming along with scrubbing, but the technique involves less cost and effort than replacing an entire floor. These machines are great for light cleaning as there is little need for elbow grease or toxic chemicals while steaming.

Cleaning hard tile and stone flooring is not the only thing that this modern technology is good for. Steam is safe for treating laminate floors with the use of specialized mop accessories designed for the job. Laminates can take infrequent spills, but the excess moisture that can get trapped in their internal layers over the years can result in permanent damage.

Be wary of industrial carpet steamers, these generate heavily-pressurized steam that can pass through joints and weaken the interior cores. Careful steam mopping with light steam alternated with dry wiping is the safest way to handle laminated floorboards.

Steam flowing at temperatures of 200°F is also deadly to bed bugs and other pests. The high heat quickly kills them off even as it sanitizes the infested areas at the same time.

Lightweight design and ease

The upright steam mop weighs around 7 pounds and stands upright on its own. But as with similar designs, the housing can be readily slung and ported to other rooms and its extension hose and power cord are of sufficient lengths to let you reach far corners in the average room.

Hot streams of vapor with temperatures of 212°F are produced along with a pulsing vibration. These effects work together work to loosen or liquefy dirt and stains, even the tenacious gunk that can develop on tiled floors.

You can adjust the flow to 3 different levels, which allows for longer steaming sessions whenever full-on steaming is not needed. Once attached, the shoulder strap will let you maneuver its head onto elevated surfaces or fixtures away from the floor. An energy-saving automatic shut-off provides for a little peace and mind as well.

The mop head’s large 6×13 inch steaming surface features a reusable microfiber pad that can be removed, washed, then re-attached with ease. The fabric lifts up loose dirt on the surface being treated. It also absorbs any remaining dampness that would otherwise wind up condensing.

Various accessories are designed for different levels of scrubbing effect. There are attachments for clearing mirrors, stoves, tiles, drapes, upholstery and the wheels of cars.

In the package are a carpet glider and 2 reusable microfiber pads, along with a 12-piece accessory kit in a storage bag. The kit includes the steam mop head, concentrator nozzle, extension hose, 2 brass, and 4 nylon utility brushes, microfiber pad, squeegee, filling cup, and shoulder strap.

Steaming time is about average in comparison to similar models. It can output 20 minutes of continuous steam, which should be enough for all but the biggest jobs. One disadvantage is the integrated reservoir design, which has to be refilled with the cup or a spare pitcher.

Adaptable performance on the move

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop | Multi Purpose Handheld Steamer | Hardwood Floor | Tile Cleaner, 1500 Watts, 212 Degrees F, Purple

Once the reservoir is filled to capacity and the unit switched on, steam starts flowing out the mop head and through the pad in under a minute. It is usually a good idea to begin using the lowest steam setting before raising the level as needed, adjusting the flow according to changing conditions as you move through an area.

Maneuverability is good, although the tall profile of the mop’s head can make it a bit tricky to get past low ledges. The head cannot turn fully sideways in order to slide past low-slung obstacles, unlike many low-profile steam mops.

The ability to unfasten the handle and mop head, sling the steamer over your shoulder, then roam around steaming to the extent of the cord’s length is very nice. You will be able to treat engineered hardwood floors safely using the lowest flow setting, although you will have to be mindful not to let water pool.

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System

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Although 20 minutes of steam is possible, more water capacity would have made for much longer steaming sessions between refills. On bigger jobs, you will need to wait for the unit to cool down before the reservoir cap can be safely opened for refilling, after which you will need to pause a bit as more steam is produced.

As with similar designs in this price range, there is no level gauge to show how much water remains. More problematic is the large size of the head, which reduces maneuverability in lower and/or narrower spaces, although its width allows it to cover more area at a time.

Features and Specifications

  • Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop | Multi Purpose Handheld Steamer | Hardwood Floor | Tile Cleaner, 1500 Watts, 212 Degrees F, Purple1500-Watt boiler element produces up to 20 minutes of steam.
  • Output reaches a temperature of 212˚F.
  • The lightweight body weighs 6.7 pounds and is readily ported between rooms.
  • Reservoir capacity of 15.2 ounces enables more time for steaming instead of water refills.
  • Soft-touch panel controls and displays functions and status such as power, LED lighting, vibration mode, and steam flow settings.
  • Steam action works with micro-pulse sonic vibration to dislodge dirt and grime.
  • Flexible 3-level steam control allows you to customize the flow according to changing conditions.
  • Long power cord and handy hose extension help in reaching most parts of a normal room.
  • The shoulder strap allows for convenient portability between areas.
  • A front LED light illuminates the steam path and highlights problems.
  • The 12-piece accessory kit equips users to adapt the steamer to a range of steaming needs.
  • Washable microfiber pad can be reused.

What others are saying

Owners find that the Sienna Luna Plus has the portability and performance to finish most mopping chores. “Love it” is a common refrain among its many users. One posted that “the versatility of the steam options meant that it could do all sorts of jobs on different kinds of surfaces”.

Sienna’s Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System garnered many approving comments in user reviews posted on its Amazon page. Many owners say this steamer is easier and more flexible to use than competing models, it has gained an average rating of 4 stars.

One problem is that the mop’s tall head cannot rotate as tightly as other designs when working tighter spaces. On the other hand, the larger head has one of widest steam paths in a steam mop, which means that it can cover larger areas more rapidly.


Steam cleanses and sanitizes naturally without the use of toxic detergents and heavy scrubbing. You can save on cleaning expenses and effort with a capable and reliable steamer like the Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 Steam Cleaning System.

Its micro-vibrations pulse through the mop head to assist the hot steam in loosening dirt and muck. The user only has to fill up the reservoir, switch on, then wait for steam to start flowing and cleanse any spot it touches.

Better than conventional mops at handling soiled floors and fixtures, this steamer also excels at freshening carpeting, upholstery, and drapes. If you have more than flooring to tidy up around the home, this portable steam mop may just make your day.

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