Shark NV751 Review

Shark NV751 Rotator Powered Lift Away VacuumFeatures of Shark NV751:

  • 3-in-1 design
  • Lift-away technology
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filtration

Shark NV751 User Manual

Having problem? Download Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum NV751 instructions.

Pros & Cons of Shark NV751

thumbs up regular


  • Handles dust, debris, pet hair and more quickly and efficiently
  • Perfect for allergen suffers
  • Well work on different types of floor and dust
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  • Weak handle

Shark NV751 FAQ: 

What is its durability?

The manufacturer claims that the NV751 model comes with a 7-year warranty. But, according to the user reviews, it is not that durable. In 2-3 years of constant use, the machine may have a serious problem with the development of the holes in a brush roll or hose. 

What to do if the brush stopped spinning?

If the roller brush stopped spinning and the machine receives power, then you should check the switch of the brush. This model has a switch to turn on/off the roller brush. Check if the brush switched to the “Power” and “Brushroll” modes. If both modes are switched off, the brush won’t spin (if only the “Power” mode is on, the brush won’t roll). The indicator light of “Brushroll” must be green. 

Make sure that the machine is tilted back, only in such position the brush of the Shark NV751 will spin. 

Another common reason is the debris on the brush. To allow motion the brush roll must be clean from any hair or pet fur – such dirt tends to wrap around the brush. Before cleaning the brush, do not forget to unplug the machine! If required, pull the dirt with hands or use scissors for cutting the debris from the spinning roller mechanism. 

Check how tight the nozzle is attached to the brush. The connection between the brush roll and the nozzle attached to the vacuum cleaner. Press down on the handle to make the connection tighter. If it still does not work properly, unplug the machine and disconnect the nozzle. Clean the debris blocking the airway in the nozzle. Then reconnect the clean nozzle and then turn on the machine. 

Sometimes the brush doesn’t spin because of the broken belt. The belt can be worn out and requires the replacement to prevent the damage of the roller. Buy a genuine Shark NV751 belt. 

Does the Shark NV751 model come with attachments?

Each Shark model in different U.S. regions may come with different cost-free attachments. For example, in Florida and Texas the Shark NV751 is sold with such cleaning attachments:

  • TruePet Mini Motorized brush for cleaning pet hair;
  • Dusting Genie is another mini motorized brush for cleaning small surfaces;
  • Dusting brush serves as a crevice tool for cleaning small particles of dirt;
  • The special tool for cleaning upholstery;

A few words about Dusting Genie. This 2-in-1 cleaning accessory combines the functions of a dusting brush with soft bristles and a crevice tool. It can clean very small and tight surfaces. Also this tool may increase suction. 

All these accessories are stored in a special bag supplied with the manufacturer along with a carpet-cleaning machine. 

If required, you may order these attachments separately. But the most cost-effective way is to buy a vacuum cleaner with all the attachments at once. 

Is the Shark NV751 model self-propelled?

According to the official manual, the NV751 is a self-propelled, rotator powered, bagless Shark vacuum cleaner. 

Does the NV751 model have a motorized brush attachment?

Yes, it does. This attachment is called TruePet Mini Motorized brush – it is used for picking pet and human hair, lint, debris and dirt from carpets, upholstery and small hard-to-reach surfaces like stairs. 

What’s the difference between the Shark NV751 and the Shark NV752?

It is clear that the NV751 and the NV752 carpet-cleaning machines share more similarities than differences because they come from the same lineup by Sharp. Let’s compare both devices by such features:

1) Color and design

However, when it comes to color palette it is not the important factor for users of vacuum cleaners, these models have different colors. The NV752 has a deep red color, the NV751 – a softer lavender shade. They look just like any other contemporary vacuum cleaners. 

As for the design, both models have almost identical 3-in-1 design. It means two vacuum cleaners can be used in a standard or upright position. Also, you may transform them into a portable canister machine with caddy – a lift-away pod with a motorized brush roll. 

2) Portability

This factor is more important than looks. Most users prefer using lightweight vacuum cleaners because, in one way or another, they have to lift these machines when cleaning. According to the manufacturer, both machines have practically the same dimensions:

  • The size is 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches;
  • The weight is 15 pounds –neither lightweight nor bulky;

3) Cleaning performance

Both models are equipped with 1200W power motor to provide enough suction to clean dust and debris out of any surface. Each model is supplied with 12-inch nozzles – both wide and narrow – to reach any places and remove dirt with a single move. 

The NV751 and the NV752 vacuum cleaners are powerful machines with multiple accessories for cleaning any type of surfaces and dirt. Even if you are the most fastidious user, you may find them satisfying. 

4) Major features 

Similar features shared by the NV751 and the NV752 machines are the Lift-away tech and in-built anti-allergen HEPA filtration. You can read more about the benefits of these features on the official Shark website

As for the difference, the Shark NV752 model has more unique features than the NV751 vacuum cleaner. It works very quietly and won’t scare your pets. Also, its TruePet handheld brush may assist with cleaning pet hair from upholstery and carpets. Besides, the NV752 has LED lights on a cleaning head – it is good for cleaning in tight or dark areas. The NV751 has the same TruePet attachment but other features for pet hair control are limited. 

5) Price

Due to the above-mentioned features, the Shark NV752 machine is more expensive than NV751. However, according to the feedback, most users find its price a good deal. 

The Shark NV752 and the Shark NV751 models have a lot in common, especially there are many similarities in function. Both machines can serve for a few years. But they change drastically in prices. If you own a pet then it is preferable to pay extra money for the Shark NV752 model. 

Video Guide: How To Use Shark NV751

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