Shark NV650 Review

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner NV650Features of Shark NV650:

  • Swivel Steering
  • Dust capacity: 1.5 dry quarts
  • Cleaning path: 10.5″

Shark NV650 User Manual

Having problem? Download Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner (NV650) instructions.

Pros & Cons of Shark NV650

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  • Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
  • Designed to capture embedded pet hair on all surfaces
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter
  • Powerful LED Lights on Hand Vac and Nozzle
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  • Weak roller brush

Shark NV650 FAQ:

Does this device come with accessories?

The manufacturer supplies this machine along with a special hardwood floor attachment. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t have any pad on the bottom so the use of it can be challenging. 

When and how to clean the filters of Shark NV650?

The Shark manufacturer recommends cleaning the filters at least once every 2 months. The dirt inside the filters is the major problem of such carpet cleaning machines. This is an obligatory part of the maintenance routine. 

To clean the filters follow these steps: 

  • The bin must be removed. Find the metal grade inside this bin;
  • Remove any debris or dirt around this grade. And old stiff toothbrush or a standard scrubby pad can help with cleaning;
  • Underneath, there is the second filter. Carefully remove it and wash the filter with warm water. After cleaning let it dry completely – this may take up to 24 hours;
  • Also, this model has a small cotton filter. If it is dirty, replace or clean it. Sometimes this small thing can reduce the suction power drastically;

Besides these machine’s filters, there is a standard HEPA filter. You should never wash this filter! Clean it with a tiny air compressor. If it is very dirty, just buy a new HEPA filter – they do not cost a lot. 

If the manufacturer doesn’t supply special solutions for cleaning Shark HEPA filters, consider buying the I-clean product (must fit the NV650 model). This is a professional vacuum cleaner accessory. 

If you need to replace Shark NV650 filters completely, do the following steps: 

  • Pull up on the release latch of the dust cup. Then lift the dust cup off the unit.
  • While you are holding the dust cup over a garbage bag or can, press the release latch at the bottom of the dust cup;
  • Then find and press the release latch of the top dust cup. You will access the dust screen – here you should remove nasty debris;
  • You may replace the foam and filters after removing the dust cup – it is recommended to replace the foam and filters once every 3 months;
  • To remove the HEPA filters – open the filter grill;

When and how do I empty the dust cup?

Almost each Shark vacuum model has the maximum limit of level dirt its dust cup can handle. Usually, this level is labeled as “Max” or “Max Fill” – look for it. However, most experts recommend cleaning the dust cup when it is only full by half or a bit over halfway. 

However, if you notice the lost suction or smell bad odors coming from the spot carpet cleaning machine, empty the dust cup regardless of the level. It is preferable to wash the dust cup and its filters (if they are washable) as well as brush rolls. It is not necessary to wait until the Max level is reached. The more dirt is inside the machine, the lesser suction it can provide.  

When it comes to the Shark NV650 model, it is quite easy to empty the dust cup. Just press the lower release tab. To check if it is empty, open the cup from the top by pressing the upper release tab. Rotate and throw away all the dirt from the inside over a garbage bag. After finishing, please put the dirt cup to the position. 

How to assemble the vacuum cleaner?

Anyone can assemble the Shark NV650 vacuum without professional help. Follow the simple steps given by the manufacturer:

  • Choose the nozzle for cleaning the floor;
  • Insert wand;
  • Insert the handle inside this wand;
  • Place the pod on the wand;
  • Slide it down for the proper connection;
  • Slide the hose clip into the wand’s back part;
  • Connect the hose into the back part of the pod – you should hear a click;
  • Rotate the upper hook down and remove the cord. In such a way, you may access it quicker;
  • If you have additional accessories and nozzles, place them, according to the manual;

When you store the vacuum inside the house with pets and kids, wrap the cord around the hooks to prevent tripping over it. 

How and when do I adjust the suction?

If you have the issues to suction, please unplug the vacuum and check the dust cup. Usually, the major problem comes from the dust cup filled with dirt. If the cup is empty, the next thing to do is checking the vacuum hose, the end of the handle and the wand’s front. The brush roll must be also clean and washed (if it is washable). 

If you experience problems with suction when the machine is standing, check the airway – perhaps something is blocking it. The most obvious places to check are the air duct of the dust cup and the opening behind the brush. 

How to attach the accessory tool holder and store the onboard tools?

According to the manufacturer, the Shark NV650 machine is supplied with a few useful accessories – multi-tool for cleaning pet’s fur, hardwood floor nozzle, caddy, crevice tool, accessory bag and a brandy dusting brush. If you buy from official retailers, the dust cup (1.5 quarts) to extend cleaning without being interrupted. Keep in mind that you may buy all these accessories separately. 

Many users claim that it is not enough to use only the above-mentioned attachments but they are pretty decent. The worst thing is that the attachments of one Shark model are not compatible with other models. You may need to buy an adapter.

Interesting Video: Unboxing Shark NV650

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