Sargent Steam Cleaner Cleaning System Review


Sargent Steam Cleaner Cleaning System | Multi-Purpose, High Pressure, Vapor Steamer Machine | Best for Commercial, Industrial, Home or Car Detail | Portable, Heavy Duty Cleaner | No Harsh Chemicals

Modern homeowners who go ‘green’ always wonder about ways to quickly refresh things in a natural way. For one, it is hard to get rid of stains on tiled flooring with the use of hand brushes. The good news is that these are readily cleaned with heavy steam.

Steam machines like the No products found. are built to generate pressurized hot vapors that can be effective at tidying up soiled and stained spots. Even better, this method sanitizes with no need to apply chemicals, leaving areas clear of toxic residues.

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Steaming can reach the toughest spots, remove grease and grimy debris from edges and corners, and eliminate endless scrubbing in your household routines. It is also quite efficient at eradicating common germs and bed bugs.

The Sargent Steam Cleaner Cleaning System is a powerful but compact unit that can be wheeled about and configured to deal with a range of problems. The unit is of Italian manufacture and the company provides useful instruction and training via great resources found on its website.

There can be a bit of a learning curve with this robust machine, but it can pay off as usage gets easier after a while. Various useful accessories such as an optional steam-pressure iron are available that can harness its forceful output.

Blasting steam around the house

Sargent Steam Cleaner Cleaning System | Multi-Purpose, High Pressure, Vapor Steamer Machine | Best for Commercial, Industrial, Home or Car Detail | Portable, Heavy Duty Cleaner | No Harsh Chemicals

Steaming can be great for dislodging grease and stains. If you have ever seen the weak little steamers featured on shopping channels, you will be surprised at the power output of a premium machine.

The technique is best for things such as removing greasy films but is not so successful for others like displacing encrusted dirt. It kills most types of bacteria, molds, viruses, and other microbes in a fast process that chemical disinfectants just cannot duplicate. Steam when gently applied will help refresh light-colored walls and like areas.

Tight areas below toilet seat hinges, the tracks of shower doors, or rubber seals around refrigerators, can be reached by more forceful streams. With some brushing, you can also clean the muck under the rims of washing machines, range nobs, and floor baseboards without having to bend down or stretch, cleansing as you go. Parents, in particular, like steaming as a child-safe means of cleaning.

By itself, steam cannot remove the thickest mineral or dirt buildup. It is also not too good for clearing ovens and ranges but works to finish the job. This is also best done wherever windows can be opened, for a whole lot of hot and misty vapor tends to be produced.

Smart design and robust construction

Sargent Steam Cleaner Cleaning System | Multi-Purpose, High Pressure, Vapor Steamer Machine | Best for Commercial, Industrial, Home or Car Detail | Portable, Heavy Duty Cleaner | No Harsh Chemicals

This unit can manage a variety of chores, owing to its smart design, large water capacity, durable build, and helpful attachments. The body is solidly-built, weighs around 15 lbs., and is compact enough to be wheeled around.

On-demand flow control lets you vary the amount of steam output using the dual low/medium flow triggers separately or in tandem for quick and heavy bursts. With this technique, the steam output can last for as much as 1 1/2 to 2 hours. There is no trigger lock for continuous steaming, though.

The front light turns on with steam flowing and turns off when you release the trigger. A green light signals when the unit is ready to output steam and a red one signals when a refill is needed. There is also a useful pressure gauge to let you monitor the boiler’s status and steam output.

The boiler has a separate switch so that you can power it off while continuing to steam until the pressure gauge registers zero, at which point you can safely refill the tank. As an additional safety feature, the cap is only removable whenever steam pressure falls to zero.

Several helpful attachments come with the package, including a jet nozzle, 2 hose extensions, a stainless-steel brush, a pair each of 1-inch and 2-inch stiff brushes, 1 soft 1-inch and 2 soft 2-inch brushes, and a scrub bud. Also included are a floor brush with cover and a diamond-shaped brush along with accompanying cloth pads, a squeegee with a 14-in scraper, a filler bottle, and a how-to video.

One issue that some users have is that some accessories are highly directional. Brushes and pads are not too flexible when used to reach into and around cumbersome nooks and corners. You can even install your own towels since there are tight-fitting clamps on the heads for the purpose. The nozzle plus a suitable scrubbing or cover pad tend to be the most useful combination at hand, anyway.

On the other hand, the optional steam-pressure iron is particularly nice as it can act on several fabric layers at once. The mop attachment is great if you are just maintaining flooring, but it is not best for wiping down other areas.

The 2-year warranty on defective parts is enhanced by a generous 5-year coverage for the boiler and heating elements.

Flexible operation and safety features

Sargent Steam Cleaner Cleaning System | Multi-Purpose, High Pressure, Vapor Steamer Machine | Best for Commercial, Industrial, Home or Car Detail | Portable, Heavy Duty Cleaner | No Harsh Chemicals

Once switched on, the boiler will heat up in 10-15 minutes and output can last for hours with a light touch on the controls. From a full tank of 2.2 quarts, you can generate enough steam for some 90 minutes of continuous operation, depending on the flow settings used. At their lightest throughout, up to 120 minutes of mild steaming is possible.

Various accessories and hoses let you handle most surfaces, added extensions enable working from low or high positions, and different detail brushes provide a range of scouring action from mild to abrasive.

The stiff scrubbing brushes were particularly good for clearing stains along grout lines. Other detail brushes were useful for scouring off loose junk between steaming sessions.

The operation is easy to learn. First, unlock the cap and fill the tank using the supplied water bottle, which features a spring-loaded mechanism that prevents overfilling. Two fills from the bottle amount to two quarts or so, enough to replenish the large 70-ounce tank.

Return and lock the cap on the tank, toggle both switches on, and connect the hose. Then wait 10-15 minutes for the contents to boil and reach proper temperatures, as set from the dial at the front of the housing. Once the green light goes steady, connect the proper nozzle or accessory and start steaming.

Flow is controllable using dual toggles on the grip. Usually just one needs to be pushed, providing more than enough hot pressurized vapor for any task. It is best to start low before intensifying the stream according to the amount of cleaning needed.

Boiler maintenance is necessary to maintain performance over the years and cannot be neglected. It must be cleared out frequently, depending on the mineral-content level of the water used.

In this cumbersome procedure, you first remove the top of the housing, turn the unit over, then open up the bottom part with the tool. Any leftover water in the tank will drain and spill everywhere.

Once it is emptied, you reinstall the bottom part, pour in more water and shake the unit. You then repeat removing the bottom and refilling once more before opening it up again to have the contents drain. Needless to say, this task is best done over a large sink or wash area.

Features and Specifications

  • The 1450-Watt boiler produces steam at temperatures exceeding 250˚F.
  • Up to 52 PSI of working steam pressure.
  • The wheeled platform weighs some 15 pounds.
  • Large tank capacity of 70 ounces allows for longer continuous steaming.
  • Dual on-demand/variable-flow dual switches are conveniently built into the grip.
  • Helpful accessories enable you to arrange the machine for various jobs.
  • A steam mop is included for polishing sealed flooring.
  • The long hose will help you get too far corners and tall ceilings.
  • Convenient cord drawer in the housing.
  • Optional accessory shelf cart for holding parts and supplies.
  • Optional steam iron accessory.
  • 2-year warranty on defective parts, 5-years warranty on boiler and heater elements

What other people think

Sargent Steam Cleaner Cleaning System | Multi-Purpose, High Pressure, Vapor Steamer Machine | Best for Commercial, Industrial, Home or Car Detail | Portable, Heavy Duty Cleaner | No Harsh Chemicals

Buyers are impressed with the package, with many making positive comments like “I LOVE my steamer!” Most liked that steam starts to flow in less than 15 minutes after the boiler is powered up. One noted that “it can sustain high pressure for quite a while and can clean most messes with little effort.”

Others were happy that the flow could be controlled and that the output was consistent. The great durability of this model was a constant refrain, i.e. “Everything about this machine speaks QUALITY” and “I have had my Sargent Steam for over 15 years. There is nothing that will clean better.”

See what customers are saying! Read verified reviews here.

Sargent’s Steam Cleaner scored on average nearly five stars on Amazon, with many reviews dwelling on its pleasing qualities as a very effective, flexible, and durable steam cleaning system. Although expensive, it offers a lot of capacity and is among the most capable models in the market, with many accessories available to enhance performance and convenience.

A few homeowners found an issue with boiler maintenance in that it can be cumbersome. Also, the scrubbing pad and stainless-steel brush accessories can be cheaper when purchased in supermarkets and grocery stores. Still, the supplied brushes and cloth head covers performed quite well.


Sargent’s Steam Cleaner Cleaning System is a well-designed, flexible system that delivers hotter and more highly-pressurized output than most competitors. Features such as on-demand and variable steam modes enable you to adapt output as needed.

A variety of attachments such a steam iron are available to further enhance the system. It can be adapted to handle just about any steaming task and the very robust build plus a generous warranty brings peace of mind along with high performance for years to come.

It may be pricey, but this durable model offers quality and safety features that are absent in lesser designs. If you are in need of a seriously competent steamer for tackling the most troublesome jobs, this model has what it takes.

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