O-Cedar Steam Mop Review

Steam cleaning offers a natural way to clear out stained grout in tile floors and is also good for handling grime and discolorations on laminate flooring. Many homeowners depend on the technique to tidy up and refresh their interiors. We look at the latest upright steamer in this O-Cedar steam mop review.

Steam is good for cleaning most hard floors. A hot stream of vapor only needs to be focused at high setting onto problem spots for a few seconds, which also works to kill off 99% of all bacteria. With this compact unit, the majority of trouble areas can be steamed efficiently and safely.

Its flexible design will enable you to adjust the flow stream to suit the type of material and the extent of gunk being treated. For basic but effective chemical-free steaming, O-Cedar’s affordable steam mop can be quite handy around the house.

Flexible operation

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with Extra Refill

This upright steam cleaner offers a good mix of convenience and performance. With its comfortable grip and ergonomic form, you can bring powerful but well-controlled jets of steam wherever required.

Durable, lightweight, and easily stored, the steamer can be used to mop hard floors, clean carpets, and steam windows and mirrors. Three adjustable flow levels and a wide output path delivers steam according to need. The design assists in reducing each hot spot as you focus the stream of vapor.

Once the unit is properly configured, you will have the ability to freshen and sanitize bath floors, kitchen counters, curtains, tablecloths, and so on. Parents tend to resort to steaming, for they can clean kitchen and baths without chemicals and little risk to children and pets.

Fabric mop head assists in drying

A mix of high temperatures and misting stream generates the cleaning and sanitizing effect, which the layered fabric pads then distribute evenly. Since only small quantities of moisture linger, any remaining dampness is readily sopped up. Most surfaces will dry in less than a minute after application.

The unit has a broad triangular head with microfiber padding attached, through which streams of heated vapor flow downwards and past the pad. Stains and dust then soften or break up and are readily lifted by the damp microfibers.

You should also consider using dry microfiber mops that clean without water as a supplement to occasional steaming. Daily use of these dry mops on laminated and wooden flooring can be almost as effective in the long run and incurs lower risk, too.

Suited for most hard-surfaced floors

Wet areas such as tiled floors in baths tend to end up with dark stains through the years. These can be hard to remove, even when scoured by hand with a wire-bristle brush.

Discolorations can happen to laminate floors as well. The rare spill can be managed, but too much wetness intruding into their interiors will lead to lasting damage. Steam cleaning is safer and just as good with this advanced mop, for the steam it generates is not enough to seep readily past the edges and condense within.

Any moisture remaining that was not absorbed by the pads will not harm laminate floorboards. IT is not like with the ample amounts left by industrial carpet steam cleaners and everyday wet mopping, the highly-pressurized flows produced by these readily intrude into the laminate cores. A steam mop brings less risk when treating such floors.


  • Steam softens and displaces stains and scum and effectively eliminates 99% of bacteria
  • Triangular head design easily reaches past edges and into difficult corners
  • Fabric pads absorb dirt, grime, and microbes
  • Microfiber pads allow surfaces to dry in a few seconds
  • Fabric pads can be machine-washed some 25 times.
  • Glider attachment for carpet cleaning
  • Energy-efficient boiler outputs steam quickly
  • Tank capacity of 12 ounces for 10-20 minutes of steam
  • Lightweight housing weighs only 5 pounds
  • Handle detaches for easy storage

Positive Points

This compact steam cleaner has the ability to output up to 20 minutes of steam, with temperatures reaching past 175F. Its wide end effectively covers areas that narrower nozzles would need to make multiple passes over. It is nice that steam is readily produced, which helps to get jobs done faster in the end.

The following items are included:

  • Detachable handle
  • Triangular head and hose
  • Glide attachment for steaming carpets
  • Extra microfiber pad
  • Filling flask
O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with Extra Refill

Usage is simple but efficient. The user only has to refill the tank and turn on the boiler to begin continuous steaming, which starts exiting after 20 seconds once switched on. After the steam has dispersed, the treated surface normally dries in less than 30 seconds. You can refresh and sanitize any part of your household that can withstand a little dampness.

The base swivels and easily slides across level surfaces with ease, while the 20-foot cord is long enough to let you reach every corner in most rooms. Made mostly of plastics, the body is durable and yet lightweight. Since the whole system is collapsible and weighs only around five pounds, it can be readily stored in a large closet.

Depending on the extent of cleaning, you must expect that the worst problem areas may still need to be scoured with a hand brush. Although the microfiber pads do a good job, a terry cloth that is slipped on the triangular head and secured with rubber bands could do as well.

Negative Points

The first issue we encountered was with the steam mop’s reservoir, for the water level cannot be easily checked while in use. The other problem is that the cap can be hard to twist off, even with a little grease smeared on the thread. It is not easy to grip well, either.

The volume of water is good for only 10 minutes of cleaning action when setting to the highest flow. Many users believe that a larger tank would have allowed longer and more productive sessions between refills. We did not care either for having to wait for the boiler to cool down before replenishing water, then wait again for steam to be produced.

The manufacturer only provides a one-year warranty, though. It may make sense to purchase from a seller that offers extended warranties, for boiler parts can be of a tricky quality at times.

Average user score

O-Cedar’s Steam Mop scored on average four of five stars in user reviews at prominent online sites like Amazon. Industrial-grade steam cleaners may still be the more economical choice for managing many large jobs over time. However, most buyers have found this model’s pricing to be reasonable, given the performance and convenience provided.

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Using this chemical-free steam mop, you can sanitize and freshen almost any hard, moisture-resistant surface. Then again, its design swaps steaming capacity and time in exchange for effective cleaning plus convenience.

The reservoir’s volume may be enough for a smaller home, but would not be best for the largest jobs. Even though this model does not offer the huge capability of larger steam cleaners, its compact housing is lighter and thus easier to transport to different rooms and up and down stairs.

O-Cedar’s Steam Mop is an easy-to-use steamer that can tackle the majority of problem spots about the household. We think that most homeowners should consider trying one, to see if it works well in theirs.

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