Natural Cleaners: Keep Your Home and Mother Nature Happy

Chemicals, and their danger, are hidden all around us. 

Everyday exposure to chemicals can include GMOs in our foods and emissions in the air, and even the cleaners meant to protect your house.  

Think about the detergent you use to wash your clothes, or the all-around cleaner for counters and floors. These can do more damage than good. They are packed with harmful chemicals and overpowering ingredients which are dangerous to the body.

Thankfully, there are natural, eco-friendly cleaning alternatives to get the fresh results you want in your home without the risk of damage from traditional cleaning products. 

Here Are 5 Natural Cleaning Products for the Home 

Laundry Detergents

Most detergents are sudsy, bright, strong-scented cleaning machines. Unfortunately, they are made to be this way by combining harsh chemicals.  

Seventh Generation goes back to basics using plant-based enzymes to clean. Then, they have each ingredient approved by the EPA for safe health and environmental impact standards. 

Another effect many consumers look for in detergents is a pleasant scent. Many companies use harsh chemicals for the cozy or clean aroma you love, but there are much safer ways to achieve this. 

Grab Green has a full line of baking-soda based detergent scented with essential oils. You can choose from Lavender and Vanilla, Gardenia, and Water Lilly. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaners 

The same mop you use for the clean and shine of your floors can also be a home and breeding ground for bacteria. Mopping pads fix this issue, while preventing the need for harsh chemicals.

The active ingredient in this line of cleaners is sustainably harvested wood pulp, rather than something found in a lab. 

Simply Spotless Grout Cleaner

Many consumers think they need to fight the strength of mold and mildew with an artillery of chemicals on chemicals.

Simply Spotless discovered this is not the case by releasing a natural alternative which cleaned better than competitors in lab tests. This allows you to combat dirt and grime while fighting the good fight as well. 

Ecover's toilet bowl cleaner proves even the dirtiest places can be cleaned with the most friendly ingredients.

It is another plant-based formula on the list, which also biodegrades once it flushes into the environment. Not without effectively decalcifying your toilet first, though.

Why Bother? 

Common household cleaners can actually be hidden sources of dangerous toxic exposure. These are powerful enough to cause severe burns internally or externally and, at times, death. 

Additionally, companies making cleaning products are not regulated, meaning they do not need to specify ingredients on their labels. This allows them to mix and match chemicals as they please, without disclosing the risk of such uses to you. 

To best protect your family and the environment, natural cleaners are the alternative you need in your home. 

Have you made the switch yet? Tell us about your experience transitioning from traditional to natural cleaning in the comments below! 


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