How to Use a McCulloch Steam Cleaner

McCulloch Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are an excellent way to remove unwanted stains, bacteria, grime, germs, and allergens from the surfaces inside your home. The McCulloch Steam cleaner is considered one of the best steam cleaner products, and it’s a versatile carpet cleaner, upholstery steamer, and many other surfaces to disinfect and deep-clean.

You’ll find this heavy-duty steam cleaner works best to remove built-up debris and bacteria far more effectively than a traditional vacuum.

McCulloch offers a wide range of quality steam cleaning products, including the McCulloch MC1275 heavy-duty cleaner, including 18 accessories to tackle many materials and structures with different surfaces. This model typically offers a two-year warranty and provides all the tools you’ll need to reach difficult and narrow spaces.

It’s a worthwhile investment to purchase whether you find a great deal on Black Friday or when you need to upgrade your home’s cleaning and maintenance equipment.

Canister Steam Cleaner Basics and Accessories

Before you begin to use your McCulloch steam cleaner, it’s essential to get familiar with the accessories included with the steamer. The McCulloch canister steam cleaner includes the following attachments and accessories you’ll need to clean a variety of surfaces deeply:

  • Essential parts of the machine include an indicator that signals when the machine is on or off and when the steam is ready for use.
  • Small accessories are easily stored in the storage compartment.
  • Water for steaming is stored in the water tank or reservoir.
  • The steam lock switch allows you to use the continuous steam cleaning feature to maximize the use of the steam without constantly pressing the steamer button. This excellent feature allows for continuous steam cleaning.
  • The carrying handle allows for portability, while the standard handle remains cool so that you can use the steamer safely.
  • Steam cleaning attachments include the main nozzle, steam jet nozzle, extension wands, main nozzle.
  • A variety of utility brushes, including a nylon brush, brass brush, and triangle brush.
  • Steam mop head, microfiber pad, scrub pad, water funnel, squeegee, and other items for effective steam cleaning.
Steam Cleaning
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Preparing Your McCulloch Steam Cleaner

When you prepare the steam cleaner, it’s essential to ensure the machine is turned to “off” and cooled fully. This step is significant if your steamer was previously used, as it needs to cool down before steaming again, which takes about 20 minutes.

  1. Open the storage compartment and drain any leftover water used previously for steaming.
  2. Use a measuring cup to add the correct amount of water into the container. Since regular water is prone to mineral build-up, demineralized or distilled water is best. The amount of water used relates to the duration of steaming.
  3. Insert a water funnel into the container, pour it into the water tank, screw on the cap, and close the compartment lid.

Once these steps are completed, your McCulloch MC1375 or McCulloch MC1275 model is ready to use immediately.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Use a McCulloch Steam Cleaner

If you’re using the steam cleaner for the first time, remove the plastic cover from the electric plug before using an outlet. It’s also essential to ensure that the water reservoir is filled with all the applicable accessories before using the machine. Plug in the steam cleaner once you have the water added.

  1. Switch the steamer to the “on” position and wait for the light indicator. This process heats the water in the tank and prepares the machine within eight minutes. You’ll notice the light will indicate when the steamer is ready to use.
  2. Pick up the steamer by the handle and point the nozzle towards the surface or area you want to steam. Press the steam button and sanitize the surface by holding the nozzle half an inch from the surface for several seconds, which kills off bacteria.
  3. If you want to continuously steam a surface, press the steam lock switch simultaneously as the steam button to lock it down and continue. This process allows you to steam without the need to keep pressing the steam button manually.
  4. As you steam the surface, use a back-and-forward motion to ensure you’re covering all the functional areas. You’ll notice loosened grime and dirt rise to the surface, which can be wiped off with a damp towel. If you’re working with hard floors, ceramic tiles, or similar solid or metal surfaces, these areas can remain hot after a while. Wait until they have cooled before wiping excess dirt with a microfiber pad.
  5. Once you have completed the steaming process, switch the button to “off” and set it aside on a safe surface to cool down.

Steaming with Various Attachments and Accessories

You’ll find steaming with different attachments is similar and require the same back-and-forward motion over the surface to work effectively. For example, if you’re using a steam mop as your attachment, point it away from you, and use a continuous motion back and forth.

It’s vital to avoid surfaces that may become damaged by steam cleaning, such as unglazed ceramic tiles and unsealed or unfinished hardwood flooring. If you’re uncertain whether a specific surface is safe for steaming, contact the manufacturer’s customer support team before you take the next step.

Bottom Line

Steam cleaning is easy to deep clean many household surfaces, from upholstery and carpets to hard floors and tiles. It’s crucial to air-dry flooring after you steam and gently wipe down surfaces once they cool down to clear any residual dirt or grime. The McCulloch steam cleaning products are an excellent investment for your home, whether you prefer a handheld steam cleaner or a canister model.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your steam cleaner will enable you to use this excellent machine for many years without unnecessary repairs or issues. It’s a great alternative to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with harsh chemical solutions by using pressured steam for chemical-free cleaning. It’s a great way to keep your home’s air quality clear and free of bacteria and harsh pollutants.

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