How To Use A Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning and then drying carpets is a rather complicated process. First of all, carpets are usually large, so regular vacuum cleaning devices are not always suitable for making them spotless. Secondly, the weight of the carpet increases several times when it is wet, so in many cases, it is not suitable for manual washing and cleaning as well. Thirdly, if using a huge washing machine, it is necessary to maintain a constant balance between the extraction of water (to prevent the fringe from changing its color) and the low speeds of drum’s rotation to avoid deformation of a rug or appearance of dents and irregular spots on the surface.

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If you have light-colored carpets, sooner or later, they will get dirty from everyday wear, especially if you have pets. You can call a professional cleaner every time your rugs get dirty, but you might consider buying a spot carpet cleaner.

What is a carpet-cleaning machine and how does it work?

That is why professional carpet-cleaning machines are applied. When choosing such equipment, you should pay attention to many factors that will strongly affect its work. For example, some models can provide wet cleaning, in addition to dry cleaning. No matter what carpet-cleaning machine you eventually buy, it should be sufficiently functional and not very loud, without any noise or strong vibrations, with convenient and easy controls.

How To Use A Carpet Cleaner Guide

The majority of carpet-cleaning machines resemble the design of traditional vacuums. You are to compare the additional features and pick the one for cleaning up your rugs at home. Most experts recommend buying a combinatory carpet-cleaning machine that provides both wet and dry cleaning effect. However, if you have a limited budget then pick the machine with the maximum effect upon your type of carpets.

Keep in mind that most vacuum machines are equipped with canisters or don’t have any bags – they are great only for dry cleaning of small rugs. Carpet-cleaning machines that wet the rugs will do mostly for owners of large houses, for families with little children and pets.

How To Use A Carpet Cleaner Machine

However, you don’t need to think that carpet cleaners and vacuum cleaning machines are the same. Carpet cleaners are specifically designed to have a higher suction power. Only such devices can beat the deeply sitting dirt and dust in thick rugs with hard stains. There are full-scale carpet cleaning machines for large rooms and much smaller handheld units for spot cleaning.

The design of an average carpet-cleaning machine includes such components:

  • Pump;
  • Vacuum;
  • Water tank for dirty water;
  • Water tank for rinsing;
  • Heating element;
  • A few attachments like a narrow nozzle for cleaning carpets in the corners;

Each device comes with a special nozzle. There are different types:

  • The nozzle of a traditional triangular shape;
  • Narrow nozzle for providing high power;
  • Hose for a solution supply;

The design of the nozzle makes it possible almost simultaneously to supply a solution to the rug’s pile and then it is collected in a dirty water tank.

Basic rules for using a washing carpet-cleaning machine

  • Before washing a rug, it is recommended to move furniture to clean as much space in the room as possible;
  • Thoroughly collect dust, fluff, and dirt;
  • Apply a detergent following the manufacturer’s manual – it is better to buy the matching solution from the same manufacturer. Because too much detergent can damage the rug’s surface;

How much time is required for a carpet to dry after cleaning with a machine?

Even using the best carpet cleaners presumes you will have to wait at least 5 hours for a carpet to dry completely. Sometimes this period may extinguish up to 24 hours. Check out the dryness rating for each carpet cleaning machine before using – the more stars it has, the faster carpets will dry after the end of the cleaning process.

Will using carpet cleaners remove stains for good?

The above-mentioned machines are good for spring-cleaning. They will perfectly do for a general weekly cleanup around a house. If you have very dry and hard stains to clean, pick the machine with a special hose nozzle. Never forget to apply the stain remover that matches the recommendations of the machine’s manual.

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Also, opt for a carpet cleaner capable of removing severe spots of coffee, red wine and dry dirt for good. But keep in mind that dry-only carpet cleaning machines won’t deal with hard and long-term stains.

Using a carpet cleaner with the washing effect

  • Water does not contact a rug for a long time, but it manages to dissolve the dirt. For greater efficiency, before using a carpet cleaner, it is necessary to dry clean all other surfaces – the floor, electronic devices, shelves from dust. Also, remove fluff and hair from the carpet;
  • Then pour water into the tank, add the recommended amount of detergent to it. The resulting solution will accelerate the dissolution of hard stains;
  • Install a special nozzle on the suction pipe;
  • Some washing cleaners have a special built-in sensor, which will turn off the device if a lot of water is collected in a tank. In this way, the motor is protected from any leaks;
  • Press the power button to start a cleanup;
  • Drive the nozzle towards yourself. At the same time, keep the lever pressed on the handle responsible for spraying a cleaning solution;
  • Go through the entire area, processing it gradually. To make the washing more effective, it is worth making overlapping strips on the rug’s surface;
  • Pour dirty water from the vacuum cleaner tank after using;

Other tips to remember when using a carpet cleaner

  1. When washing carpets with a machine, you should use a professional detergent or special solution;
  2. A concentrated shampoo solution can make cleaning even more effective, because it may cope even with difficult old spots;
  3. Cleaning should be processed through each area of ​​the rug at a moderate pace;
  4. You do not need to clean the same area for a long time, otherwise, the pile can be damaged;

How To Use A Carpet Cleaner Instruction

Important advice: Before buying a washing carpet cleaner, check your rug for the stain resistance. To do this, soak a white cloth and rub the pile in an inconspicuous place. If the fabric is not dyed, then the rug can be washed with such a machine.

Final thoughts

Using a carpet-cleaning machine will help with minimal effort to get an excellent result: a clean surface with a spotless pile and fresh look. An additional effect is dust-free air and the elimination of dust mites even from the carpet’s base. Follow the manufacturer’s manual when using carpet cleaners and you won’t face serious problems.

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