How to Get Ink Out of Carpet?

Being in a professional carpet cleaning business for a few years already, I know that nasty ink stains are difficult to remove if they get on the carpet. That’s why I decided to share a few expert guidelines about how to remove ink from the carpet made of any fabric. 

How to get pen ink out of carpet?

The stains from ink that get on the carpet are difficult to remove. It is a fact. One of the worst things about the ink stains is how easily they spread on the carpet. And you can make it even worse when attempting to remove them. My first advice – do not rub, but blot the stain with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.

How to Get Ink Out of Carpet?

Ink is typically prepared by dissolving a large number of different types of resin pigment. Some types of these resins are water-soluble, while others are only soluble after applying by the chemicals, such as alcohols, ethers and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Everyone knows that there are many types of paints with different chemical properties used in pens, paints for drawing, felt-tip pens. That is why your first task is to find out how to deal with the stain if you need to remove the ink from the carpet. If the ink contains resins, organic solvents such as alcohol or acetone can be used to remove it.

If you remove the ink stain, which includes insoluble resins in water solutions, the usual homemade solutions based on liquids and alcohol will provide a minimal effect. To find out what type the ink is, apply it to the fabric and try to remove it with different chemical and non-chemical substances. The method with the best result must be applied to the carpet. 

How to remove ink from carpet with medical alcohol?

1) Immediately after spilling ink, find medical alcohol in the house and a piece of clean cloth. Saturate the cloth with alcohol and blot the ink stain. Do not rub it too deep into the pile. Better gently blot ink. The fibers of the fabric must absorb contamination.

How to remove ink from carpet with medical alcohol?

To remove a stain, start from the edges, moving smoothly to its center. This will not allow the paint to creep over the coating. Work on the entire surface of the carpet, performing twisting movements in a clockwise direction.

2) A few times apply a cloth dampened with alcohol to the pile of the carpet. From time to time add the product to the fabric, preventing it from drying out. Cleaning with medical alcohol should continue for at least 30 minutes. Be patient and persistent. 

3) Do not apply too much alcohol on the pile of the carpet because it may discolor it. Let the carpet dry, wash the carpet with a solution of vinegar. It’s easy to prepare: add a quarter of a cup of vinegar to a liter of water. The ideal ratio of vinegar to water is 1:16. Once you get rid of the ink stain, rinse the cleaned area with water. After the carpet dries, vacuum it to restore the structure of the pile.

You have to rinse the carpet with clean water and dry it.

How to get pen ink out of the carpet with a lubricant or grease?

1) Spray the ink stain with Triflow Universal WD-40 lubricant or other remedies. Leave it on for a couple of minutes for the lubricant to work. Although this product is safe enough, I recommend testing it on an inconspicuous part of the carpet before use. Otherwise, you risk remaining with more serious stains than ink;

How to get pen ink out of the carpet with a lubricant or grease?

2) At the end of the time, remove the leftovers of the lubricant/grease and ink with a sponge dampened in soapy water. You can also use a carpet cleaner instead of soapy water;

3) Rinse the cleaned area with warm water. Carefully rub the edges of the stain;

4) Let the pile dry. I advise to vacuum the carpet dry or brush it gently with a sponge or fingers to restore its former structure;

Powerful DIY remedy for removing ink from carpet

1) Prepare a cleaning solution based on vinegar, ammonia, or detergent in such proportions: 

  • 1 tbsp. of vinegar;
  • 1 tbsp. of ammonia;
  • 1 tbsp. of any detergent;
  • a clean piece of fabric;

Prepare a solution from any liquid detergent. Dissolve 1 tsp of the chosen product in a cup of clean water. Spray the cleaning agent directly on the ink. 

[tds_note]Expert tips: any household detergent is good for cleaning the ink stains from the carpet. [/tds_note]

2) Remove the ink from the carpet with a clean, dry cloth. Try not to rub the contaminated area to prevent the stain from penetrating too deep into the pile. Carefully soak the stain with smooth movements up and down.

3) Spray ammonia solution on the ink stain. It is easy to prepare: dilute 1 tbsp of ammonia in half a cup of clean water. Dampen a damp pile with a clean and dry cloth. Instead of a spray bottle, you can use a clean bottle of hair or body spray.

4) Prepare the vinegar solution by mixing it in equal parts with clean water. Spray it over the contaminated surface – blot the pile with a dry cloth.

5) When you manage to get ink out of the carpet, you need to clean the pile from the residue. Use a detergent solution. Clean the carpet as thoroughly as possible. Otherwise, residues of ammonia and vinegar can negatively affect the structure of the carpet.

6) Rinse the product with clean water and allow drying it completely. If after drying the pile seems too hard, rinse it again with water. Vacuum the dry carpet thoroughly to restore its former softness and restore the lost carpet’s pile.

Use a shaving cream for removing ink from carpet

  1. You will require shaving cream, soft sponge, clean water;
  2. Apply the shaving cream on the ink stain. Spread it all over the spot;
  3. Wipe the stain with a soft sponge and rinse it with a cup of clean water. Do not worry if the foam does not wash off the surface of the carpet for the first time;
  4. Rinse the carpet with plenty of water. Remove any remaining foam. Do not leave it on the surface after removing ink from carpet;
  5. Dry the cleaned area with a cloth. Vacuum the pile. If the stain does not disappear, repeat the process once again;

The recipe to get the felt-tip pen’s ink out of carpet

The stains from felt-tip pens are removed similarly. Instead of a glycerol solution, you can use the following mixture: 

  • 2 cups of warm water; 
  • 1 teaspoon of detergent;
  • 1 teaspoon of vinegar; 

After treatment with this solution, the carpet should also be washed with clean water.

Also, you can try to remove the stain left by the pens at home with glycerin. You don’t have to dilute it with water, apply glycerin on an ink stain, wait a few minutes, then wash with a dry cloth that absorbs moisture well and blot the stain. 

The recipe to get the felt-tip pen’s ink out of carpet

Or just mix glycerin with dishwashing detergent in warm water, pour the resulting solution into a convenient reservoir with a spray, and then spray it all over the dry ink stain. Excessive moisture must be removed with a dry cloth or paper towels. Repeat until the stain disappears.

Common tips for removing ink stains from carpet 

  • When using water, do not spread the ink stains on the carpet. Blot the stain;
  • Use only mild detergents, approximately one spoon per cup of water.
  • If you use organic solvents such as alcohol, also pick an undiluted solvent. Do not allow the stains to spread;
  • You may try by sprinkling any absorbent such as cornstarch or salt on a fresh ink stain. It may absorb all the fluid from the ink stain on the carpet within 24 hours.
  • Do not pour alcohol directly on the stain. Always apply the alcoholic beverage on the cloth first and then remove the dirt with a clean cloth;
  • Do not rub the ink stain to prevent it from going deeper into the pile of the carpet;
  • Always remember that the use of DIY remedies for the removal of ink stains may end badly. To minimize the risk of damaging the expensive carpet, always test the new cleaning agent in an invisible area. If the color and structure do not change, you apply the product to the contaminated area.

Final thoughts

It is not that hard to remove ink from the carpet, especially with all these methods and tips. Remember – it is easier to get the fresh ink stain at once you or your kids have spilled it. 

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