How to Clean Whirlpool Washer

A Whirlpool washing machine is an excellent investment for your home, and it’s essential to keep your appliance in good condition with regular cleaning and maintenance. Whether you buy a top load or front load washer, keeping it performing well is key to producing good results and that includes knowing how to clean Whirlpool washer.

When you clean your washing machine, you’ll want to include all areas of the washer, including the interior, the door and exterior surfaces. There are a few essential items you’ll need to get started, including:

Step-By-Step Process to Clean Your Whirlpool Washer

Once you have everything you need to get started, remove all items inside the washing machine tub.

  1. Place a washer cleaner tablet at the bottom of the washer drum. You can use a bit of liquid chlorine if you don’t have tablets available. Before using another product, it’s best to consult with the user’s manual to confirm.
  2. Close the washing machine’s door and activate the regular wash cycle, including hot water.
  3. If you have a front-load washer, use the spin cycle on rinse to clear any detergent residue from a previous load before beginning the cleaning process.
  4. When the cycle is complete, open the washer’s door and allow it to air dry.

How to Clean the Exterior of Your Whirlpool Washer

The exterior parts of your machine can be cleaned with a damp or moist cloth with a bit of mild soap. Both front and top-load washers have metal and glass materials around the door. You can easily wipe these surfaces down with specialized wipes for washing machines or use a cloth with a bit of soapy water. If your cloth has a textured side, use this to scrub the rubber door seal or where you find a stubborn stain or scuff mark.

Inspect the outside of your washer and note any dirt, residue, and grime you can remove with a wipe. If you don’t have a cloth designed for your Whirlpool appliance, you can use a damp cloth or sponge that’s not abrasive but soft. Use the cloth with a mild cleaner to wipe down the surfaces and scrub areas with stains or grime. You’ll find that dirt removes easily with regular cleaning.

How to Clean Whirlpool Washer Dispensers

If your washing machine has a dispenser drawer, you’ll need to clean it once a month. Every dispenser part is a little different, with some machines offering a fully removable part, whereas some washers have dispensers that open partially, without the option of removing them completely.

If you can remove your dispensing drawer completely, you’ll find it easier to clean. It’s important to note that this part of the machine isn’t dishwasher safe and must be done by hand only.

Machine cleaning wipes are ideal for wiping dispensers that are accessible but not removable. You can use the same wipes to wipe down the exterior surfaces of the machine or dampen a cloth with mild soap and warm water to clean all outside areas of the machine. Dry off the dispenser drawer with a small dry towel.

how to clean Whirpool washer
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Tip for Cleaning Your Whirlpool Washing Machine

When you invest in a Whirlpool washing machine, you’ll find this appliance performance well with monthly cleaning and maintenance. A well-serviced washer, along with a steam press and quality dryer for your clothing, will keep your wardrobe looking its best. When you clean your washing machine, it’s essential to keep a few suggestions in mind as follows:

  • Avoid using abrasive brushes or cleaning utensils when cleaning your washer, as this may scratch or damage the surfaces of the machine.
  • If you don’t have a mild soap to use for the cleaning process, white vinegar and water work well for both the interior or tub of the machine and to wipe down the exterior parts.
  • Set a date on your calendar to ensure you don’t miss cleaning your washer once every month.
  • If you want to deodorize your machine, or add a refreshing scent, add a few drops of essential oils into the tub for the cleaning process, such as lavender or rose.
  • Baking soda is a great way to deodorize your machine, especially if you wash a heavy-duty load where there are significant odors.

When you clean your washing machine regularly, you’ll notice consistently clean and fresh clothing with each load of laundry. Your Whirlpool will perform at its best for longer, so you’ll avoid the costs of unnecessary repairs and enjoy great results for the long term.

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