How to Clean Timberlands The Right Way

Timberland boots are one of the best choices for stylish and long-lasting footwear, whether you purchase a pair of safety boots for protection or modern, sleek shoes for the rugged outdoors. You’ll find that cleaning your Timberlands is one of the most manageable household tasks and doesn’t take much time to accomplish.

One of the most outstanding features of Timberland boots and shoes is that they are easy to clean and maintain for durability, and they are well designed to last and clean without hassle, so you can enjoy wearing your Timberland boots for the long term.

How to Prepare Your Timberland Boots for Cleaning

Before you clean your Timberlands, it’s essential to prepare them with a few simple steps. If there is any debris or excessive dirt, wipe them off with a soft brush and moistened towel. You can initially brush off dried dirt and dust with a soft-bristle brush, then use a moist towel to wipe down leftover residue.

There are special cleaning kits for Timberland products available, which is ideal if your boots are made with suede. It’s essential to remove the shoelaces from your Timberland boots and clean them separately.

Items You’ll Need to Clean Your Timberlands

You’ll need a few items to clean your pair of Timberland boots, which are easy to find in your home, or you can buy at a local grocery or housewares retailer:

  • A small basin or bowl with warm water
  • One or more microfiber cloths or towels
  • Vinegar or a mild soap
  • Baby wipes or similar mild disinfectant wipes

Cleaning Your Timberlands with Vinegar

Vinegar is a versatile cleaner ideal for washing out tough stains and grime from shoes. It’s also a gentle, natural option that works well with most boots, including Timberlands. You can use regular vinegar, which is inexpensive and available in most grocery and houseware stores.

To prepare the cleaning solution, mix one-part white vinegar with ten parts of water. Use a microfiber cloth and dip into the solution to moisten, and allow the solution to saturate into the cloth, then squeeze to remove any extra liquid.

Gently rub stains in a circular motion to target specific spots and use a soft brush to clean stubborn dirt and scuff marks if the cloth doesn’t adequately remove them.

Continue cleaning the remainder of each shoe with the soft brush, then gently rinse with a cloth that’s moist with warm water and allow the boots to dry in a well-ventilated room for at least 24 hours.

how to clean Timberlands
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How to Clean Your Timberlands with Soap and Water

If you don’t have too much dirt or heavy stains to clean, a simple soap and water solution is a great option. To prepare to wash your Timberland boots or shoes, add a teaspoon of mild detergent or soap to a bowl of water, then use a cloth or soft towel to moisten with the solution.

You can use the cloth to clean the exterior of your Timberlands’ exterior and switch to using a brush if you encounter a tough stain or difficult to remove dirt.

Once you’re finished cleaning your shoes, leave them in a dry, well-ventilated room or area to dry overnight. For best results, leave them for 24 hours.

Cleaning and Deodorizing with Baking Soda

Baking soda is an inexpensive and convenient item to keep on hand, and it’s also an excellent cleaning agent that helps remove deep stains while deodorizing your shoes. To use baking soda, sprinkle the powder inside each shoe, coating the interior with a thin layer, then set aside for two or three hours.

Use a cloth or soft brush and mix a bit of baking soda and warm water to scrub off tough stains and dirt from the exterior of your Timberlands. If there are oil or grease stains on your boots, baking soda helps absorb these materials to lift stains out of your shoes.

After you let baking soda soak dirt, grime, and oils that produce stains, wipe your Timberlands with a warm, moistened cloth and set your boots air-dry in a well-ventilated area.

How to Clean Your Boots Quickly

If you need to clean your Timberland boots or shoes in a pinch, you can use mild disinfectant or baby wipes to clear dirt from the surface. It’s essential to use mild wipes, as they will not damage your Timberlands’ leather or other materials.

Another option you can use to remove stains and dirt from your boots is by using a stale piece of bread without crust. This unlikely choice is excellent because stale bread offers a similar texture to sandpaper, with a fine grind that’s not abrasive or harmful to your boots.

Cleaning Suede and Nubuck Boots

If you own a pair of Timberlands made with suede or Nubuck, it’s best to invest in a Timberland cleaning kit, as these materials will thoroughly clean your boots without causing damage. You’ll find these shoes are easier to clean than standard leather and suede boots, which makes Timberlands an ideal choice.

It’s crucial to avoid using water and liquid solutions on suede and Nubuck products instead of using the specially formulated Timberland cleaning bar and equipment in the kit.

Bottom Line

When you use a home cleaning method for washing your Timberland boot, it’s vital to ensure that your boots are made of materials compatible with mild soap, white vinegar and baby wipes. Special cleaning kits, available through Timberland, are recommended for Nubuck and suede to prevent damage.

Generally, you’ll find the cleaning process for your boots quick and easy, so you can enjoy wearing your Timberlands for longer and keeping them in excellent shape.

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