How to Clean Shark Rocket Vacuum

Shark vacuums offer powerful, efficient cleaning for all your surfaces at home. While Shark cordless vacuums are durable and easy to maintain, it’s essential to clean your device regularly to prevent a loss of suction, removal of debris and dirt congestion. There are some great reasons why knowing how to clean Shark rocket vacuum is crucial, including:

  • Saving on the cost of unnecessary repairs and replacing parts
  • Improving performance and maintaining consistent and powerful suction
  • Your vacuum cleaner will last longer and work efficiently for years

When Your Shark Vacuum Requires Cleaning

Your Shark Rocket cordless vacuum requires regular cleaning, at least once every three months, to provide consistent suction power, removing unwanted dust and allergens. If you use your vacuum frequently, you may want to clean it more often to optimize its performance. There are a few vital signs that indicate your Shark model is due for maintenance:

  • The suction power decreases, and you’ll notice dirt and debris left on the carpet or flooring after use.
  • Using the vacuum cleaner produces unpleasant odors
  • Debris build-up in the vacuum due to suctioning excessive dust and dirt in your home
  • Loud, gasping sounds when you use the vacuum

If you’re concerned about possible repairs and issues between servicing your Shark vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to review the machine’s manual and get familiar with the parts. This step will help you get comfortable with each section of your vacuum and make it easy to clean.

Items You’ll Need to Clean Your Vacuum

It’s easy to start the cleaning process with just a few everyday household items. If you don’t have all these supplies, you’ll find most of these items at your local discount or hardware store:

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Mild soap or detergent
  • A basin or sink with warm water
  • Microfiber cloth (two or three)
  • Protective gloves
  • Baking soda (about three tablespoons) and two cups of white vinegar
  • Scissors
how to clean shark rocket vacuum
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Step-By-Step Process to Clean Your Shark Vacuum

Before you start cleaning your Shark Rocket vacuum, ensure the device is shut down and unplugged from the electrical outlet to avoid the risk of shock. You’ll also want to have your instructional manual available to get familiar with the parts so that you can fit them back together after maintenance.

  1. Prepare an area on a flat surface, such as a large table or floor, with an old rug or sheet beneath to prevent dust and debris from spreading once the vacuum is emptied.
  2. The first part to remove from the vacuum is the canister. When you separate this unit, dispose of any dirt and clumps of debris and dust into a garbage bag or similar receptacle.
  3. Place the canister in a basin or sink of warm water and mild soap. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off dirt and grime, then gently rinse with cold water. Set the canister on a towel or rack to air-dry. Allow the canister to dry entirely before refitting to the vacuum. This process takes approximately 24 hours.
  4. Once you remove the canister, you’ll notice the filters inside the vacuum. The type of filters in the vacuum depends on the Shark model, and you’ll find details of their materials in the instructional manual.
  5. If you have foam filters, dip them into the basin of soapy water and gently scrub them clean with a soft bristle brush. You may notice some stains are left, which is expected, though they will be clean and clear of any debris. Felt filters are not recommended for washing and are best cleaned by loosening dirt by tapping them gently over garbage disposal.
  6. While felt filters are not best to wash with soap and water, if you choose to use this method, it’s essential to clean and rinse gently and thoroughly and allow them to dry completely before re-installing.
  7. One of the most congested vacuum parts is the rotating brush roll, which collects dirt and debris. This part is where you’ll find the most dirt, strings, grime, hair and pet fur. Separate the Shark vacuum brush roll from the handle, using the button at each end of this floor attachment. When you press the release button, you’ll loosen the brush head to clean them easily.
  8. If you encounter excessive tangles and clumps of hair or string, use the scissors to trim carefully and loosen them to remove them from the brush. Once you remove the significant debris from the brush, use a soft brush to remove the remaining dirt gently. You can also soak the brush in soapy water and continue to scrub if there is excessive dirt. Allow the brush to dry for 24 hours before refitting.
  9. Inspect the hose for any sections where there may be clogged debris or other obstructions. Pull any large objects and debris from both ends of the hose and ensure no further items are lodged inside. Run hot water through the hose from the tap to clear extra debris, then shake to loosen and release the dirt.
  10. Combine vinegar and baking soda in a basin, and pour it through the hose, covering one end of the hose and shaking it well to loosen and remove dirt and grime inside thoroughly. Once all the debris is removed, rinse again with hot water, shake it out and lay the hose on a flat surface to dry.
  11. When you remove the hose from the connector, inspect this section for lodged items and debris, tap it gently, turn it upside down and shake and remove dirt inside. You can use a small brush to scrape out any extra dirt to ensure nothing is left.
  12. Detach the motorized floor nozzle, clean and rinse this part in the same manner as the hose, and then dry for a full day.

Once all the items are thoroughly cleaned and fully dried for at least 24 hours, refit all the parts. Start with the last part removed and consult with the manual to ensure the vacuum is reassembled correctly. It’s crucial to ensure that all parts are thoroughly dried to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

If you wish to minimize odor from your vacuum and improve your home’s scent, add a scented tab in the vacuum just before using. You’ll not only reduce odors in your home, but add a pleasant scent, either from a local store or your mix of ground herbs, coffee beans, or flavors such as vanilla or cinnamon.

Bottom Line

When you carefully clean and maintain your Shark Rocket vacuum, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a well-functioning machine for many years. Proper cleaning and maintenance will save money and replace your vacuum sooner so that you’ll enjoy quality results with each use. You’ll also get the most out of this high-quality vacuum with minimal repairs and excellent, consistent performance.

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