How to Clean Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite countertops are beautifully unique and provide a durable surface for your kitchen or bathroom. These countertops are created with sandstone, heated with pressure, to form quartzite crystals, typically light grey or white in color. Minerals combined or fused with quartzite can change the material’s color to include gorgeous blends of reddish-brown, pink, gold, and more.

Like granite, quartzite is highly durable, and it’s an ideal material for long-lasting countertops. Both materials are natural stones, and they are both highly resistant to chipping, etching, and scratching. While granite is resistant to staining, quartzite is more likely to stain, which requires regular care and maintenance to remove and minimize stains and discoloration.

Which Cleaning Products to Use and Avoid

The first household cleaners that come to mind when you consider cleaning the kitchen or bathroom include vinegar, glass cleaner, disinfectant wipes, and cleaners that contain bleach. However, none of these options are beneficial for quartzite.

Glass cleaner contains chemicals that may damage natural surfaces and fabrics due to the high acidic level. Vinegar and disinfectant wipes are similarly acidic and may erode or damage quartzite over time.

If you use one of these cleaners on occasion, diluted in water, you’ll likely avoid any issues if you’re quickly wiping a spill on the surface. Ideally, it’s best to consider cleaning products designed explicitly for quartzite and granite.

When you clean a natural stone surface, such as granite, quartzite, and marble countertops, there are some great options available to consider. The key to choosing the right product for a quartz or natural stone countertop requires a mild and natural soap to support the natural surface while providing a deep clean and maintaining a clean countertop. Generally, you’ll want to avoid any cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals.

Goo Be Gone is one of the best options for cleaning all your kitchen and bathroom surfaces at home, especially natural stone. This soap is not only antibacterial and effective, and there are no damaging effects on quartzite, granite, marble, and other stone surfaces. You’ll find this cleaner is ideal for any sticky spills or messes, including gum, oil, tar, crayons, glue, and other substances that easily stick to surfaces.

Weiman Quartz countertop cleaner is a great product that not only thoroughly cleans the surface of your granite or quartzite countertop but also provides a polished finish that keeps your surface looking spectacular. This product is also mild enough to avoid damaging the natural stone.

Mild soap and detergents containing only natural ingredients are safe to use on natural stone countertops. These stone cleaner products are ideal for your countertop and prevent damage.

Cleaning Your Quartzite or Stone Countertop

There are a few methods to clean quartzite countertops, depending on the condition of the material, the stain, and other factors.

Removing Tough Stains from a Quartzite Surface

If you need to remove stains and encounter difficulty wiping off tough stains, such as nail polish, sticky stains, or other hard-to-remove dirt, you’ll find Goo Be Gone is your best option:

  • Pour the cleaning product directly on the stain and allow it to sit for up to 10 minutes. Goo Be Gone is an adhesive remover, which works exceptionally well with natural stone surfaces
  • Use a microfiber cloth and warm water to wipe the stain off. If you notice another stain or a bit of residue, use the product on the affected area again, and repeat

Sticky gum or caramel is a great way to quickly remove a stain on a quartzite slab by attaching it to the dirt and effectively allowing you to peel it off. It’s always a good idea to wipe the surface with warm water and a mild soap following this process.

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is another excellent option that cleans and refreshes your stone countertop. Not only will this product clean simple spills and messes, but it will also disinfect the surface, removing germs and bacteria. Nail polish remover is another good option to remove a stain quickly.

how to clean quartzite countertops
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Deep Cleaning Your Quartzite Countertop

If you dilute the cleaner in water and wipe down the countertop within a few minutes of spraying the area, you may use a glass cleaner briefly without any long-term effects. It’s best to use a soft or microfiber cloth to avoid damaging the surface.

If you don’t have glass cleaner on hand, you can use a mild detergent or soap, but avoid any abrasive cleaner so that there’s little to no risk of damage.

Tips for Keeping Your Quartzite Countertop in Top Condition

There are a few ways in which you can keep your natural stone countertop shining and damage-free for many years:

  • Avoid placing heated items, such as cooking pans and utensils, directly on the quartzite countertop
  • Use mild detergent and water if you need to wipe or clean the surface quickly
  • Most quartzite countertops are bought with a stone sealer, though in time, they may need to be re-sealed to maintain high quality and durability
  • Use a cutting board to avoid slicing vegetables and other ingredients directly on the stone surface. While quartzite is scratch-resistant, it may eventually show signs of damage, and your knives may get dull over time as a result
  • Avoid using any cleaner or disinfectant that’s high in acid or alkaline
  • Clean spills as soon as they occur to avoid staining

Bottom Line

Caring for your quartzite countertop is easy and effective with the right cleaning products and tools. You’ll find granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite countertops that offer a unique appearance in your home while providing durable solutions for your bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

With the proper care and maintenance, your countertop can easily last a lifetime with little or no wear and tear. You’ll find quartzite is one of the best options for countertops and one of the most accessible surfaces to clean and maintain with little effort.

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