How to Clean a Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs make a stunning addition to a living room, den, or bedroom. You’ll find a variety of beautiful patterns, colors, and sizes to compliment your hardware floors, giving your space a cozy, stylish appearance. These rugs are also highly durable and work well when placed in areas of your home where there’s a lot of traffic.

While cowhide rugs are resistant to stains and relatively easy to care for, you may find a build-up of dirt and debris over time, and pets may leave behind odors, which need to be removed. Fortunately, you’ll find that maintaining your rug will keep your cowhide in excellent condition so that you can enjoy it without the need for replacement or costly treatments.

Cleaning Options for Your Cowhide Rug

Whether you need to brush a few bits of debris from the rug or need to clean your cowhide rug more thoroughly, there are several effective techniques to consider. One of the easiest ways to clean your rug is to shake it outside.

You’ll find this method effective if there is excessive dust and dried debris that’s easily loosened to fall off. You can tap the rug against a wall, hitting it until all the dust falls off and the surface of your rug is cleared of any particles.

If your cowhide rug needs a deeper clean, you’ll have the option of using a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, and cleaning supplies.

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Removing Food and Grease Stains From Your Cowhide Rug

Grease and food stains require a brush to remove from your rug’s fur. While grease stains may seem difficult to remove, you’ll find the process easy with a hard-bristle brush and a bit of water. To remove odor from the stain, you can add scented oil to the bristles, such as lavender or eucalyptus. Drop the oil onto the stain directly and gently brush and pull out the stain from the rug.

Food stains are removed with a similar method, by using a brush to gently pull out the stain from the rug’s fur or a butter knife, which can scrape any food residue or pieces from the fibers. If you notice any food particles left on the rug, use a damp cloth to wipe the stained area with a bit of non-alkaline soap and water.

Vacuuming Your Cowhide Rug

If you’re looking for a fast and convenient way to clean your cowhide rug, a vacuum does the trick. It’s a quick and easy method that’s ideal for routine cleaning. You’ll effectively remove excessive dust and particles, and it works best if you vacuum regularly, about once every one to two weeks. If your rug is placed in an area of your home where there’s frequent traffic, you’ll want to vacuum it more often.

Steam Cleaning Your Cowhide Rug

Steam cleaning is a great way to give your cowhide rug a deeper clean. When vacuuming isn’t enough, you want to lift deeper grime or stains. When you steam clean your cowhide rug, you’ll find this option restores the new appearance while improving the lifetime of the rug.

When you use the steam cleaner, make sure to vacuum with the device in the direction of the fur so that you treat all the fibers consistently and avoid over-saturation.

When you’re finished steam cleaning your cowhide, hang the rug to air-dry in a well-ventilated place before placing it in your den or bedroom.

Bottom Line

Cowhide rugs are easy to maintain, and keeping your carpet looking great takes only minimal effort and care. When you’re looking for the best ways to clean and maintain your cowhide’s rug beauty, it’s essential to keep a few items in mind:

  • Place your cowhide rug in a room or space that’s not prone to heavy dust and dirt. You’ll find that maintaining your rug is easier if you avoid areas with food and drinks to prevent an unwanted grease stain.
  • Dry cleaning and a washing machine should be avoided. Although cowhide rugs are very durable and may seem ideal for one of these cleaning methods, these could damage your area rug and should be avoided.
  • If you want to prevent your rug from getting too much traffic in one area of your home, make a habit of moving it from one room to another to reduce wear and tear.

Generally, caring for your cowhide rug is one of the easiest items you’ll clean in your home. You’ll enjoy the soft texture, natural style, and simple cleaning process that keeps your rug looking spectacular.

Cowhide rugs are one of the best accessories for your home and a durable option if you’re looking for a natural animal product with minimal maintenance.

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