Finether Handheld Vapor Steam Cleaner Review

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Are you wondering if you should get an eco-friendly steamer to refresh stuff in your home?

To help you decide whether a smaller model can do the job, we review the Finether Handheld Vapor Steam Cleaner.

This portable model is designed to naturally cleanse bath fixtures, kitchen counters, and more. Its specialized attachments are good for various other uses around the household, including pest control. If bed bug infestations are a problem, the hot vapors will quickly eliminate them while sanitizing the affected areas as well.

The compact design offers a workable balance between performance and handheld convenience. Features are optimized for better portability along with lower cost, so some trade-offs are inevitable.

There were a number of operating features that we liked and a very few that we didn’t. We cover these in detail so that you can determine if its best uses will suit your needs.

Steam cleanses as it refreshes

This portable steamer is handy for treating cracks and seams in fixtures such as headboards and moldings, couches and other fabric furniture, and loose fabrics. It’s also good for refreshing many other home items.

Dirty mattresses, kitchen counters and appliances, and stained wall tiles are readily taken on with this steamer in hand. Parents, in particular, like to steam clean children’s baths, strollers, toys, and other childcare gear, as no chemical residues are left behind that might irritate their kids.

Bed bug infestations can be difficult to counter as these grow and spread quickly. Hot vapors flowing across floors and through cracks will quickly kill off bed bugs and dust mites after a few seconds of contact, even as the affected areas are sanitized.

This natural cleansing method costs less over time than chemical-based washing techniques. Best of all, it requires less brushing and scouring when necessary and can be just as effective in a range of tasks. Many users even find it useful for refreshing clothing and auto upholstery.

Lightweight and sturdy design

This steam cleaner is neither small nor light enough to be constantly carried around or left on a counter. However, the entire set can be carried between rooms with ease and readily stowed in a closet after you’re done.

The compact housing is mostly constructed of sturdy plastic. The supplied hardware appears to be robust and is simple to learn and operate. You only need to top up the reservoir with water, affix whichever nozzle attachment you need, then plug into power to start generating steam.

The absence of complex controls follows the design’s simple operation. There is no trigger that must be constantly depressed in order to release steam. There is a low-level indicator light that will tell you when the water is about to run out, which could be more often than you might think.

The heating element outputs pressurized steam with temperatures reaching 230°F. The forceful mix of heat and moisture cleanses everything it touches for more than a second or two. Released in slow passes, the hot flow readily dislodges dirt and grime on hard surfaces and also kills off most microbes and small bugs caught within its path.

The almost 2-foot extension hose with the rotating nozzle attached readily slips into and around corners and tight spaces. Both accessories come as standard, along with other attachments that include a 2-in-1 window squeegee tool, a round detail brush, and a microfiber pad. A convenient fill funnel and measuring cup complete the package.

One thing we have to say: we do wish this steamer featured a larger reservoir for storing more water, to allow longer steaming times between refills. It’s compact housing just cannot match the internal capacity of larger models. On the other hand, it’s easy to transport between rooms and up and down stairs.

It’s true that commercial steam machines like this one offer greater versatility and capacity and are more serviceable in the long run, but these tend to be far more expensive. We think that a portable steamer like this is enough to get the occasional quick cleaning done without too much fiddling or expense.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to treat large areas of flooring plus numerous fixtures and bug infestations for years to come, you may want to consider a professional-grade unit with greater capacity. These advanced designs are generally more capable and economical in heavy usage.

Carry-around performance

Compact steamers like these present inconveniences that must be worked around at times. This model does give you a minimum of quick and easy steaming capability around the house or shop when you need it.

The efficient aluminum boiler generates pressurized steam at 3.2 bar with temperatures that can reach 230°F in heavy use. We liked that a usable flow was generated within a minute or two of powering up. Larger units do not normally perform their initial warm up as quickly, including many premium models.

The ergonomic grip design lets you carry the unit comfortably and for longer periods, without straining your wrist too much. A flexible extension hose can be attached that will enable you to reach higher points.

The specialized brush accessory is great for tackling encrusted counter and fixture messes and degreasing grimy appliances and walls. We realized that the microfiber pad can be substituted with a terrycloth affixed with some bands, which works just as nicely and can be washed and reused as well.

When hunting down crawling pests, you will need to be systematic and thorough. It’s best to slowly pass the nozzle over suspect seams or gaps so that the hot steam lingers in them, the better to catch any bugs and mites that might be lurking within.

The one big issue we had is with the tiny reservoir, for it holds just a cup or so at most. This is barely enough for 7 minutes of steam from a full load of water. We think that the boiler could use more water capacity to stretch out the operation.

This can be something of a drag during long steaming sessions. You will have to wait for things to cool down before the reservoir can be safely opened and refilled, then pause some as more steam gets generated in a minute or two.

Features and Specifications

  • Efficient 1050-Watt aluminum boiler generates steam in less than 2 minutes
  • Steam is output at temperatures as high as 230℉ with output pressures of 3.2 bar
  • Portable and Lightweight unit weighs only 3.8 pounds and can be carried anywhere
  • Reservoir capacity of about 12 ounces allows up to 7 minutes of steaming at a time
  • Cleanses and disinfects hard-sealed surfaces without toxic detergents
  • 6.5-foot power cord length spans most counter tops and other fixtures
  • Set of 9 cleaning attachments is included

What buyers are saying

Customers like the lightweight and easy handling of this portable steamer and that it can perform most steaming chores around the home or shop. “Easy to use and sturdy, good product!” is a common sentiment from satisfied buyers.

One parent posted that it “works great on kids toys and pretty much everywhere”. Many say it is simpler to operate than most upright floor steam cleaners. The easy handheld operation and performance helped it garner an average of 4 out of 5 stars in online reviews at Amazon, along with many positive comments.

The key issue is the small water reservoir. Many users noted that extra capacity here would have enabled longer steaming runs. Still, the simple design saves much effort and inconvenience, as you will not have to hold a trigger or slide the base into tight spaces in order to steam things nicely.

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