What Are the Best Dyson Vacuum Stands?

Once you try out a Dyson vacuum, it can be difficult to ever switch back to another brand. These vacuums have developed something of a devoted cult following for their advanced tech, futuristic designs and powerful suction. But with a price tag into the hundreds of dollars, you’re likely going to want to do whatever you can to sustain its longevity. One of the best ways to do that is with a Dyson vacuum stand or docking station.

A docking station helps secure your Dyson vacuum in an upright position, preventing it from being knocked around in your cleaning supply closet. Many Dyson vacuum stands also include clever storage solutions for your vacuum’s attachments and accessories. It’s no wonder Dyson made our list of the best vacuums for hardwood and carpet floors.

So to help you make the most of your Dyson, we’ve rounded up some of the best Dyson vacuum holder stands for the V10, the V11 and more.

Do I Need a Dyson Vacuum Stand?

As you might guess, A Dyson stand-up vacuum is at its best when standing up. Unlike traditional corded upright vacuums, or our list of best-rated canister vacuums, Dyson cordless vacuums lack the usual footprint that keeps them from falling over.  While you could stick them next to your broom or mop, you definitely don’t want your expensive new vacuum toppling over.

Especially for small spaces, or those without ideal storage solutions, a Dyson vacuum stand makes a lot of sense. They are usually very low-profile, and can occupy a corner of a closet or mudroom without taking up excess space.

For apartment-dwellers, or those either unwilling or unable to drill their Dyson charging dock into the wall, a stand is a fantastic alternative. Many stands feature cord management, allowing you to vertically store and charge your Dyson vacuum’s battery at the same time.

The Best Dyson Vacuum Stand: Our Picks

TechOrbits Docking Station Organizer

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This compact and practical organizer is ideal for a whole range of Dyson stand up vacuums, like the V10, V11 and more. The stand is made from sturdy aluminum that is also lightweight enough to lift with just one hand. Drill-free installation takes only a few minutes, and TechOrbits includes organization for up to 8 attachments while hiding cords for a sleek look.

According to our research, reviewers appreciated the sturdy feel of this TechOrbits vacuum stand, along with the compact measurements. You can easily mount many different Dyson models to this organizer with the included instructions. From powder-coated metal for a durable finish, to protective floor pads, TechOrbits has filled this organizer with lots of thoughtful details that make it a standout option.

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Dyson V11 Floor Dok

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If you are a brand loyalist, or just looking for a well-built Dyson vacuum stand, you can get this one right from the source. Dyson’s Floor Dok share’s the brand’s futuristic styling, with a rounded base and minimalist upright post. Designed especially as a vacuum stand for the Dyson V11, other models may not fit exactly right, though many reviewers report success.

While the Floor Dok certainly looks great paired with any Dyson vacuum, you do sacrifice some of the storage and organizational functions to preserve that look, storing only three attachments on the stand. If you have other ways to store some of the attachment heads and accessories, this may not be an issue for you. Expect to pay a bit more for Dyson’s well-respected brand, but you’re sure to enjoy this well-designed stand in any room. You might even want to show it off!

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XIGOO Dyson Storage Stand and Docking Station

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Another freestanding station to consider is this popular choice from XIGOO. The first thing you might notice is the simple storage hooks all arranged on the right-hand side of the stand. Simply hang your attachments here for easy access, though it does take up some additional storage space. The XIGOO also features a wide and sturdy base plate of 10 inches by 11 inches, which should prevent most accidental tips with a broad foundation. This model supports most Dyson models from the V6 to the V15, with conversion instructions included. The charging dock (not included) can be attached to the top of the stand relatively easily for integrated storage and charging. While only slightly more budget-friendly than the Dyson Floor Dok, this stand does still provide a good deal of bang for your buck.

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Citus Lightweight Vacuum Stand

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If you’re looking for a minimalist storage solution that’s also our list’s most budget-friendly, Citus has you covered. This simple metal stand takes a different approach than the tall racks on our list, opting for a cradle design instead. Fitted with a base plate that holds your Dyson vacuum’s head in place, the stick portion of your stick vacuum is held at an angle. Rated to hold up to 6.6 pounds, heavier vacuums will likely need to be supported by a wall to prevent tipping over backwards. This is a solid option if you don’t necessarily want to display all of your cleaning attachments, which many reviewers say is a plus. Opting for a simple basket or bin next to the Citus could be a simple solution to the stand’s lack of built-in storage. Even more simple to assemble than the others on our list, it’s a good option for those wanting a basic, budget-friendly solution to protecting their Dyson.

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Bottom Line

Dyson vacuums are a coveted cleaning tool for a reason. These powerful, lightweight vacuums do a lot of things well. One thing they don’t do, however, is stand up firmly on their own. Many buyers wish that Dyson included a storage and charging station with the purchase of their vacuum cleaner. Until that becomes an unlikely reality, a vacuum stand is your best bet for staying organized and clutter-free.

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