Does Steam Kill Fleas? What You Need to Know

If you’re dealing with fleas, we don’t have to tell you just how frustrating they are. These tiny, acrobatic home invaders are a major nuisance. Exposure to fleas may cause rashes and infections in both humans and their furry friends. Because of this, many people are looking for different methods to eliminate them. Today we’re here to answer the question does steam kill fleas?

Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient ways of getting rid of fleas and their eggs. The extreme heat that comes from the steam is enough to kill them. Also, there are certain steps you can take before the process in order for a steam cleaner to be effective against fleas.

To avoid scratching your head in search of answers, we’ll help investigate whether or not steam kills fleas.

What Do Fleas Look Like?

does steam kill fleas

Fleas are small, wingless parasites with biting mouthparts that are capable of jumping long distances to get from host to host. Adult fleas are typically between 1 to 3 millimeters long, so you’ll have a hard time noticing them. Found mostly on your pets, these insects are no strangers to feeding on humans, too. However, they won’t stay on you for long. Fleas prefer to nestle in fur. Adult fleas use their powerful legs to jump onto a host. While attached, the flea will feed and lay eggs. The eggs often fall off of the host into carpeting or even bedding. But they won’t survive for long if they don’t have a host to feed on.

How long do fleas live on furniture and carpets?

Fleas need food (more specifically, blood) to survive. When they’re not attached to a host, their lifetime is short – only one or two weeks, compared to a year when they have a food source. If the environment in your home is warm and humid, they may live longer compared to dry or cold conditions. Also, fleas are more prone to living on your pet’s body than on bedding, furniture, and carpets. Now that you know all this, you’re probably even more eager to get rid of them ASAP.

Does Steam Kill Fleas?

Steam cleaning is lethal to fleas when temperatures exceed 38°C (100.4°F). Incorrect heat and humidity, on the other hand, may encourage flea eggs to hatch, so sometimes it’s necessary to re-steam the affected areas. Before you start with the steam cleaning process, you should take some additional steps to ensure better coverage.


One crucial step before you dive into steam cleaning is vacuuming. Do it thoroughly, especially around your furniture and your carpets. Because fleas like dark, humid environments, you should pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas such as baseboards or corners of the room.

Don’t Dispose of Your Vacuum Bag Inside

It’s really important not to overlook this step, since it can allow fleas to re-infest your house. Because fleas can easily jump, dispose of your vacuum bag outside. That’s how you’ll be sure that the fleas won’t come back to bite you – literally.

Steam Clean

Once you’ve done all that, start by steam cleaning your carpets and furniture. Use a triangular nozzle, which is often found on most steam cleaners, to steam the fabric. This ensures the most coverage. Unlike vacuum cleaners, they’re more effective at removing and killing fleas at all stages. The best thing about steam cleaning is that it doesn’t involve the use of toxic chemicals, so it’s safe for use around pets, children, and family. Washing all clothing on a hot wash is important to kill any eggs or adult fleas, too. In addition, bedding should be thoroughly washed at a high temperature to prevent any re-infestation.

After steam cleaning, you should carry on with vacuuming regularly to get rid of any eggs that may have fallen off during the cleaning phase. Most of all, be patient! It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to kill all the fleas in every stage of their growth.

Consider Hiring a Steam Cleaning Company

does steam kill fleas

Despite all of your efforts, you may not be as thorough as a professional exterminator in completely removing fleas and their eggs. Depending on how bad your flea infestation is, steam cleaning may not produce the required results. In the event that it doesn’t work out, we suggest that you consider letting professionals do it for you. We’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied with the end result.

Bottom Line

The tips and tricks we’ve explained above should be enough to answer your question: Does steam kill fleas? In short, steam cleaning, when done correctly, can destroy fleas at all phases of growth, including their eggs. However, don’t rely on steam cleaning alone. The efficiency of steam cleaning depends on how severe the flea infestation is. If you’re dealing with a severe flea infestation, you can combine steam cleaning with other methods to ensure you and your pets are flea-free in no time.

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