How to Clean Your Shoes with a Steam Cleaner

Cleaning shoes with steam is free of chemicals, fun, and not the hassle you are used to. We love using steam cleaners for this job, and so we have a lot of tips for you here. We also reviewed the top steamers on the market this year!

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When you wear certain footwear for longer periods of time, it is natural for you to sweat in them. The accumulation of sweat inside the shoes can cause dampness leading to the birth of bacteria. Constant exposure to these bacteria can cause fungal infections on your feet. Also, dirty shoes give off a dirty stench which is irritating not only for you but those around you.

There are several ways of cleaning your shoes. Some people use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the shoes while some use soapy water. These methods are perfectly alright but what if there was something more effective?

Cleaning your shoes with a steam cleaner allows you to make your shoes appear new. Also, it helps get rid of any debris and bacteria that is bad for health.

Keep reading for you are about to discover tips on how to steam clean your shoes, along with its pros and cons.

How to Steam Clean Your Shoes?

Regardless of what fabric your shoes are made up of, constant exposure to dirt and muck makes them dirty. Shoes made out of leather and hard material are less likely to get dirty. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Athletic footwear gets dirty for all the right reasons. Firstly, it is made from softer materials and is worn while playing in the field. Athletic shoes catch a lot of soil and mud which gives them a hideous look. Only with a steam cleaner can you make them good as new.

Steam cleaning equipment is delicate to handle and therefore you need to understand the basics. Before you start blasting the shoes with a steam cleaner, do not skimp on reading the manual carefully. Otherwise, the likelihood of hurting yourself increases. The delicacy of a steam cleaner is due to the hot steam it produces, which can hurt your skin if you fail to take the precautionary measures.

Since you’ll be holding and moving the shoes, some heat resistant gloves are a good way to keep from burning your hands.

Before you start cleaning your shoes with a steam cleaner, make sure to remove the dust and loose dirt with a cloth or duster. Blasting them loose dirt on them would only complicate the matter. Once you have got the dust off, apply the steam at around 60 psi, which is perfectly suitable for cleaning footwear. This might be full blast for a smaller steamer but maybe half pressure for a larger one.

The brush that you use also has a deep impact on the level of cleaning. If you are cleaning shoes that have softer stains, use a soft horsehair brush. On the other hand, if the shoe’s stains are hard and difficult to get rid of, a hard plastic brush will do the trick.

To maximize the level of cleaning, you can even use a mild detergent to make the stains and dirtiness go away. When using a detergent, it is better to use a heavier brush. Remember, that you need to repeat the cleaning cycle more than once for the perfect cleansing of the shoes. To provide the final touches to the shoe cleaning project, use a longer brush attached to the steam cleaner.

Once the shoes are clean, wipe them up with a clean cloth to remove the moisture. Before you wear the shoes, don’t forget to allow them some time until they dry completely.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of steam cleaning your shoes.

Pros of Steam Cleaning Your Shoes

Here are some advantages of cleaning your shoes with a steam cleaner.

Saves Time

Compared to cleaning your shoes with soapy water and a brush, a steam cleaner is a much quicker option. It saves you from the hassle of soaking the brush in soapy water and scrubbing away the dirtiness. It is handy and you do not have to worry about spilling the dirty water all over the place.

Kills Germs

The germs and bacteria inside the shoes affect the skin of the feet. A steam cleaner can easily kill the germs with mere hot steam without any disinfectants, thus making the shoes safe to wear.

Chemical Free

Cleaning your shoes with a chemical disinfectant can be harmful not only for your skin but for the environment as well. A steam cleaner cleans with nothing but vapor and keeps you and the environment around you safe and healthy.

Thorough Cleaning

Compared to other methods of cleaning your shoes, a steam cleaner ensures thorough cleaning. Makes your shoes appear good as new, and makes you feel good about yourself in public settings.

Deodorizes Your Shoes

When you wear certain footwear for a long period of time, the sweat from your feet makes the shoes stink. A steam cleaner kills the bacteria and makes the foul odors go away.

Cons of Steam Cleaning

Although steam cleaning is an effective method of cleaning your shoes, the hot steam can somehow burn your skin. While blasting the dirt off your shoes with a steam cleaner, make sure to cover your hands and eyes to avoid any possible damage. Furthermore, some steam cleaners are difficult to handle and with lack of experience you might end up hurting yourself.

Wearing dirty shoes affects your image and your health as well. Steam cleaning adds to the visual appeal of your footwear and makes your shoes safe to wear. If you are looking for help regarding steam cleaning, you have come to the right place. Stop looking for help elsewhere for we have got you covered.

Cleaning Shoes with Steam FAQs

Steam generated from steamers is hot enough to kill allergens, bacteria, and other germs. This will help to eliminate odors.

Plastic should not be steamed or you may risk melting it. You can quickly glance over plastic at a lower pressure or by holding the steamer further away.

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