Steam Cleaning Guides

Wondering how or if you can steam clean certain items around the house? We dive into all areas around the house and figure out what can be steam cleaned and how to do it. Check out some of our most popular steam cleaning guides.

steam mop with carpet glider

Can Steam Mops Be Used to Clean Carpets?

  There’s many ways to clean your carpet. From shampoo, to foams, homemade solutions, you may be wondering if your steam mop can be used to clean carpets? A carpet is a significant component of your entire interior design. Homeowners spend a considerable amount of time searching for the right carpet for their homes. Purchasing …

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How to Steam Clean a Mattress?

How to Steam Clean a Mattress?

If not cleaned properly, your mattress can attract bed bugs. These are small insects that not only harm you but also other occupants of your house.

Cleaning a mattress can be a tedious task. But, with a good quality steam cleaner, cleaning your mattress can be fairly easy.

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