Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Review

When we heard about the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop, we had to find out what this mop was all about.

Most are already aware that Bissell makes quality vacuums and carpet cleaners. We decided to check this steam mop ourselves, thinking that there must be a reason why this model has such good reviews over on Amazon.

If you’re unfamiliar with steam mops and their advantages, the one that really scores with users is that the hot vapors they produce work to clean surfaces naturally, without the use of toxic chemicals.

Not only is steam an eco-friendly method, but it can also deal with the usual messes found on bath and kitchen floors and countertops, windows, and other hard-sealed surfaces.

We review the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop, a lightweight upright steamer that can be moved wherever needed. It can be especially useful for cleaning flooring and this portable steam mop has a number of features that make the chore easier for you every day.

The flow can be adjusted on the fly to loosen dust and grime, which simply cannot withstand the blasting wet heat for long. You then use the scrubber pad to lift up small debris, leaving treated surfaces sparkling clean when done right. There is hardly any need for laborious effort or irritating detergents.

Steam to tidy up the place

Dark stains that are hard to do away with hand brushing can be quickly eliminated with jets of steam. Filthy tiled flooring can require a bit of scrubbing as well, but steam mopping is still easier than a manual brushing of whole floors.

Clearing hard surfaces is not the only job that steaming is great for, it is also good for wiping down laminate flooring using the low flow setting that is designed for the task.

Laminate boards can withstand the occasional spill, but any excess moisture that gets into their interiors over the long term can lead to lasting damage and unsightly curling.

Industrial carpet cleaners are not as safe for these stream heavily-pressurized steam into the ground, which can get past the joins of floorboards and weaken internal layers. Careful mopping with light steam and dry wiping in turns is safest for maintaining laminated flooring.

Steam that jets out at temperatures exceeding 200°F is lethal to bed bugs as well. The heat readily kills off the pests as it sterilizes affected areas. Parents like the natural advantages of steam as the technique let them clean problem areas in a way that ends up safer for children.

Convenient and usable design

This free-standing canister model weighs around 8 pounds and stays up on its own. Assembly is fairly simple and quick. Once set up, all that is left for you to do is to add water, fasten the cloth, plug in the cord then mop away once vapors appear.

The heated streams dislodge or liquefy dirt and grime, even the persistent films that can arise on tiled flooring. Steam can be adjusted according to 3 different levels, enabling longer cleaning whenever a full flow is not required.

The mop’s big head can appear to be a bit wide. It is maneuverable enough as it features a triangular shape that is connected through a flexible joint, which allows maneuvering around furniture and fixtures.

The fabric pads can be washed and reused a few times. Their microfibers lift up loose dust on the ground and absorb any leftover moisture that would otherwise condense in wet pools.

A pair is included with the unit along with a glider as well as nifty fragrance discs with a Spring scent.

Tank capacity is average for a light steamer. Up to 15 minutes of continuous steam is possible in any one session, which is sufficient for all but the longest jobs. The advantage of having a  removable tank is that it can be continually refilled with ease, which can be very convenient in extended steaming.

Easy and continuous performance

With the tank filled up and the boiler powered, steam will begin streaming in less than a minute. Normally, it is smart to leave the steam setting on low before increasing it as needed. It is easy to adjust settings to suit conditions as you slide the pad about on the ground.

The head is maneuverable enough, but its tall shape can be tricky to slide under low-hanging furniture sides and fixture edges. It cannot be turned fully sideways either when trying to slide around obstacles, unlike with certain low-profile designs.

We do like that the housing can stay upright by itself, there is little need to lean the staff against the wall or furniture. You can safely apply steam to engineered and solid hardwood floorboards using low steam.

Another thing to remember is that If you spend much effort attempting to steam smaller areas, there might be pooling that can lead to streaks on floors. Steaming can last as much as 15 min with the machine set to the highest flow.

The steam function is always on once you plug in the unit. This is easier on the fingers as you will not be pressing down on the trigger always. But there will be times when you will need the steam temporarily paused by unplugging from the wall, which is inconvenient at best.

We noticed that there is no appreciable difference between 3 steam levels, while the effect of each can be inconsistent. The highest level will lead to small pools of water forming at times, while output appears as a fine mist otherwise. Low steam show much the same pattern.

Additional tank volume would have allowed for lengthier steaming between each refill. Although little time is needed to let things cool off before opening the tank for a refill, if you let it empty out then you will be waiting a bit as more steam gets generated.

Similar to other models at this price, there is no indicator for the remaining water level. Some users have reported that when the tank’s cap cracked on them, water would seep out and spill on the ground, so the generous 2-year manufacturer’s warranty should come in handy.

One issue that bothered us sometimes is the large width of the mop head, which limits its agility in tighter and lower areas. The broader edge does ensure that it passes over more of the floor in one motion, though.

Features and Specifications

  • 1500-Watt boiler generates up to 15 minutes of continuous steam from a full tank
  • Boiler warms up in 30 secs and reaches temperatures exceeding 200˚F
  • Housing weighs a light 8.3 pounds and is easily carried between rooms
  • Soft-touch control panel displays status including power on, heater ready, and steam levels
  • Flip-down scrubber accessory lets you eliminate sticky and encrusted messes
  • Easy-to-set set tri-level digital controls to let you tailor the flow according to cleaning needs
  • The top-mounted tank can be readily refilled at any point for continuing operation
  • Lengthy 23-foot power cord reached most corners of normal rooms.
  • Febreze ‘spring’ scent discs can be added to freshen room air
  • Durable and washable microfiber pads can be recycled several times

We like that this steam mop is portable and has the capability to perform most steaming tasks. We have tested it on engineered wood & tile floors and this mop cleans them effortlessly.

The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop has garnered a great number of favorable comments on its Amazon page. Several people feel that it is easier to handle and more versatile than similar devices, leading to a very positive average rating.

See what customers are saying! Read verified reviews here.

One issue that a few buyers saw is certain inconsistencies in steam output. Then again, this canister model features one of the wider steam paths available and most noted that it covers bigger areas more quickly as a result.

In Summary

We think the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is a winning design. The steamer is reasonably light in weight and easy to use, plus its operation is ecologically friendly. Given that it’s less expensive than comparable models and features a 2-year warranty, it’s hard to go wrong here.

The water tank is detachable, so you do not need to place the entire unit on a table during refills. You only need to open up and fill the tank, plug in the unit, then wait for steam to begin flowing and clearing areas that can be reached.

More effective than a regular wet mop at cleaning carpeting, this model literally shines on refreshing tile and stone floors. If you are always finding yourself tidying up more than a few floors about the home, this lightweight steam cleaner may well save your day.

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