Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs 1785W

Whether you own or rent your home, having a clean space is a necessity. When tackling hard stains, ground-in dirt, sticky messes, and more, you want a cleaning tool that can handle all your tough messes. Choosing a cleaner with the right accessories and power may make all the difference in getting rid of granny’s gravy after Thanksgiving dinner or not.

When you have pets or small children, the right floor cleaner might help you get spills up quickly and easily. Both of these models offer excellent qualities to help busy people get the most use out of the equipment. Each item offers unique tools to drive out dirt and get your floors looking and feeling much cleaner.

Bissell Crosswave model 1785a

Bissell 1785aThis floor sweeper gives owners a one-foot path of cleaning room with each pass. The green cleaner is lightweight at just over 11 pounds. At 42 inches tall, the handle is comfortable for short and tall people to use.

The clean tank holds 28 ounces of floor solution while the dirty container can hold between 14 and 15 ounces of soiled water.

With a 25-foot cord, you can use this Bissell product in large rooms without worrying about the need to unplug and find a closer outlet. Two tanks keep the dirty water away from the cleaning solution, so you always have fresh water to spray onto tough messes. The easy push trigger lets you spray the cleaner quickly when grape juice, red wine, or tomato sauce ends up on the floor.

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  • Combination sweeper and mop
  • Smart-touch buttons
  • Easy to use on multiple surfaces like laminate, tile, rugs, and hardwoods
  • Combination bristles
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  • Bearings may wear out prematurely
  • Requires manual disassembly to clean out the interior of the machine and the tanks

This model cleaner uses a dual fiber technology to help power out stains. The nylon and microfiber brush help grab small and large particles in one pass. Users can go from tile floors to rugs with the push of a button. This sweeper is more powerful than the 1785w because it has 500 more RPM’s for getting out difficult stains.

Bissell Crosswave version 1785w

Bissell 1785wWhen you need an advanced cleaning tool that can quickly switch between carpet and stone, the Bissell Crosswave 1785w in blue uses smart controls to make the change. With a wraparound handle, gripping the cleaner is comfortable.

Since this model is only 27 inches high, the wraparound handle makes it easier to maneuver.

A swiveling head means getting under low furniture is an easier task. Users may like the moisture trigger that gives you control over how much fluid you put on the floor or rug. You can use this cleaner on many surfaces including vinyl and stone as long as you seal the material.

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  • Brush window
  • Removable brush makes cleaning much easier
  • Dual tanks keep the cleaning solution separate from the dirty water
  • Picks up debris while mopping to eliminate the need to vacuum first
  • The on-board storage system lets you keep moist materials off from clean floors until dry
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  • Some parts may not be replaceable
  • Multi-surface does not mean this model spot cleans carpeted floors
  • Will not get deep into the grout to get rid of tough stains

Bissell Crosswave Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a favorite cleaner between these models may be difficult. They both work for multiple surfaces and have two water tanks. They also have brushes with two materials that help get small and big particles up from floors. However, the 1785a is much taller than the 1785w version. This difference alone can be a deciding factor for some people.

FAQ’s for Bissell Floor Cleaners

In this segment, we will discuss some of the most popular questions about floor cleaners. Hopefully, the answers will help you decide between the two versions if you cannot make up your mind.

Can you use the cleaner to vacuum floors

The Crosswave 1785a does vacuum, but the primary use for this cleaner is to mop while vacuuming. You can use it for small areas, but it may not pick up fine dirt or small dust particles. If you want to use it to vacuum a small rug, then this is acceptable when picking up bigger materials.

Does it matter what cleaning solution I put in the tank

Bissell suggests getting the best results comes from using the cleaners they make specifically for the Crosswave cleaners. However, many people say using homemade cleaning solutions and items you find at the local grocery store work too. To prevent problems with parts like o-rings and filters from wearing out prematurely, we always recommend using the cleaning solutions from the manufacturer.

If you want to clean the Crosswave between uses, you can use a mild bleach solution and run it through the machine. This mixture will flush out any contaminants. The bleach will disinfect the cleaner after picking up pet messes.

Will this tool clean grout

The Crosswave will scrub the surface of the grout, but it does not deep clean these areas. The grout should get a steam or deep clean at least once a year. You can use the Bissell cleaners to keep the grout shiny between cleanings.

Does the Bissell Crosswave leave streaks

If the floor still has contaminants on it, or you use a cleaner that is not a Bissell product, then you may end up with streaks. To avoid this issue, rinsing the floor after cleaning is an acceptable method. You can also stick to the manufacturer’s instructions to minimize these issues.

Will the machine leave too much water on the floor

Unless there is a problem with the cleaner, this model tool picks up most of the material with a high suction rate. To ensure the Crosswave picks up enough water, you can pull it back slowly to give it more time to let the suction to work. If you are using it on a rug, then the slower you pull back, the better the machine works.

Will the cleaner pick up animal fur and hair

Yes. The hair will not collect on the brush. It will end up in the dirty tank. For human hair or material like yarn and carpet strings, you may need to remove the fibers manually. The Crosswave 1785w uses a removable brush to let you get to these messes easier.

What voltage does the Crosswave cleaner use

120 volts.

Can I use the Crosswave on laminate floors

Yes. You can use these cleaners on many floor types as long as there is a sealer to prevent water damage. We suggest using a different cleaner on installed carpets.

Does the Bissell Crosswave steam clean floors

No. These cleaners use a shampooing method to clean floors. They will not disinfect the floor with hot water. You must use a different cleaner to get this effect.

A few final points

The Bissell Crosswave 1785a is significantly lighter than the model w version. If weight is an important factor, then you may want to go with the lighter cleaning tool. When height is critical, then the 1785w is shorter making it tougher for taller people to use comfortably.

Both tools use a dual-tank system and a rotating brush design that keeps pet hair in the tank and not on the brush. If we have to choose one model over the other, we like the 1785a version because it is lighter, taller, and more powerful. Even though this model is taller, it still fits well into a narrow closet or corner.

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