Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro Review

Features of Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro:


  • Long Power Cord
  • Powerful
  • Large Water Tank

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro User Manual

Having problem? Download Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro instructions.

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In the box, you will get the user guide, and all the instructions you need will be in there. You also get a small bottle of deep cleaning solution. This is mixed with hot tap water. The unit itself does not generate heat or steam of any sort, so you do use the cleaning solution with hot tap water, and then you put that into what they call the clean water tank.

You also get two attachments. The larger brush is what they call the stair cleaning brush, and then there is a smaller deep cleaning tool, and that’s what you’re probably going to use most of the time for small spots and stains on your carpet or upholstery. There is a bristle brush there which you use and then the full width there is the suctioning end which will suck the solution and hopefully the dirt and stain out of your carpet.

Bissel 3624 SpotClean Pro

There is a cord wrap on the one side. It’s about the size of a basketball. It’s fairly light. On the other side, there is the hose wrap, and also there is an area there where you can clip the hose into, particularly when you’ve got an attachment hooked on, and that keeps it sort of out of the way when you’re carrying this around.

The clean water tank. This is the dirty water collection tank, and you flip the handle up to take it out of the machine, and then you continue flipping the handle over to the other side to remove the lid so that you can then empty the dirty water into the sink. And you will be amazed at how dirty the water gets. You think your carpet is fairly clean, but once you start using this little thing, it sucks all sorts of dirt out of there.

Pros of Bissell 3624


The suction is incredibly powerful. It allows for deep cleaning and also dries up the moisture from it almost completely.

Power Cord

The power cord is 22 feet long, which allows you to move about the room easily without having to unplug and replug the unit in to complete an area.

Water Tank

Both the water and dirty tank are incredibly large, which will allow you to complete your job without having to go and refill and empty your tanks.


The unit comes with a three-inch brush as well as a six-inch stair brush. Both attachments pop on and snap off easily from the hose. Like some units you buy, which practically hurt your hand when you take it off, the three-inch brush is very nice when getting into small areas.

Bissel 3624 Spotclean Pro Brush Image


The cleaner is fairly small and is only 13 pounds, making it very portable when using and moving it around. Lastly, there is a latch to hold the hose into place when storing.

Cons of Bissell 3624


The hose is about five feet long, but it isn’t long enough, and you’ll find yourself picking up the unit to reach an area. When cleaning a couch or stairs, you’ll find yourself picking up the unit to set it down on something else so you can finish cleaning part of it.

Tanks Secure

The tanks are not reliable, and when you go to put them back on the unit, there is no way to lock them into place. So when you go to use it, and it tips over, the tanks will come off and may spill detergent or the dirty water all over the place.

Rotating Brush

It doesn’t include a rotating brush, and it would have been nice for them to include this, making it a lot easier and more effective in cleaning your area. Without a rotating brush, you have to scrub back and forth for a long time, depending on your stain. So if you have a large area to clean, your arm will become tired after a while.


The unit is very loud. And if you’re cleaning with an area that has hardwood or tile, the unit will echo throughout deafening your ears. But it doesn’t seem so bad if you’re cleaning in a carpeted area.

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro FAQ:

Can you use this for cleaning auto carpets?

Shortly, yes. According to some reviews left by professional body shops, there is an effective method of cleaning auto carpets with Bissell 3624 Pro: 

  1. Before using this machine, apply the seat upholstery or auto carpet with Oxyclean; 
  2. Let Oxyclean sit for 7 minutes, the seat or carpet must be fully covered and wet;
  3. Get the Bissell machine ready – load 5 parts of the Folex product dissolved in 1 part of water. The mixture must be warm;
  4. The whole seat or carpet must be covered with this mix until it is soaked;
  5. Clean the soaked surface by hand. Then use a 6-inch brush – scrub gently;
  6. Vacuum the same spots with Bissell machine – move the wand slowly;
  7. Use plain warm water with a soft brush. And then vac again;
  8.  Repeat step 6, if necessary;
  9. The final slow vac ends the procedure (to get water out); 

To let it dry completely leave the car somewhere in the sun for a few hours. Or use a big fan on the seats.

However, keep in mind that this device is required when the auto carpets are extremely dirty. Otherwise, there is no reason to use this carpet cleaning machine. 

Does the brush rotate?

According to the official manual, the brush of Bissell 3624 doesn’t rotate. However, in this case, it is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. For instance, if you have pets, their fur does not tangle on the machine’s brush. Rotating brushes have to be cleaned more often in a house where a cat or dog lives. A non-rotating brush is better to scrub in dirty places while rotating brushes stoop. 

Is it required that you use the brand cleaning formula?

Incorrect cleaning formulas can damage the device. At least, the manufacturer claims that this device is compatible only with their brand product – Bissell 2X Spot & Stain. It was designed specifically for Bissell portable spot cleaners like SpotClean Pro. Otherwise, the manufacturer doesn’t guarantee the long service of their machines. However, this product is based on chemicals. If you have pets or small children, you may prefer using more eco-friendly products like an all-natural laundry detergent (think of Dreft or similar solutions) mixed with warm water. 

Most carpets tolerate this mixture in a great way, as well as Bissell SpotClean Pro machine does. Besides, you can save a lot of money because brand-cleaning formulas cost a lot. To avoid too little or too much bubble in the machine, use no more than 1/8 cup of laundry detergent. Also, using detergents cuts drying time significantly. 

Can you use Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro on wool carpets?

Users claim that this machine can clean the carpets made of natural wool. However, you may need to invest in a special wool-safe cleaning solution. But it should be compatible with water. Some users advise using a soap as Woolite with cool water when you clean wool rugs with this machine. Usually, the device uses hot water but it may ruin wool carpets. 

What to do if SpotClean has no suction?

If you have problems with lost suction, you should consider doing such things: 

  • A possible reason might be in the water tank – sometimes the suction is lost if it is not sealed properly;
  • Check the seal by picking it up and replacing it. The tank should sit tight inside the unit;
  • Another problem is the improper assembly of the water tank. Double-check how it is assembled – use a manufacturer’s manual;
  • If the water tank is not fully empty, the suction can be lost. Check the fluid levels;
  • Also, the water tank can’t have any amount of dirty water inside. In this case, you should refill the tank (bladder’s compartment) with a clean hot tap;
  • The floating door of the water tank must be closed. But it should not be stuck because of heavy bumping. To fix this issue, turn the device off, the red float door should release into the open position;
  • Do the slower moves forward and backward when cleaning. Fast strokes can prevent proper suction;
  • If all these actions are in vain, try cleaning the red lint screen – located near the air duct. You should remove the water tank to find the lint screen. Clean any debris inside and replace the tank. 

What to do if SpotClean has no spray?

If you notice that Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro has worse or no spray, you should do such things to fix this issue without any professional help: 

  • The nozzle for spray may be heavily clogged. To clean it, remove the machine’s nozzle – start on the end, turn the device on, then press the trigger. By means of an unfolded paper clip clean the spray nozzle. It should spray immediately after cleaning;
  • To test the spray, attach the nozzle, press the trigger once again;
  • Another problem – clean the unit’s spray tip by removing it and using a small brush;
  • One more reason – the water tank for a clean solution is completely empty. Check if it is full;
  • To fix the clogged water tank with a clean solution, you should remove it, find and push the insert (located at the bottom). Check if the water is flowing. If it is not flowing, the tank is broken;
  • Or you may replace the pump by priming. To prime the pump, carefully lift the tank and depress the spray trigger. 

What to do if SpotClean is leaking?

It is a widespread issue. SpotClean Pro models can leak. The manufacturer recommends fixing this problem like this:

  • If the clean water tank leaks, it must be replaced;
  • If the hose leaks, you may want to hire a technician at any vacuum service center;
  • If the machine leaks from the side and bottom, you should check its water tank. Inspect it for cracks. If necessary, replace the old water tank with a new one. Make sure to lock it securely (follow the arrow lined up for the lock symbol).

If you have any other issues with your machine, contact the Bissell Service Center. 

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