The 7 Best Leaf Vacuum Mulchers & Blowers in 2022

leaf vacuum mulcher blower

Watching the leaves change color is one of the highlights of fall. Removing all the leaves that have fallen from the tree into your yard, on the other hand, is one of the less enjoyable aspects of fall. Raking or blowing leaves and then bagging them up to be recycled or composted can be exhausting and take up a lot of your time.

With a leaf vacuum mulcher, you can cut down the amount of time fall clean-up will take. They not only suck up the leaves in your yard but also mulch them into small pieces, allowing you to clean larger areas before you’ll need to empty the bag. We’ve reviewed the top seven vacuum mulchers that are currently on the market. Let’s get into it!

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Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum



Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower Vac



Black + Decker BV6600 Electric Mulcher Kit


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Worx WG518 Blower Vacuum Mulcher



Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac

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Worx Trivac WG505 Vacuum Mulcher



Husqvarna 320iB Cordless Mulcher

1. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph) with Metal Impeller, 12 amp,Red

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The Toro’s UlraPlus is a truly versatile tool to help you tackle the leaves, grass clippings and other debris in your yard. It offers a unique 3-in-1 design that allows it to function as a traditional leaf blower, a lawn vacuum and a leaf mulcher.

This product comes with a bag attachment to catch the shredded leaves. This bag not only allows you to avoid creating a mess in your lawn but also make it easier to spread the mulch around trees or in flower beds.

This blower vacuum also offers variable speeds. You can use a higher setting to move large piles of leaves or a slower speed to get those final leaves trapped in the nooks and crannies around your house. It offers a maximum blowing speed of 250 miles per hour.

The vacuum’s metal impeller, or rotor, turns to generate the leaf vacuum mulcher’s power and airflow for improved durability and reliability. Other similar models include plastic rotors which are more prone to wear and breakage.

When you purchase this item, you’ll also receive a power insert, concentrator, a shred ring, and an oscillating nozzle attachment.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum Takeaways

  • Included bag attachment for catching shredded leaves
  • 250 miles per hour air speed
  • Comes with power insert, an oscillating nozzle attachment, a shred ring, and a concentrator
  • Metal impeller for added durability


  • The shred ring reduces leaves and other lawn debris by as much as 97%.
  • It has a 250 mph maximum air speed.
  • The 12 amp motor allows you to power through your chores
  • It works as a blower, vacuum, and mulcher


  • You have to drag the cord around.

2. Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included 24322

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The Greenworks Cordless leaf blower vacuum’s motor features a brushless design that results in less wear and tear compared to other models. It also means that you may be able to use this tool for longer periods of time without having to worry about them motor overheating.

The Greenworks motor offers a maximum air speed of 185 mph but also has the ability to vary speeds depending upon your needs. A convenient variable speed button is built directly into the handle to make changing speeds a breeze.

This leaf blower and vacuum includes a 40 volt, 4.0 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is powerful enough to move wet or dry leaves. The battery is rated to clear up to half an acre on a single charge.

Greenworks also offers an optional G Max battery that is hot swappable with over 40 other tools including mowers, hedge trimmers, weed whackers, chainsaws and more. With this system, one battery can help you handle many of your outdoor chores.

Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum Takeaways

  • Brushless motor with a push button start
  • Up to 60 minutes of runtime on one charge
  • 6 speed settings provide increased flexibility and versatility
  • Weighs only 11 pounds with the nozzles and attachments


  • No extension cord required; 40 volt lithium-ion battery lets you move freely across your yard.
  • Variable speed dial with 6 settings to quickly add more power and torque.
  • Integrated indicator quickly displays how much battery you have left.


  • G Max battery is an optional upgrade that adds to the final cost.

3. Black + Decker BV6600 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher Kit

BLACK+DECKER (BV6600) 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher, 12-Amp

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Black + Decker's leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher model includes a 12 amp motor that can produce as much as 250 miles per hour of air speed. This model also includes variable speed settings that allow you to reduce the air speed to as little as 140 miles per hour.

Most leaf blower and vacuum combination tools feature a reusable bag to catch leaves. While this model does have a reusable bag option, Black + Decker also offers the option to connect disposable bags to this 3-in-one blower, vacuum and mulcher. With this system, you can just tie up the bag and discard it when your job is done.

The 12 amp motor has a metal fan to prevent clogging or loss of power while the tool is in mulching mode. In fact, this combination of power and durability allows the mulcher to grind and shred up to 16 bags' worth of leaves down to a single bag.

Black + Decker BV6600 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher Kit Takeaways

  • Variable air speed between 140 and 250 miles per hour
  • Rapidly change from blower to vacuum to mulcher
  • Easy empty reusable leaf bag or disposable leaf bag options
  • 16:1 leaf shredding ratio and a metal fan to avoid clogging while mulching


  • 400 cubic feet of air per minute allows you to clear a larger area at once.
  • 250 miles per hour maximum air speed enables you to move rocks, mulch, wet leaves and other heavy debris.
  • Optional gutter cleaning attachment can quickly remove debris by your roof.


  • The mulcher can become clogged if the leaves are too wet.

4. Worx WG518 Corded Blower Vacuum Mulcher

WORX WG518 12 Amp 2-Speed Leaf Blower, Mulcher & Vacuum, 10" x 11" x 40", Orange and Black

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The Worx corded blower, vacuum and mulcher is one of the more reasonably priced models on our list. Yet, it still offers a top air speed of 250 miles per hour. The 12amp variable speed motor also offers a light-duty and heavy-duty mode depending upon your needs.

In mulching mode, the sturdy metal impellor shreds enough leaves to fill 16 conventional bags down to one of Worx's reusable bags. This tool has the ability to mulch up to 1.2 bushels of leaves into the included collection bag.

After you are done mulching, one button press allows you to blow any remaining debris away from your driveway or other key areas of your property. The lower speed light duty mode is ideal for gently blowing leaves, sticks and other debris out of flower beds.

Worx WG518 Corded Blower Vacuum Mulcher Takeaways

  • Metal impeller for improved durability compared to other models with plastic rotors
  • 250 miles per hour air speed with the ability to move over 2900 gallons per minute of air
  • 16:1 mulch ratio
  • Press one button to change from vacuum to blower mode


  • This product comes with a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry the tool around your yard.
  • It features lightweight construction that is less than 11 pounds.
  • It can mulch over 9 gallons of leaves into the collection bag at one time.


  • There are only two variable speed modes for light or heavy-duty jobs.

5. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac

Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red

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Toro's engineers put a significant amount of thought into the design of this blower vacuum. This model also includes a newly redesigned and larger metal impeller. This improved rotor provides more power and torque, which helps the tool deliver a top air speed of 250 miles per hour.

The durable motor can move up to 350 cubic feet per minute in blow mode or 410 cubic feet per minute in vacuum mode. Variable speed settings allow you to lower the air speed to remove debris from flower beds, rock paths and other tight spaces in your yard.

The included cord lock ensures that your tool remains connected to its power source while you are working throughout your yard. The integrated cord storage hook makes it easy to keep the cord contained and secure after your job is done.

Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac Takeaways

  • Quick-release latch to change from blower to vacuum on the fly without any tools
  • Bottom zipper allows you to quickly empty the leaf bag when full
  • Integrated cord lock keeps your tool connected during use
  • Included attachments fit into the leaf bag for easy storage


  • Mulching mode shreds over 85% of leaves and other debris down to ½ inch or less.
  • The bottom zipper makes it easy to empty the bag and keep working.
  • Newly redesigned metal impeller is larger to provide more power and more efficient mulching.


  • Acorns and other large pieces of debris can get caught in the impeller and damage the blades.

6. Worx Trivac WG505 Vacuum Mulcher

WORX WG505 3-in-1 Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum, 9" x 15" x 20", Orange and Black

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The Worx Trivac is another option you'll definitely want to consider. This product has a metal impeller that allows it to finely chop leaves into mulch with a 16:1 ratio. The quality metal construction can give you the confidence to know that Worx designed their mulcher to last for a long time.

You'll find that this product is easy to operate. If you are using it as a vacuum or blower, it can be controlled with just one hand, leaving your other hand free. It is lightweight too, and weighs just 9.5 pounds.

You can customize the airflow speed depending on the task you need to complete. It can be brought down as low as 80 miles per hour or go as high as 210 miles per hour.

If you've ever been frustrated with leaves that get stuck in tough-to-reach spaces, such as under the deck, then you're sure to love this option. It features an angled tube design that can help you reach those difficult spaces.

Worx Trivac WG505 Vacuum Mulcher Takeaways

  • Variable speed adjustable between 80 and 210 miles per hour
  • Angled tube for reaching difficult areas
  • 16:1 mulch ratio
  • Lightweight and easy to operate


  • Overall weight of 9.5 pounds may be light enough for you to use one-handed.
  • Unique tube design may be flat enough to get under patio furniture or go under your deck.
  • When the bag is full, you can use the quick-release button to easy empty it.


  • Some other blowers offer a higher max speed.

7. Husqvarna 320iB Cordless Blower Vacuum Mulcher

Husqvarna 320iB 40V Cordless Blower

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Finally, the Husqvarna 320iB is another great vacuum mulcher to look at. To help you reduce the volume of the leaves you vacuum, this option offers a 16:1 mulching ratio.

This product offers a top air velocity of 120 miles per hour. It also offers variable speeds to allow you to find the right setting for each task. With the cruise control setting, you can lock the speed in to make it easier to handle the mulcher.

Another great feature of this option is the smart start. Husqvarna designed it with an engine and starter that start up quickly with little-to-no effort on your part. It also has an auto return stop switch that resets to the on position to make it easier to start up the next time you're ready to work.

Husqvarna 320iB Cordless Blower Vacuum Mulcher Takeaways

  • Variable speed settings with a max air velocity of 120 miles per hour.
  • Quick start & low noise due to battery powered design
  • Cruise control
  • Slim design


  • The 16:1 mulching ratio reduces the volume of leaves you have for recycling.
  • You can turn on the cruise control to set the optimal RPM for each task
  • Starting up this product is quick and easy.


  • Battery life at around 20 minutes (ideal for private use, not for professional use)

Verdict & Review

Toro 51621 UltraPlus


Ease of use











  • 97% shredding
  • 250 mph maximum air speed
  • The 12 amp motor
  • blower, vacuum, and mulcher


  • You need to drag the power cord around.

One thing we like about the Toro UltraPlus is how versatile it is. You can easily switch between using it as a lawn vacuum, a leaf mulcher, or a leaf blower.

When you use it as a leaf blower, you'll definitely appreciate the included bag attachment. This piece allows you to catch the leaves as they are mulched, decreasing the mess left behind.

This option also includes different speed settings to allow you to select the ideal speed for the task you are completing. For example, you can use a lower speed for getting leaves is tighter spaces and a higher speed for blowing leaves across the length of your property.

A few other key features you'll enjoy if you purchase the Toro UltraPlus are the metal impeller and the included power insert, oscillating nozzle attachment, shred ring, and concentrator.

Buyer's Guide

A leaf vacuum mulcher is a great tool to have if you have any trees on your property that drop their leaves in the fall. With a vacuum mulcher, fall clean-up is so much quicker, less stressful, and, even, more enjoyable.

Before putting just any leaf vacuum mulcher into your cart, it is important to take some time and compare the different models that are available. Each product offers different features and benefits, so knowing exactly what you're looking for in the vacuum mulcher you select will help you narrow down the choices and make a selection.

To help you identify the features you want to see in the product you select, we've put together a short buying guide. Take a few moments and read through the key things you should consider before purchasing a new leaf vacuum mulcher.

Product Type

The first thing you'll want to think about before picking a product is whether you'd prefer to use a gas, electric, or cordless leaf vacuum mulcher. There are benefits and drawbacks for each model to think about. You also may have strong preferences about these options and choose to purchase a vacuum mulcher that uses the same type of power as the other tools in your garage or shed.

Many people like using electric models because they typically cost less money than gas models. Electric mulchers also operate more quietly than gas models. However, on the downside, with an electric mulcher, you'll have to deal with dragging the heavy cord/extension cord around you and will be more limited in how freely you're able to move about your space without moving the cord to a different outlet.

Gas vacuum mulchers, on the other hand, allow you to move around more easily and you won't have to worry about having a cord in your way. But gas options are heavier than electric or cordless models and are very loud when operating. They also contribute to air pollution.

A cordless leaf vacuum mulcher provides you with the flexibility to move around without being tied down by a cord while also being lightweight and quiet. However, you'll have to be sure to keep the battery charged, because you won't be able to get any work done if the battery dies.


When choosing a tool, you want to look for something that delivers enough power to help you accomplish what you need to with ease. If you need to vacuum up wet leaves, you'll want to look for a very powerful option since wet leaves are heavier and harder to suck up than dry leaves.

Another thing to look or is variable speeds. A vacuum mulcher with variable speeds allows you to adjust the suction power to match a specific task. For example, you'll want less speed and power if you're blowing or vacuuming leaves in a flower bed than you would if you were trying to suck up a big pile of leaves.

Ease of Using/Maneuvering

Since you'll likely be out in your yard working with your vacuum mulcher for extended periods of time, you should look for something that is easy to operate. Choose a product that allows you to switch between the different modes and add/remove the attachments easily.

You should also think about how easy maneuvering the vacuum mulcher will be. If it is too heavy, your arms will likely get very tired holding it and trying to blow or vacuum leaves.

A heavy power cord can also make it more challenging to move the blower/vacuum around your yard. You may want to consider looking for a gas or cordless model if you think the power cord may get in your way or be an annoyance.


As you read the descriptions of the different products, be sure to pay close attention to the material that is used to make the impeller. If possible, look for a model with a metal impeller. Metal impellers are stronger and last much longer than plastic impellers.

Collection Bag Size

The size of the collection bag is another important feature to consider. If the product you select has a small collection bag, you'll find that you're stopping to empty it too frequently, which can cut into how productive you are. A larger collection bag allows you to vacuum up and mulch more leaves before needing to stop to empty the bag.


Finally, consider the price of each product you're looking at. You should look at quality before thinking about the cost of a product, but if a product is priced out of your budget, it probably isn't one you'll want to consider. If you're torn between two products that both seem like they'll be a good match for your needs, the cost of each option may help make your decision a little easier.


How Do Leaf Vacuum Mulchers Work?

Leaf vacuum mulchers are designed to suck up the leaves from your lawn and break them up into very small pieces, also knowing as mulching. This helps reduce the volume of leaves you'll have to recycle and can also make it easy for you to use the mulched leaves to fertilize your soil and flower beds.

There are a few different things a leaf vacuum mulcher does to achieve this end goal. First, it has powerful suction that allows it to suck up the leaves from the yard. Once the leaves are sucked up, the mulching begins. These products have an impeller with blades that work to chop up the leaves and other small debris into very small pieces.

The mulched leaves are collected in the attached bag, making it easy for you to recycle them or redistribute them over a flower bed.

In addition to vacuuming and mulching leaves, most vacuum mulchers also offer a blower setting. This setting allows you to use it to blow leaves into a large pile, which makes vacuuming them up quicker and more efficient.

How Do I Convert from a Blower to Vacuum?

Since every leaf vacuum/blower is different, the specific steps for converting the product you choose may look different from another product. However, most of these tools all function in the same general way.

The tool should have come with two different nozzles; one for blowing and one for vacuuming. When you want to convert your blower to a vacuum, you need to switch out the nozzles. Then, you'll also want to be sure to connect the bag to hold the leaves you suck up and mulch using the vacuum setting.

Can you use a shop vac for water without a filter?

While you can use a leaf vacuum mulcher on wet leaves, most d not operate as well as they would with dry leaves. Wet leaves are heavier to suck up because of the added weight of the water, so it will be more challenging for your machine to suck them up. Also, since the leaves are heavier, if your vacuum is even able to suck them up, the collection bag gets heavier and harder to carry more quickly.

If you're looking to use your leaf vacuum mulcher on wet leaves, you'll want to look for a more powerful model. Otherwise, waiting until the leaves have dried out is probably your best bet. Plus, when the leaves are dry, you'll be able to blow them into a pile more easily, which makes the job of sucking them up quicker.

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