5 Best Hoover Carpet Cleaner Solutions

A smooth, clean carpet is adored by everyone. This implies that even a little flaw may follow you for a long time. We’ve all been there: you keep staring at that one spot on the carpet, and it reminds you that the carpet’s beauty isn’t perfect.

The finest carpet cleaning solutions, on the other hand, will be able to assist you in no time. Here, experts take a look at some of Hoover’s carpet cleaning methods that have a reputation for being effective.

Reasons to invest in Hoover carpet cleaner solutions: 

  • They are designed specifically for spot stains;
  • Can cope with vomit, pet stains and old dirt;
  • Eliminate odor as well;
  • Can be used for hard floor surfaces as well;
  • The improved fast-acting formulas;
  • Good for large and small carpets;
  • Some products are pet-friendly;

Are you looking for some reliable Hoover carpet cleaners? The following guide focuses on the pros and cons of top 5 Hoover carpet cleaner solutions. The comparison table and buying guide can be quite helpful as well. 

Hoover CleanPlus Concentrated Cleaner and Deodorizer – the best for traffic areas!

1 15With Hoover CleanPlus 2X concentrated solution, you can get rid of undesirable stains and trouble areas while also leaving a clean, fresh sensation. This detergent cleans deeply and fast, removing even the toughest filth and grime.

This solvent cleaner is designed for use in high-density areas and is twice as strong as other carpet cleaners. You’ll just need half the amount of formula for twice the cleaning power.

This Hoover detergent is effective, affordable, and concentrated, allowing you to receive more cleaning action from each container. It’s septic-safe and has a pleasant “Fresh Linen” fragrance that lingers on carpets for a long time.

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  • Good for cleaning tough stains and traffic areas;
  • An easy spray application;
  • Recommended for carpets and upholstery;
  • Good for everyday cleaning;
  • Fresh Linen scent;
  • Concentrated;
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  • Can’t be recommended for allergic people;
  • Not cost-effective;
  • Won’t cope with some car upholstery materials;

Does a fantastic job scrubbing white carpets and has a pleasant scent that does not linger in the home. A Hoover machine also makes a noticeable impact.

Hoover Expert Pet Carpet Cleaner Solution Formula – the best for removing stains!

2 15For a really deep clean, the Hoover Expert Pet solution includes strong enzymes that eliminate organic stains, grime, and odor.

This cleanser does not fully eliminate the urine stench from the carpet, but it does a wonderful job of deodorizing and removing debris as well as the remains of hairball/puke stains.

A spray bottle of this material combined to the right ratio may be used for spot cleanings in between full-on cleaning sessions, as well as pre-treating stains before using the “steam” vacuum.

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  • Powerful liquid formula;
  • Professional carpet cleaner;
  • Deodorizes and tackles stubborn pet stains;
  • Nice Cotton scent;
  • Safe for full-size cleaning machines;
  • Easy application;
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  • May increase the pet’s urine smell;
  • A bit cloudy;
  • Easy to spill;

To eliminate dirt and stains from carpeting, rugs, and upholstery, use this solution in conjunction with a Hoover cleaning solution. It doesn’t have a strong odor or a musty odor.

Hoover Expert Clean Carpet Cleaner Machine Shampoo – the best for removing old dirt!

3 15It is Hoover’s most effective upholstery and carpet cleaner. Hoover Expert Clean is a professional-grade cleaner that gets rid of deep-down filth and grime from carpets and upholstery.

The solution will efficiently get rid of stains and soil from your rug without harming its look or performance.

Because you must use warm to hot water over the prepared carpet a few times to eliminate the soap accumulation, this solution is concentrated. Otherwise, your carpets will be crunchy.

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  • Concentrated;
  • Easy to use;
  • It deodorizes and lifts dirt;
  • Removes allergens from your carpet;
  • Fresh Linen scent;
  • Septic safe;
  • Good for tough stains;
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  • Not great for some machines;
  • Makes many bubbles;
  • The bottle may leak or come without a lid;

This shampoo cleans effectively and has a pleasant scent that is not overpowering like some other shampoos. It has a gentle, clean scent that is ideal for infants and people with sensitive noses/skin.

Hoover Oxy Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo – the best for the fast-acting formula!

4 15This stain-fighting solution works quickly to target and removes both new and old stains, making cleanup a breeze. Pungent smells are neutralized using oxy technology. It has an Ocean Breeze fragrance that leaves your carpets feeling fresh and clean.

Ketchup, dirt, spaghetti sauce, coffee, grape juice, and other difficult stains are attacked and broken down by this Hoover solution. It’s intended for use on carpets, upholstery, and car interiors. It may be used in conjunction with a Hoover carpet cleaner and stain remover.

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  • Can cope with very tough stains (including ink and coffee);
  • Good for carpet and upholstery;
  • Compatible with most carpet-cleaning machines;
  • Oxy Tech to remove odor and colored stains;
  • Quick to act;
  • Concentrated;
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  • May arrive open;
  • Too much foam;
  • Strong smell;

Hoover Oxy Carpet product is a stain-fighting solution that not only fights but also removes old and new spots, making them easier to remove. The Oxy technology in this product neutralizes smells and leaves carpets feeling fresh with an Ocean Breeze fragrance.

Hoover Pro Plus 2X Detergent Solution – the best for non-toxic components!

5 15Hoover Pro Plus is a professional-grade carpet and upholstery cleaner that removes tough stains and smells while leaving your carpets and upholstery smelling fresh and clean. 2X concentrated formulation is twice as strong as the original, allowing you to use half as much.

[tds_info]Tips for users: to guarantee the best results, use it as a pre-treatment with any Hoover Spot Spray before cleaning your carpets, and continue to apply it as part of regular maintenance to prolong the life of your rugs.
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  • Non-toxic and biodegradable components;
  • Concentrated;
  • Fresh Cotton Breeze scent;
  • Improved formula;
  • A professional solution for any carpet and upholstery;
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  • Can damage white carpets;
  • Smells strong after using;
  • May not cope with some pet stains;

This detergent cleans deeply and fast, removing even the toughest filth and grime. It’s perfect for high-traffic locations. This Hoover’s finest cleaning biodegradable detergent has a new unique improved formula.

The Buyer’s Guide

Types of Hoover carpet Cleaner Solutions

1) Powder cleaners 

Simply sprinkle over the rug before vacuuming it up. They’re often used to get rid of smells.

2) Liquid cleaners 

They provide a carpet cleaning solution that may be used in an electrical carpet cleaner. Excellent for clearing tough stains.

3) Foam cleaners 

These Hoover solutions create foam when they come into contact with the carpet, reducing the quantity of water required and allowing carpets to dry faster.

4) Specialized cleaners

They’re designed to get rid of certain smells like animal urine.

5) Expert carpet solutions 

For the deepest, most thorough clean, use professional-grade cleansers that lift dirt and eliminate allergens. Tough stains, allergies, alcohol, urine, lingering odor, and chocolate can be removed with such Hoover products.

6) Plus carpet solutions

These Hoover washing detergents are effective at removing dirt and grime from daily life. If you really need to remove pet pee stains or filthy upholstery fast, they may also perform well as spot sprays. They include specific enzymes for this purpose.

7) Hard floor products 

Hoover hard floor cleaning products were created with hard surfaces like tile, marble, and stone in mind. They can clean your grout and rejuvenate your ancient tile.


When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, size matters. In general, Hoover products designed to clean bigger areas will be delivered in larger quantities. Take notice, however, of the suggested solution variables. A little amount of a highly concentrated solution may persist as long as a big amount of a less concentrated solution.


Although all Hoover solutions include strong chemicals, they must be safe for use around children and pets. Phosphates and heavy metals should be avoided in goods.

Stain protection

Carpet protecting agents are included in Hoover cleaners. They include compounds that cling to carpet fibers and keep dirt from adhering to them. Spills may be cleaned up with a cloth napkin and removed before they become a stain. Even if the stain is many months old, you may buy Hoover solutions that will remove it. The enzymes in Hoover products eliminate the stain.

Deodorizing effect

Dirty carpets have an unpleasant odor. If you have dogs, you undoubtedly already know that cleaning up after their “accidents” on the carpet requires more than some soap or a DIY carpet cleaner. The best option is to select a product that is developed especially for pet-friendly homes. They are excellent in removing any sort of stain that a pet may leave behind, as well as pet urine odors.


The majority of people want their houses to smell fresh and clean, which can only be achieved if the carpet has a nice fragrance. Everyone, on the other hand, has different ideas about what smells nice. As a result, the best choice is to go through the components list for a citrus-like fragrance.

Ease of use

A great solution should be simple to use by hand or in a machine. To obtain the greatest outcomes, the directions should clearly explain how to utilize the solution. Most experts suggest patch testing the carpet first to ensure that it is colorfast. Pick a Hoover solution that doesn’t leave a sticky residue, since this will only attract more dirt. For those in a hurry, the ideal option is one that foams up fast and does not leave the carpet damp, since this allows you to walk on it sooner.


What is a carpet cleaner solution? 

A carpet cleaning solution is a liquid chemical that contains surfactants (detergents), which work on dirt and filth in the carpet. They remove it from the fibers of the carpet so that it may be rinsed away. They may be used to clean a rug by hand or with a carpet cleaning machine. Some other substances may be used to conceal or neutralize undesirable smells.

Will Hoover products clean a very dirty carpet? 

Carpets in high-traffic areas like entry halls, for example, may get extremely dirty. For them, spot cleaning will no longer suffice; they will need a thorough cleaning. Begin by vacuuming your carpets thoroughly. Then you may need to use a specialist Hoover solution to pre-treat isolated spots. Before you do this, double-check the directions, but in most instances, you’ll apply a concentrated solution to the stain and keep it on for a specific amount of time before washing it away.

If you don’t have one, a Hoover machine is ideal for severely soiled areas. You may rent one if you don’t have one. Fill the machine with the cleaning solution and the appropriate amount of water, then run it back and forth over the rug in a similar motion to vacuuming. You may have to rinse the carpet with hot water before allowing it to dry.

Can a laundry detergent replace Hoover carpet cleaners? 

Spot cleaning of stains using laundry detergents like Borax is a good idea. After spraying the area with chilled water, sprinkle the detergent on top and use a spoon to push it into the carpet. Continue to wipe the stain with paper and spray with water until it vanishes. Always do a patch test before proceeding. However, no one can guarantee great results or non-damaged carpet after using a laundry detergent in such a way. 

Video Tutorial: Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner

Final thoughts 

For most carpet cleaning machines and manual carpet cleaning, you may use the above-mentioned Hoover products. They are affordable, safe and efficient for most home carpets and commercial devices used to clean rugs of any sort. 

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