5 Best Cordless Vacuums

With the development of modern technologies, a lot of routines, we have to do daily, are now simplified. This applies to cleaning, as well. Dust, debris, and even deeply-embedded dirt can be removed with a powerful vacuum of high suction performance. Nowadays, a wide variety of vacuum cleaners are available to purchase in online and offline stores. All of them have a set of features that can probably sway the balance in their favor, but which one to choose?

This question should be approached seriously with a thorough evaluation of the pros and cons. Some models are more capable of performing certain tasks but are weaker in handling other possible problems. Choosing the most appropriate one, you won’t have to skim the same section several times. It will not only reduce your efforts but also will save you time and money.

Which vac to choose

The most prominent factor to consider is your cleaning needs and, thus, a purpose of usage:

  • Cleaning up the hard floor. An upright vac with an ability to turn the brush roll off and a capacious dust container is what you need in this case;
  • Cleaning up the carpet. For this purpose, you may like a canister with a motorized powerhead.
  • Cleaning up more than floors. You’ll be able to clean the furniture, mattresses, and even the interior of your car with a handheld vacuum. Some models may be transformed to reach the ceiling. To go beyond cleaning floors check the presence of attachments, such as a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery brush, etc.
  • Handling pet hair. Driven by this purpose, you need a vac with powerful suction, mainly an upright model or a canister.
  • Reaching tight places. A handheld vac may be of greatest use to clean up furniture
  • Quick clean-ups. If you’ve spilled cereal for instance, and need to handle it quickly, a lightweight stick vacuum may work out great for you, though they tend to have lower performance in durable cleaning.

We’ve selected Top 5 Cordless Vacuums which are highly likely to meet your cleaning needs whatever they are without hassle. The Comparison Table below includes some basic details of the models. Learn the descriptions carefully to make the right choice subsequently.

Hoover BH50010 Linx Stick Vacuum- Best for Universal Cleaning!

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, LightweightHoover BH50010 Linx is a stick vacuum cleaner, designed in an upright configuration with a low-profile design. Weighing about 7,3 pounds, it is compact and portable enough to be used when cleaning multiple rooms.

The vac is fitted with a fade-free lithium-ion battery system with interchangeable batteries. You can always know how long the battery life will last, to be sure you’ll manage to finish cleaning, by looking at the battery level indicator.
Hoover BH 50010 Linx is equipped with powered brush rollers and an extreme recline handle, enabling to clean hard-to-reach areas without moving the furniture. Debris, dust, and hair can be removed by the vacuum cleaner not only from multiple types of surfaces but also from hard-to-reach edges due to ad hoc bristles. The channels of suction to lift and remove deeply-embedded dirt are ensured with WindTunnel Technology.

thumbs up regular


  • Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble;
  • Fitted with WindTunnel Technology;
  • Has edge cleaning bristles and a swiveling head;
  • Battery level indicator divided into several sections;
  • Intuitive power controls, located right at fingertip;
  • A washable circle foam filter;
  • Interchangeable batteries;
  • Great for multiple types of surface;
  • The spinning brush can be deactivated in different modes.
thumbs down regular


  • Short battery life;
  • The cost of a battery is rather high;
  • Demonstrates weak suction ability;
  • Doesn’t pick up fluids or cat litter;
  • Plastic wheels are covered with rubber which may peel off as well as the plastic may fall off.

If there’re various types of surfaces in your house and you need a universal vacuum to be able to clean them all, Hoover BH50010 Linx may perfectly satisfy your needs. However, this vacuum is intended for daily cleaning up, not deep cleaning.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum- Best Choice for Pet Owners!

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum for CarpetThe Navigator Freestyle Premium Cordless Vacuum features a swivel steering, an XL dust container, and a brush roll with 2 speed modes. This is an upright stick model. It is bagless.

The mess is gathered into an easy-to-empty see-through dust cup with 0.64 quarts of capacity. The Shark Navigator operates with a 10.8V battery which is included as a set together with a charging base. Weighing 7,50lbs, it is quite maneuverable and easy to move.
The Navigator Freestyle Premium Vacuum can ensure a superior cleaning, perfectly removing embedded pet hair from your carpets. It demonstrates superior pick-up power on pet hair.

thumbs up regular


  • Suitable for both carpet and bare floor;
  • Operates in 2 speed modes;
  • Free-standing;
  • Cordless and maneuverable: can reach debris around and under pieces of furniture;
  • Works well on stairs;
  • Equipped with a washable filter;
  • Can pick up cat litter.
thumbs down regular


  • May not suck up small-sized pieces such as cheerios, crackers, cereal, etc.;
  • The risk of damaging a bare floor because of the uninterruptible work of the brush.
  • Has no lights except for the switch light.

The Navigator Freestyle Premium Vacuum may be of great help to you provided that you are a true pet lover. However, if it is not pets but rather kids who make your home dirty most by throwing everything around, then you should probably seek another option.

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature- Best Quality for the Price!

Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum CleanerHoover BH50020PC Linx Signature is an updated version of its predecessor – BH50010. The main difference is the slightest change in design – a different color scheme of some parts. They have also improved the battery life. Besides, the BH50020PC model is much quieter.

The other features remain the same. Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature can also be used for clean-ups on versatile types of surfaces. You can easily move this cordless vac from carpet to hardwood floors. The low-profile design enables you to go under the furniture to clean up hard-to-reach places. The brushroll can be conveniently switched on/off as the switch is located just at your fingertips.
Just like model BH50010, this Hoover BH50020PC is fitted with WindTunnel Technology, enabling removing debris and deeply-embedded through the created channels of suction. The vac is fade-free lithium-Ion battery powered.

thumbs up regular


  • An updated model;
  • Recharges rather quickly;
  • Features longer lasting battery;
  • Lightweight and maneuverable;
  • Produces less noise;
  • Rolls better;
  • Cost-effective: has a washable filter;
  • Worth its cost;
  • Delivers upright performance;
  • Fitted with a battery level indicator;
  • 2 modes: suction only or suction with a brush rotating.
thumbs down regular


  • You may have to empty the dust container after each vacuuming;
  • The batteries are rather expensive;
  • Needs a 120V plug so an adapter may be needed to charge the vac;
  • More expensive;
  • Needs a lot of cleaning;
  • Can be used only as a floor vacuum;
  • Comes with no attachments;
  • Cannot be disassembled into small parts;
  • Cannot go under low furniture.

In case you liked the model BH50010 but did not bring yourself to buy it because of its flaws described earlier, then you may be pleased to find out that the downsides have been improved and you can now order the Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature.

Tineco A10 Hero – Best in Filtration ability!

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerTineco A10 Hero is a cordless stick/handheld vacuum cleaner with a motor of high performance, 350W, providing powerful suction, 105W, for thorough cleaning. This model has a run time up to 25 minutes in a regular mode, ensured by a long-lasting 2000mAh detachable battery, and up to 10 minutes in Max mode.

The attached Hair Cleaning Tool and Crevice Tool contribute to the vac’s ability to get to hard-to-reach areas and remove pet hair.
Tineco A 10 is fitted with specific brushes such as High-Torque Power Brush, Mini Brush, 2-in1 Dusting Brush, and Multi-tasker. The performance of the latter was tested according to ASTM-F608 standards. It was concluded that the Multi-tasker brush provides 80% stronger cleaning performance, as well as 2.5X more power than other ordinary cordless vacs. 99,97% of dust and 0,3-micron particles are captured by a 4-stage fully-sealed HEPA filtration system. The dust capacity is 0,4 and it can be emptied with only one touch.

thumbs up regular


  • Lightweight – easy to maneuver across the rooms;
  • Easily converts to a handheld vac;
  • Features useful attachments to reach corners, stairs, and crevices;
  • HEPA filter;
  • Suits to clean up multiple types of surfaces;
  • LED lights on the full-sized brush;
  • May be used for cleaning up ceilings;
  • May order extra batteries to increase the runtime;
  • Self-protection function: when the battery is fully charged, it’ll automatically shut off;
  • Offered at a 2-year warranty;
  • You don’t have to continually hold the trigger down to keep the vac operating;
  • Set with a storage dock.
thumbs down regular


  • It does not stand alone;
  • The battery may lose its full efficiency after reaching 400 charging cycle;
  • There’s no wall mount available for the product now.

If you’re the one who seeks a powerful tool to do cleans-up not only on hard sealed floors or covered with carpets ones, but also on the stairs, ceiling, or in a car, and want it to be stylishly designed, Tineco A10 Hero Vacuum may be an ideal choice for you! It would be of significant use if you suffer from allergy due to the anti-allergen HEPA technology.

Dyson V8 Stick Vacuum – Must-Have at Homes With Pets!

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, IronDyson V8 is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with a run time up to 40 minutes when used without a motorized tool and up to 25 mins when used with it. In Max mode, the battery can last up to 8 minutes in fade-free power.

The Max mode ensures up to 6 minutes of higher suction power to remove deeply-embedded dirt or pet hair from carpets. It easily handles it due to the stiff nylon bristles driven by a powerful digital motor. For longer operation, the vac requires charging for at least 4 hours before the very first use.
The vacuum is characterized by powerful suction and whole-machine filtration. It is fitted with a washable lifetime filter and a direct drive cleaner head. The bin volume is 0.14 gallons. To empty it, you don’t have to touch the gathered dirt. Dyson V8 has strong airflow to capti=ure fine dust due to 15 cyclones, located across 2 tires.

thumbs up regular


  • The convenience of use: cordless and lightweight:
  • Versatile: transforms to a handheld vac quickly and easily;
  • Instant release trigger means battery power is only used while it’s cleaning;
  • Hygienic dirt ejector;
  • Offered at 5-year limited warranty;
  • Whole-machine filtration that grabs allergens and forces out cleaner air;
  • Can be used to clean up the ceiling;
  • Packed with a docking station and mounting hardware.
thumbs down regular


  • May be tiring to hold the trigger button during the whole cleaning;
  • May need a plug adapter as it supports 110V;
  • Might be unsatisfied with the customer service quality;
  • Poor charger life;
  • The most expensive option among the reviewed ones.

If you’re tired of pet hair on your carpets, furniture, or in the car, The Dyson V8 vacuum may be what you need to handle it. And if you’ve dreamt about a tool to clean your ceiling with, this stick vac will be of use to get rid of cobwebs even in tight corners.

The Buyer’s Guide

What are the qualities of a good vacuum cleaner? 

  • It should be lightweight and maneuverable;
  • It should operate quietly;
  • It should be easy to use over both carpet and hard surfaces;
  • It should be either cordless or have a rather long cord;
  • It should have a compact design for easy storage;
  • It should have some additional tools attached;
  • It should have good filtration. HEPA filters are an ideal choice; 
  • It should have several modes of operation;
  • It should have a capacious dust container;
  • It should have a switch on/off button which you don’t have to hold continually.

What useful attachments can a vacuum cleaner have?

Versatile attachments are available to make your cleaning more thorough. You may find a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, and extra dusting brushes set with a certain model of vacuum which will help you clean up even hard-to-reach spots not only on the floors.

In order to make the right choice and eventually not to be disappointed with it, we offer you to follow the procedure provided below:

  1. Think about the most common source of pollution in your accommodation. Is it pets? Are pet hair and litter thrown everywhere in your house? Or is it children, running from room to room and crumbling their snacks? Is it a hard-working family member, bringing home mud on their boots after working in the garden or at construction? You may think over other variants, as well.
  2. Decide on the prevailing cleaning purpose. We’ve described them at the beginning of the review. Determine what your needs a vacuum cleaner is supposed to satisfy.
  3. Decide on your budget and look for an option with a good quality/price ratio. An important factor to consider since always it is the money we can afford to spend that determines our choice. The problem is that you may have to pay twice more later if you choose a low-quality vac now. So you need to adequately estimate whether the vacuum cleaner’s quality is worth its cost.
  4. Read carefully the overview of strong and weak points of the most popular vacuums. We’ve taken care of you by having selected 5 best cordless vacuum cleaners and describing their pros and cons so that to make your process of choosing easier.
  5. Choose the one which is more likely to meet your cleaning needs. We’ve provided you with clearly evident details but it’s up to you to choose. Do it wisely.

Video Tutorial: Shark DuoClean Cordless True Pet Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing & First Look

Final Thoughts

The vacuum cleaners considered in this Top 5 Cordless Vacuums review are regarded as the best ones among comparatively not expensive options. You are highly likely to find here your perfect tool, as we’ve chosen the vacs suitable for variable needs, even aesthetic ones, as the models are well-designed. 

Looking for a universal vac? – Buy Hoover BH50010 Linx. Don’t like its color design and noise? – Purchase its updated version – Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature. Suffer from allergies? – Don’t hesitate to choose the Tineco A10 Hero fitted with a HEPA filter. You are a pet lover? – Dyson V8 is at your service, as well as Navigator Freestyle Premium Cordless Vacuum if you prefer a dust container with a larger capacity.

Think rationally when choosing and you won’t regret your choice, Good luck!

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