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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Bissell Vacuums

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Bissell is one of the most recognized U.S. brands when it comes to vacuum cleaners. The lineup is vast and versatile. Most U.S. experts recommend Bissell vacuums as must-have household devices.Bissell vacuum cleaners are offered in several types, styles, and they are categorized by different versatile attachments. Also tailored to loads of pocketbooks, you may easily find a Bissell vacuum cleaner according to your budget.

Thanks to their multiple qualities, the Bissell Vacuum cleaners have won their popularity. The Bissell products offer great quality, therefore, from having a really low price.

The range of choices offered inside the company categories is very broad and for someone to pick a vacuum cleaner for the first time may be overwhelming.

That is why below you will find the tips for buyers and a comparison table of 5 different Bissell vacuum cleaners picked by users and experts.

BISSELL Cleanview Upright Cleaner – the best for hardwood floors!

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum CleanerOne of the best features is a triple-action brush roll. Among other useful options: multi-cyclonic tech that prevents any suction loss; washable filter and 5 various adjustment settings for the height.

The model’s range of cleaning is 13.5 inches. The Bissell 2252 vacuum performs wonderfully when it comes to avoiding pet fur off hardwood floors, thanks to its triple-action brush roll and profound scatter-free tech.

thumbs up regular


  • Doesn’t lose suction
  • Doesn’t scatter dust and garbage
  • Maneuverability is high because the model has a 6-feet hose and swivel steering
  • One of the best U.S. vacuums for cleaning hardwood floors
  • Affordablev
  • Easy to clean the edges and corners
  • The cord doesn’t interfere when you are cleaning
  • The brush roll with triple-action system
  • Large capacity of the dirt bin
thumbs down regular


  • Easily can be clogged
  • The belt requires regular cleanups and maintenance
  • The suction power is disappointing

Emptying and cleaning the dirt bin is quite simple, without any mess. That’s because it has a strong filtration device that can protect you from any known home allergens.

Bissell Featherweight Stick Bagless Vacuum– the best for the weight!

Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless VacuumA very flexible vacuum that comes with a floor nozzle and a crevice device for cleaning the furniture upholstery. The Featherweight device is a plugged-in type that can be conveniently transformed into a portable version from a stick vacuum model. It is available in three bright colors – lime, blue and purple.

As the name suggests, this Bissell model is light, easy, and fast. Considering these specs, it’s the perfect device for those with disabilities or the family’s elderly representatives who can’t handle a large device.

thumbs up regular


  • The most lightweight vacuum compared to other Bissell models
  • Compact and convertible from a stick model to a handheld device
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t include a bag
  • Good for cleaning stairs
  • Dual-action brush roll
thumbs down regular


  • The suction power is quite low
  • Replacement filters are not standard and it is hard to find them at stores
  • The cord is short

The storage should therefore not be a concern when you use this vacuum. Maybe the strongest point of this cleaner is the perfect use for many delicate floor surfaces. When using this stick, you will appreciate the scratch-free, polished hard floors after cleaning.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum– the best for portability!

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand VacuumUse a motorized brush tool of this model to remove stubborn dirt and pet hair. This portable, cordless vacuum includes triple-level filtration and a big, easy-to-empty dirt canister to help quickly get rid of pet fur. Specialized pet attachments are motorized brush roll, a tool for upholstery, and device for crevices.

Additionally, it features a user-friendly dust bin which makes emptying a quick process. This Bissell model uses a brand new method of filtration. The new 3-stage method works much better than the old 2-stage devices, providing outstanding efficiency in surface cleaning.

thumbs up regular


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to handle and use
  • You may take it along with you when traveling
  • Has a comfy handle
  • Cost-effective
  • 3-step filtration system
  • Has many attachments
thumbs down regular


  • The recharge time takes ages
  • Charging may become inconsistent
  • Not for very everyday use

It even treats cat fur that is not easy to separate from the sofa. You should get a crevice tool, an upholstery attachment, and the much-loved motorized brush nozzle.

BISSELL Swivel Rewind Upright Cleaner– the best for pet hair cleaning!

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum CleanerThis Bissell upright vacuum is optimized for pet households, utilizing multi-cyclone tech to provide powerful suction strength over all types of floors.

From the first minute, you begin to use it, you can find in your favor its lightweight construction and swivel steering function, offering you the ease of maneuverability, which allows cleaning fast and less of a hassle.

In fact, with advanced pet equipment placed directly on board, you can quickly move from washing your floors to those above ground floor locations such as blinds, corners and upholstery that readily catch pet fur and dust.

Simply click the automated rewind cord button and lock it away until next time when it is time to pick stuff up.

thumbs up regular


  • Powerful suction due to the multi-cyclonic system
  • Has the attachments to clean the whole house from a ceiling to a floor
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can clean the most stubborn pet hair stuck in the thick carpets
  • Automatic rewind of the cord
thumbs down regular


  • Feature and power buttons are very close together and you will definitely confuse them occasionally
  • Limited maneuverability because of the brush roll’s design
  • Won’t remove large pieces of garbage

The Bissell Cleanview Rewind was constructed for a pet hair control in mind. The swivel steering lets you navigate around corners and furniture with ease. It includes a crevice tool, dusting brush, pet TurboEraser attachment, pet hair corner device, extension wand, etc.

Bissell Zing Bagless Vacuum– the best for thick carpets!

Bissell Zing CanisterThe Zing is a well-rounded vacuum with a canister. For an effective cleaning efficiency, a maneuverable nature and a flexible cleaning hand, this device provides good suction.

The efficiency is reasonably decent given the low quality. The consistency of the design and the look will definitely be appreciated in any household.

thumbs up regular


  • The dirt cup capacity is large – 0.4 gallons
  • Cyclonic action
  • Powerful suction
  • Bagless
  • Reusable and washable filters
  • Cleans up 99% debris even on the thickest carpets
  • The long 15-feet cord
thumbs down regular


  • Also struggles with large debris and garbage
  • The cord is short

The Bissell Zing features the conventional vacuum canister configuration. Two wide wheels rest at the unit’s back/front, a handle runs around the top portion of the vacuum, and both the suction hose and dust bin are situated at the Zing’s front part. A 9-amp generator drives this Bissell device. The vacuum cleans by way of a three-stage filtration device.

The Buyer’s Guide


  • Upright vacuum. These models may be ideal for vacuuming wide areas. They also provide the most strength relative to certain forms of vacuum, perfect for cleaning whole houses, the highest efficiency, etc. However, there are some downsides. Firstly, an uptight cleaner is a little voluminous, particularly if it’s not a lift vacuum. Interestingly, these vacuums are rarely cordless, which ensures you’ll have to pull a cord around when cleaning the house;
  • Handheld vacuum (corded) models. Although it’s limited by the cord, the only handheld corded vacuum available to a Bissell provides better maneuverability than any upright vacuum. It’s also much smaller and more lightweight, great for those who don’t want to drag their vacuums down the steps. Yet, would you then clean the floors? Technically, you may, but it’d take you a few hours to complete the task;
  • Handheld vacuum (cordless). Such Bissell machines provide the same level of quality as a corded vacuum, only that you don’t need to pull the cord for yourself. Cordless vacuums operate correctly but they often struggle with battery and charging methods. They still seem to have issues with recharging, as well as with running batteries;

Cleaning performance

Before investing in a Bissell cleaner, you need to check its specs. Pay attention to the suction power, the recommended surface preferences and pet hair performance (if you have a pet).

Filtration system

It is another important factor. Most Bissell vacuums have smart and sophisticated filtration systems. Keep in mind that some models have reusable filters and some devices need a new filter every other month.

Cordless or corded

Each model has benefits and drawbacks. Cordless Bissell vacuum cleaners are more affordable, portable, lightweight and easy to handle even for a child. But they are not powerful enough to clean thick carpets and large pieces of garbage. Corded electric vacuums are bulkier but have more functions, more power and longer service period. Choose according to your preferences.

Other tips for buyers of Bissell vacuum cleaners:

  • Portable vacuum cleaners by Bissell are not very powerful but can help to clean in hard-to-reach places;
  • If you need to clean the stairs, consider picking a Bissell vacuum with an extension hose or wand, preferably cordless;
  • Some models have reusable filters. But most classic Bissell devices require changing the filter every other month or every month (if you use the cleaner heavily). For occasional users, it is enough to change the filter every 4 months;
  • HEPA filters are recommended but they are not required. These filters are necessary only if you have a dust allergy;
  • Both bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners are quite powerful. Though, bagless Bissell vacuum cleaners save time and money because you don’t need to clean the bag after cleaning;
  • Turbo brush rolls are air-driven. Power brushes are electricity-driven. Some experts believe that air-driven vacuums are less powerful when cleaning a thick carpet;

Video Tutorial: Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum

Final thoughts

It is not that simple to name the best Bissell vacuum overall. Each model has unique features and a peculiar design with its perks and downsides. Despite your final decision, you will get a premium vacuum cleaner that may clean pet hair, upholstery, stairs, hardwood floors and carpets. They are durable, come with great filters and a few attachments.

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