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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Bissell Steam Mops

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A steam mop is an incredible invention, which facilitates the life of those who have to deal with sealed hard floors and understand that daily cleanup and sanitization of the surfaces even without chemicals have become much faster, practical and effortless. A steamer is not a privilege, but a necessity if you have kids or pets. 

The most critical parameters to look at before making the choice:

  • functionality: a steam mop, a cyclonic vac, a handheld steamer for multipurpose cleaning 
  • construction: swivel steering, tanks, mop trays, handle positions, control buttons, weight, length of the power cord
  • technical parameters: levels of steam production, dry-tank, quick-release, steam-boost technologies, power rates 
  • additional accessories: scrubby mop pads, brushes, a carpet glider
  • fragrance discs

Read further to find the breakdown of the 5 Best Steam Mops, made by Bissell with some details, recommendations, and plenty of helpful information in the comparison table, product descriptions, and the Buyer’s Guide. All the models were selected in tandem with ordinary users and experts to make your choice more deliberate and speedy.

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop, Blue – the best for easy regular hard floor cleaning and sanitization

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam MopThis Powerfresh steam mop is suitable for any hard surfaces and can meet all your needs for wet cleaning and sanitization in the house. It copes well with crevices and the grout between the tiles.

2 types of washable soft and scrubby microfiber pads are ready to wipe both old dried up stains or delicate floors and serve you for a great while. Only in 30 seconds, the unit is hot and on the go.

thumbs up regular


  • Recommended for all sealed hard floors and for cleaning above the floor
  • Easy cleaning and sanitization without severe chemicals
  • Scrubber for stiff sticky messes
  • 3 levels of steam generation
  • Swivel steering
  • Two kinds of washable microfiber pads
  • Scent discs
  • A glider for carpets
  • Suitable for cleaning crevices and grouts
  • The power code is 23 ft
  • Fast heating
  • Handy and easy to assemble
thumbs down regular


  • The steam on-demand function is not available
  • No switch on-off button
  • Only distilled water is required

3 levels of steam generation allow you to best customize the mop to your cleaning needs and the surface you are steaming. For laminate and linoleum only delicate cleaning is recommended, so select the lowest setting.

BISSELL Steam Mop Powerfresh Deluxe, Sapphire – the best for efficient cleaning with a fresh scent afterward

Bissell Steam Mop, SteamerThe Powerfresh Deluxe model makes your life easier effectively wiping all the dirt and dust from the floors, leaving an admirable fresh smell behind. A scrubby pad and a built-in spot brush remove all filthy sticky messes and spots effortlessly.

The steam will do all the job instead as well as sanitize the surface. High and low settings of steam generation will meet your demands for various needs and types of floors.

thumbs up regular


  • Sanitization with killing almost 100 percent of bacteria and germs by steam
  • Special onboard brush for stubborn spots and messes
  • Fresh scent after cleaning with fragrance discs
  • Easy water tank filling with the including measuring cup
  • 2 level steam generation
  • 30 seconds for heating
  • Long power cord
  • Handy and maneuverable
  • Two types of washable pads
thumbs down regular


  • The steam on-demand function is not available
  • 110 V only

This model of Bissell steam mop features a very comfy construction of the water tank. You don’t need to detach it to refill. Pour additional water with an included measuring cup without unplugging the unit.

BISSELL Steam Mop Symphony for Pets, Purple – the best for pet lovers

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum CleanerThis Symphony pet model provides both vacuuming and steaming of all the hard floors. Pet owners can forget about all the bothers with hair and small debris after pets forever. This machine cleans up all the messes and polishes the floors at the same time.

A special user-friendly and hands-free tank system will help you empty the garbage easily without touching anything. Disposable mop pads allow you to wipe and just throw away the most unpleasant surprises after your pets. Scent discs will remove all the odors and saturate your house with a magnificent fresh smell.

thumbs up regular


  • 2 in 1 – vac and mop to do all the job at once
  • Suitable for all hard floors
  • Cyclonic vac copes with all pet hair and small debris
  • Steam can be produced on demand
  • A peculiar hands-free tank system for emptying
  • Disposable pads for unpleasant pet surprises
  • Additional steam boost pads for striking results
  • The dry tank approach keeps all the water away from the dirty tank
  • Washable soft and scrubby pads can be reused many times
  • Special scent discs to expel pet odor
thumbs down regular


  • The suction is quite low
  • The location of the cord is uncomfy and is always in the way with your feet

There is no need to store it in a special place or a special position. You can put it just where it is and it will stand there safely. It locks in the upright position.

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop Slim, Blue – the best for super lightweight functionality all around

Bissell PowerFresh Slim Hard Wood Floor Steam Cleaner SystemThis model of Power fresh steam mop made by Bissell differs from the others by its ultra-slim design and multifunctionality. It is a steamer, which could be used as a handheld steamer or with an extension to reach high or low, and a mop to keep the floors tidy and polished.

This versatile tool with numerous helpful accessories can cope with any tasks in the kitchen, bathroom or all around the house. It is ready to clean the windows, the shower, the oven, kids’ or pets’ toys, and even garments.

thumbs up regular


  • Ultra-slim and light
  • 2 in 1 a steamer and a mop
  • Detachable handheld steamer for all the house clean up
  • Total sanitization without chemicals
  • Reach high with an extension tube
  • The long power cord
  • All the kit of accessories is stored onboard
  • Separate tools for the grout, angles, and tough stains
  • Suitable for multi-purpose cleaning in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Great for cleaning the windows or the shower
  • An additional steamer for clothing and toys for kids and pets
  • Wall mount included
thumbs down regular


  • Distilled water is recommended
  • No disposable pads

The Steam on demand button is located on the handle, which is quite heavy itself. To wipe the floor you have to keep pressing the trigger to produce steam, which is rather uncomfortable.

BISSELL Vac and Steam 2 in 1 Symphony, Gray – the best for maneuverability and ease of use

BISSELL Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 vacuum and steam mopOne universal unit that can vacuum, collect all the dust and debris, and wash the floors simultaneously can be an indispensable assistant in your everyday cleaning routines, especially if you have kids or pets.

The Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 model was designed exactly for this purpose and with the idea of effective and effortless use in mind. The customizable handle makes it very maneuverable and practical. A clever digital panel provides easy control of settings.

thumbs up regular


  • 2 in1 a cyclonic vac and a steam mop
  • Recommended for all types of sealed hard floors
  • Sanitization without detergents
  • 2 levels of steam generation
  • The digital panel makes it easy to control
  • A customizable handle of five positions
  • The mop tray is equipped with a quick-release function
  • The long power cord
  • Dirty tank and all the contents remain dry
  • 30 seconds for heating
  • A special glider for carpet cleaning
thumbs down regular


  • To produce the steam you need to keep the button pressed which is quite tiring

This model is recommended for any kind of hard floor, though it can be used on carpets as well. With a special attachment called the glider, you can vacuum lightly the carpets and refresh the pile. However, it is not capable of deep cleaning.

The Buyer’s Guide

Important features to pay attention to when choosing the perfect steam mop

Functional options 

Models and brands of steam mops vary greatly, but additional features, such as a cyclonic vacuum or a handheld steamer can be of immense help to cover most of your cleaning needs and preferences at once.  All sealed hard floors need regular cleaning, especially in houses with children and pets. Synchronous vacuuming, steaming, and sanitizing the surfaces without any harsh chemicals can be a wonderful way out. A handheld steamer will cope with windows, a shower, an oven, clothes, and lots of other tasks around the house. 

Steam generation levels

The adjustment of steam generation is a significant factor for various types of hard floors. For linoleum and laminate choose low-level delicate steaming, if you don’t want to damage the surface. Typically, there are 2 or 3 steam levels to customize the mop for the most efficient results. 


Lightweight, swivel steering, multiple positions of the handle make the mop maneuverable, portable, and easy to reach high and low.  For a detachable hand steamer, it is possible to add an extension tube.

Additional accessories

Extra scrubby mop pads, brushes, and attachments for multipurpose cleaning are very helpful and give you the freedom of using one unit for many dirty objects. A special glider will refresh and sanitize your carpets as well.


Can a steam mop be used on carpets?

Yes, you can refresh and sanitize the fluffy pile of your carpets with a special attachment – a glider. Remember, it is not capable of deep cleaning.

Is it suitable for ceramic tile floors?

Bissell steam mops are recommended to use on all types of sealed hard floors. So, yes, it is.

Can I only vacuum the floor without steaming?

The vacuuming function can be switched on separately from steaming. It’s great for collecting small debris, dust, and pet hair on hard floors as a part of a daily routine. It is not suitable for deep cleaning, as the suction is not so powerful as in regular vacs.

Interesting Video: Bissell PowerFresh Slim steam mop first test

Final words 

All 5 selected Bissell steam mops will easily meet your primary cleaning needs for wiping and sanitizing different types of sealed hard floors. What more do you need? You will be pleasantly surprised with additional options for vacuuming the floors and steaming any other surfaces and objects, even kids’ or pets’ toys with a built-in cyclonic vac or handheld steamer.  

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