Upholstery Cleaning with a Steam Cleaner


Steam cleaning is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Why use wet cloths and different detergents to clean your upholstery when a machine can do the job? Steam cleaners do more than just remove stains and dirt; they also sanitize all surface areas, kills bacteria, viruses, dust mites, bedbugs, and removes allergens. Steam cleaners can be used for a variety of cleaning needs such as:


 – Cleaning floors, Windows, Cookers, and Bathroom surfaces


 – Cleaning fabric furniture


 – Sanitizing a mattress


 – And upholstery


Upholstery cleaning with a steam cleaner removes stains and eliminates all odor that generally clings to upholstery and fabrics. Combining a good steam cleaner with the right cleaners and technique will leave your furniture looking brand new – there will no longer be any need to hire an upholstery steam cleaning company when you can easily do the same job yourself.


If you wish to a steam cleaner on your upholstery, always do a small test on a small fabric area (preferably somewhere that is inconspicuous) to ensure that your couch is compatible.

Steps to Take for a Positive End Result


Vacuum your upholstery first


Have you every removed your couch cushion and found crump’s of food and other objects lodged in there? There is a lot of dust and other small items that slip in between cushions. Also, ask yourself, how many times do you fall asleep on your couch? How many times do your eat, sit, or drink on your fabrics and upholsteries? This means that at one point, there were some accidental spills and marks that occurred. When left unattended to, they lead to a buildup of stains and dust.


Before steam-cleaning, use your ordinary vacuum hose and its attachments to vacuum up all dirt and other small particles. If you think this is ineffective, you can always invest in a quality handheld vacuum cleaner – this item is able to reach those small crooks and crannies and suck up all dust before steam-cleaning process begins.


Get rid of stains


Now that you have sucked up all dust from your upholstery, it is time to get rid of any apparent stains. You might find that you have wine or coffee stains – steam cleaning will not get rid of these stains. You will have to tackle them beforehand. Do not fret though as the process is relatively easy.


Spray the stains with an upholstery cleaner – If you have a cleaner, spray these stains with it and let it stay on for about 3 -5 minutes. This will help break up the stains for easier removal. After appropriate time has passed, use a soft cloth and gently wipe down the stain. Some stains such as food can be removed with a steamer but oil based stains need a commercial cleaner.


If you do not have a commercial cleaner, you can always use soap and water. Remember to dilute your soap completely before applying it onto a stained area. Gently dab or wipe stained area until you are satisfied with results.


Finally, when it comes to tackling wine stains and other hard stains, you can always use a dash of vinegar. Vinegar is known to remove those tough stains and leave your fabric looking new again.


Don’t have vinegar? Then try rubbing alcohol (preferably Vodka) or baking soda with water to treat the stained area.


Get Your Fabric Ready for Steaming


Now that you have ridden your fabric of all stains, it is time to precondition the fabric using soil emulsifiers and upholstery shampoo. Soil emulsifiers will loosen all elements that are still inside your fabric and shampoo will make these elements detach from fabric when you brush it. Simply spray soil emulsifier product onto pillows and furniture let it sit for a while. Next, spray upholstery shampoo onto fabric and using a gentle brush, brush your fabric all over.


Steam Cleaning Begins


Finally, it is time to steam clean your furniture. The most important thing is to ensure that you are armed with the correct steamer for the job. Steamers are divided by the kind of materials they steam. If you want a steamer for your upholstery, then invest in either an upholstery steam cleaner, a handheld steam cleaner, or a fabric steam-cleaner. Ensure that your cleaner has detachable hose and they are small enough to fit into tight places, yet bi enough to get the job done.

How to Begin the Process


First thing you will need to do is prepare you’re your machine. You will need to add water and a cleaner into your machine. Read the instructions on your device to learn what type of cleaner and what portion of cleaner plus water you should use. Other items you will need include:


l A stationary brush


l A revolving brush or a cloth


Always start with your cushions. Simply press button to release steam and then drag your machine over the damp areas. This will suck up any excess water and cleaner and any other debris that might have been left behind.


When you finish repeating this process for all your cushions, steam the rest of the furniture. Clean a small section at a time to ensure that you have not missed a spot. If there is a particularly dirty spot, you can go over it multiple times before waiting for it to dry.


Once you have steamed all fabric, let your furniture dry. If you do not want to wait around for this, you can use a blow dryer to quicken the process or a fan


If there are still some lingering stains, use soap and water to dab them off. If this does not work, use a dash of vinegar and a wet cloth and blot the stain. If none of these two methods work, it is time to bring in heavy duty cleaners such as Tuff Stuff.


If you have other steam cleaning tips or tricks, we would love to hear from you so please comment below.


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