Steam Cleaner vs. Carpet Cleaner


If you have carpets at home, chances are you often find yourself pulling your hair out because they can be a pain to clean. Since many people and most possibly pets step, eat, sleep, and do all sorts of things on the carpet, stains, dust, grime, and other harmful items accumulate, making it difficult to keep clean.

Today, there are two ways to clean a carpet: using a steam cleaner and using a traditional carpet cleaner. However, people are starting to see the benefits of steam cleaning and comparing them with those of traditional carpet cleaners. Which one is best?

The traditional method of cleaning a carpet is the dry carpet cleaning method, or bonnet cleaning. In this type of cleaning method, the carpet is cleaned with chemicals by spraying the formula directly on the carpet and then scrubbed with a special type of pad.

The pad then absorbs the dirt that was accumulated in the carpet. In some cases, the chemical itself may create crystals which in turn siphons up the dirt. Once the chemical has crystallized, you can easily vacuum it away.

On the other hand, steam cleaners actually clean the carpet with the help of hot water sprayed in the carpet and immediately removed. Dirt becomes trapped within the water before it is removed.

If you have had your rugs professionally cleaned with a steam cleaner, they usually add chemicals to the carpet before steam cleaning, it as this will assist in removing any deep down dirt. However, in some cases, and depending on the machine used, the use of chemicals to remove stains is unnecessary.

People who prefer traditional carpet cleaners cite several good qualities of this cleaning method to be considered. First, people who want to use their carpets immediately after cleaning like this method, making the cleaning job done with this machine easier and more efficient.

In comparison to the 24 hours waiting time when one does wet carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning means no wait whatsoever. It would also remove the necessity of hiring staff to clean the carpets after office hours or opening the offices just for cleaning on the weekends when it comes to professional or commercial establishments.

One also does not need to spend a lot of water just to clean a carpet fully, because with this cleaning method, you don’t need to use too much detergent. Additionally, since you don't use too much water, you also protect the furnishings from water damage like shrinkage and splitting.

Furthermore, dry carpet cleaning would also reduce the risks of mildew or mold from developing, since wet carpet cleaning or even steam cleaning may take a while before it dries properly.

On the other hand, users of steam cleaners for their carpets argue that it has the capacity to remove at least 97% of bacteria and dirt in the carpet. It is also the only known cleaning method that gets within the lowest layer of the carpet to make sure that the toughest stains can be removed with ease. It is also capable of killing mites and fungus that can trigger allergy attacks for users.

People who are also wary of possible chemical exposure from dry cleaning should opt in using steam cleaning due to the lack of use of chemicals. It is also affordable in comparison to traditional carpet cleaning because of this lack of chemicals and because the machine itself is cheaper than the usual vacuum or cleaner.

However, both cleaning methods do have setbacks.

For dry carpet cleaners, you would have to contend with the bulky machine, which may not even fit your home. Sometimes it’s hard for you to move around the carpet since it is too heavy.  Since they still use chemicals, the quality of the carpet may be compromised given the contents of the solution.

It may also cause stains in the carpet, making it harder to use. There have also been reports that chemicals used in dry or wet carpet cleaners end absorbed by the main carpet fabric, exposing users to these chemicals.

For steam cleaning carpets, it can take a long time before a carpet dries completely. Drying time can be longer depending on where it is hanged, the air temperature, air flow, the amount of water used, and the humidity in the area.

If you noticed that your carpet hasn’t dried yet after a few days, you may have used a bit too much water when you were cleaning the carpet.


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