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Light ‘N’ Easy Multifunctional Steamer Review

By Angela / February 6, 2018

Damp areas like the tiled flooring of baths will show dark stains that appear over the years, while discolorations can also appear on laminate flooring. Steam cleaning can be great for eliminating these without the use of toxic detergents. We go over the newest steam mop in this Light N Easy Multi functional steamer review. The […]

SKG 1500W Steam Mop Review

By Angela / February 6, 2018

The SKG Steam Mop is currently on the best seller list on at the time of this review. I’ll tell you why it’s secured its place on that list and why it’s in so many homes today. Steam mops are becoming such a popular household cleaning item these days. Steam cleaning is replacing Swiffers and […]

Steam Genie Handheld Steamer Review

By Angela / February 6, 2018

The Steam Genie handheld steamer is a fantastic steamer for both travel and home use. Ive been looking for a great compact garment steamer that can easily be taken with you on trips and I think I found a solid candidate that you should consider. Handheld steamers made specifically for clothes are life savers when […]

Homegear X100 Portable Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner Review

By Angela / February 6, 2018

As there are now several hazards to one’s health and fitness, there is a necessity that one’s surroundings should support good health for all, especially in the home. While there are several cleaning methods and mediums available promising to clean any stain imaginable, steam cleaners are now becoming very popular. Steam cleaning is an effective […]

Wagner 915 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner Review

By Angela / February 6, 2018

For people looking for inexpensive steam cleaners, the choices are quite limited because there is always a question when it comes to their quality and power. However, there are some good choices in the market that are both cheap and durable with the same cleaning power of heavy duty steam cleaners.If you are looking for […]

ProduTrend Miracle Steam Electric Handheld Steam Cleaner Review

By Angela / February 6, 2018

Cleaning tools are often seen as a hassle to many users because they are often very big and hard to work with. No matter if they are beneficial for their health, people would always prefer cleaning tools which they can carry without a problem. Luckily for those looking to buy a steam cleaner, there is a […]

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Review

By Angela / February 6, 2018

Quick Overview:48oz. water tankExtra Microfiber pads included18 Accessories included See Price See Reviews When it comes to cleaning carpets, upholstery, and other furnishings, doing it with just soap and water won’t do. This can leave stains, residue, and other dangerous substances that can allow bacteria to thrive. Ideally, getting yourself a steam cleaner capable of cleaning these […]

SteamFast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner Review

By Angela / February 6, 2018

Heavy duty steam cleaners can be very expensive for families who want to experience the cleaning power of steam. However, companies have been developing ways of offering steam cleaners which are powerful, affordable, and heavy-duty. If you are looking for a powerful and heavy-duty steam cleaner which is cheaper and practical, the SteamFast SF-370 Multi-Purpose Steam […]

Look Your Best! Here is the Best Steamer for Dress Shirts

By Angela / December 18, 2017

A steamer can offer a handy alternative to your daily chore of ironing clothes. In smaller apartments, ironing boards take up scarce space, while steamers are easier and quicker to use when it comes to de-wrinkling your favorite dress shirts.Check out our complete guide to steaming and see what else a steam cleaner can do […]

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in the Bathroom

By Angela / December 3, 2017

After you hear about how nicely a steam cleaner can tidy up a bathroom, you might consider trying one.  We discuss how to use a steam cleaner in the bathroom and what to look for in a good model, all while covering the various techniques step-by-step. Steaming is an effective and chemical-free technique that is favored by […]

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